Tuesday, February 3, 2009

11 Months!

Only one more month until the girls turn ONE! Yea! I know some moms get real sentimental about their babies turning into toddlers and growing up....well, this mom LOVES it!  It's not that anything is bad right now or that I don't enjoy my "babies" but I have to tell you this just keeps getting more and more fun as they grow and learn and do new things. So I just can't wait to see what they do next. 
Here are ELEVEN things going on right now:

1. Ava is walking...really well! She can bend over and turn circles and run to me and dance and bend her knees. She walks over things like pillows and is just so steady. It's funny to see people's first reaction to her walking because she is so tiny and was an early walker (9.5 months) so it's like she shouldn't be walking, but here she is...so darn good at it already! We call her show off now because she now prefers walking to crawling because she can get places so much quicker. :)

2. Alexis and Anna have both taken their first official steps. Alexis can now walk about 10-12 steps (almost half way across the room) and is actually really steady on her feet. She has much more balance than Ava did at this stage of walking, but she is more slow and cautious. She's enjoying walking though and gets really excited. Anna will take a few steps and will definitely walk if you hold her hands, but as for balance, she is more of a twinkle toes. She has only taken about 4 steps on her own. She just flits around like a little dancer and is harder to get to stand still and also flat. But she'll do it in her own time. 

3. Anna has started to squint when I tell her "no" when she blows raspberries with food in her mouth. Or when she doesn't want another bite of something, she squints and looks at you all squinty. It's so funny, that I have to look away when I tell her no so I am not laughing and telling her no at the same time. That's really hard to do....be serious when what they are doing is oh so funny!

4. Ava is the thief of the group always stealing toys. Whatever Anna or Alexis is playing with becomes "THE" thing to have. So she just goes and nabs it. Since she is walking, she can get away quicker so she usually succeeds before the girls are able to recover the prized toy. 

5. Play time after dinner and before bed in the reading nook is quite entertaining. They all stand and sit in their chairs and giggle and hug one another and try to look out the window. They like to jump off of the chairs onto the pillows. We really need to set up the video camera one night to try and catch this. But everytime I turn it on, they hear the beep and stop whatever funny thing they are doing. So I will keep trying.

6. It sounds like they are all (especially Alexis) trying to say kitty cat (or kit cat) when they see Bailey. They all like to say Dada too. I guess after spending 2 months with dad on the couch next to them playing all day they decided he should get one of the first words. I mean, it's not like I've spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except the approximately 35 days I've gone to work in the past year) with them or anything....nah, I'm not bitter. :) just kidding. I love that they love their daddy! He's so sweet with them and I know he misses being with them now that he is back to work. (side note...his back is still not better and he is still doing pre-operative tests to see which nerve is actually being crushed by the herniated disk and causing pain...but he couldn't take it anymore and had to go back to work. He hates feeling useless and needed to feel like he was contributing again. Even if it doesn't feel 100%. He's such a trooper and we miss him already. 

7. Speaking of speaking....Alexis sounds, well...like she has an accent. :) the tone of voice and the "words" she is trying to sound out...it all just makes us laugh because she either has an accent or is trying to be bilingual already without actually learning another language. It's pretty cute.

8. Ava still has crazy hair. And by crazy, I mean it looks like the hair of the lead singer of the 80's band Flock of Seagulls. (guy in black and white below) Sometimes naps after a bath will seriously make it stick up on the sides like that! And she won't keep bows in right now, so it's CONSTANTLY in her face. oh well, she's little, it's still ok for her to have bad hair days right? :)

9. All 3 have started to follow directions and respond when you tell them to do something. Like their new ball popper (bought used from a fellow triplet mom here in town for only $4) (air circulates and pops 5 plastic balls around this little ramp and up and out the hole in the top and then it repeats all while playing music) They have learned how to press the button to make it play music and start the air over and over again. Considering I just got this toy out for the first time on Friday and they had learned how to make it go by that afternoon, I think that's pretty awesome! At first Ava and Alexis were afraid of the air sound it makes and that there were balls popping out and rolling around, but now all 3 love it!

10. They love Little People.  I mean Fisher Price Little People. They came with the house they got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa and also the parking garage (I also got this used for only $5 woohoo!) I've of course named all of their Little People. Hank and Molly Dolly own the house and have baby Abigail. Carlos the construction worker, Tim the boy with frog, Bob, Hank's brother, and Fireman Fred all came with cars for the parking garage. Yea, I named all of their stuff animals too. Like Mike the Monkey and Frank the frog. And don't forget about Chuck the chicken and Gavin the Gator. Although the Gator that Alexis sleeps with every night is named Allie....get it Allie the Gator. And Ava sleeps with Lily the frog and Anna's Turtle is Tank. Yea, so I've had a little too much time sitting on my floor looking at toys over the past year. It just sounds better when they have names. Instead of grab the little person in the green pants. I can say, go get Mike the Monkey and give him a big ole' kiss. and then they do! :)

11. xoxoxox This stands for not only the tons of love that these 3 little girls just fill our hearts with each and every day, but also for the sweetest gestures they give each other already. They will hug and kiss one another. Sometimes on their own and also when we tell them to give each other hugs and kisses. They are just so cute with they touch their cheeks together and try to pull their sisters closer. Just fills my heart. Wow, we're blessed. 

Happy 11 months Anna, Ava and Alexis. You're amazing! I can't wait until your party next month when we celebrate your first year! 
We love you! Momma and Daddy

ps...since I was at work today, I didn't get a chance to take their 11 month pictures. hopefully soon and I will get them posted, although getting all 3 in one picture is much harder and you might have to settle for individual shots. I don't know how my friend Pam in NO, LA does it. She manages to get THE BEST MONTHLY SHOTS EVER of all 3 of her boys. And not only are they looking at the camera, but they are all usually laughing or smiling too. I don't know how she does it. Ah, well.


Amanda said...

OMG I love that I am not the only one to name all the toys! hahaha! oh how these children change us!

Kitty Laird said...

Flock of Seagulls...you brought back lots of memories. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The ball popper is great!! Glenn loves his although the balls keep disappearing. I can't believe your girls are almost one. I was with Tammy when she started working on their b-day invites. They are going to be so cute. Bethany

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that we will sometimes name toys and animals based on where they come from. Glenn got a turtle nightlight that we names Takoma b/c my friends were living in Takoma Park, MD when they bought it for him. We have a monkey named Crockett since we were at Crockett's lodge in Hocking Hills when g-ma gave it to him. They funny things we come up with. :-) Bethany

Anonymous said...

Those triplet boys are adorable- I click on their blog every now and again and I definitely think they are Ava, Alexis and Anna's future husbands!