Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ribbons and Bows....get used to it!

If you have known me for a long time then you probably have never seen me wear pink....I'm just not that girly girl type. Well, it seems to be changing ever since I had THREE girls! Now I'm even buying pink for myself. What happened to me? :)  I guess I have accepted the fact that my life will probably be filled with ribbons and bows and pink and purple for quite a long time. And believe it or not....I am actually LOVING it! I just love getting the girls all cute and pretty. My friend April got the girls tons of ADORABLE little bows for their hair and I always am trying to get them to leave them in. Ava NEEDS the bow to keep her hair out of her face, but she has started to mess with it as soon as I put it in. Oh well. It's cute for a second or two!  Here are some of my favorite pics from the past month of the girls with their cute little bows. And their cutie-pa-tootie outfits are gifts from my friend Kristen! Thanks April and Kristen for making sure my girls are always stylin' !!! 

Anna Caroline 
aka: Bear

Ava Jane
aka: J. Bird. birdie, smiley

Alexis Marie
aka: Goose, silly goose, smiley-wiley, lexis wexis, 

All 3 like to clap, and they know to clap when I say good job. It's really funny when I say good job to one girl and I will look around and one of the other girls or even both will start clapping. It's like the girls have their own private audience cheering them on no matter what they do. So cute. Ava especially likes to clap for everyone...including herself. 


Grey Family said...

WOW! The girls are looking even more and more like their own little people. I'm excited to hear the 11 month update very soon. :) It's hard to believe they are almost a year old already.

Kristen Callaway said...

I can't believe how great the outfits fit already!! The DO luke like cutie-pa-tooties :) Miss you guys!