Friday, January 2, 2009

Ever Wonder...

Ever wonder what is involved with taking the "all important" Christmas card photos?
Here's our story:

Change into clean diapers. Have Christmas dresses close and ready.
Take a few pictures of tree and area to see how background will look.
Notice that too much light is coming in windows. Will need to get closer.
Ok, who's crawling under the tree?

Ava, quite chasing Bailey, please!

What mom? I don't see a kitty. :) 

Ok, let's set up a few chairs in front of the tree to see if that works. 
Here Anna, sit there and let Momma try a few trial pictures.

Anna: "Hey, aren't there supposed to be 2 more babies in these chairs?"

Attempt to get babies in dresses and still keep them happy. 
Take a little break to allow them to get used to dresses.
Put babies in chairs. Try to get their attention, but fail to attract more attention than the tree.

Ok, everyone look at Momma!
They all looked, but didn't smile. Hmph. Still keep in case this is the best it gets.
Let's try distracting with the Christmas blocks and maybe some pinecones. 
Ok, it's kinda cute if they all look and touch the pinecones. Maybe this is a keeper too. 
Now for some individual shots.

Anna seems to be content. Not really smiling, but not crying...yet.

Ok, here come the tears. 

No wait, she is smiling again...but I just faked sneezed at her and made her smile and by the time I got back to position and snapped the picture...yup, I moved the camera, so this picture won't work either, even though she is actually smiling. geesh. I now have sweat dripping from my attractive. Glad, I'm not in these pictures.

Alright, we might have to keep the one of Anna, not look, not smiling, not crying, just being content with her hand in her mouth...lovely. Let's move on to Ava. Sweet little Ava with the cute green bow in her hair. 

Looks like she loves looking at the tree.

And at the cat as he passes by.

And at the floor....(no, I didn't let her fall off of the chair.)
Ok, so she loves looking everywhere except at the camera. I guess we'll have a card this year with "artistic" shots. :) Let's see if Alexis is ready.

"Hey, am I missing something over by the back door. Do they see Santa?"

Seriously, is Mom really making us wear these capes? 

Doesn't she know it's like 70 degrees in here? Why aren't my sisters in capes?  (editor's note....Anna and Ava wouldn't keep them on long enough for a picture...that's why only Alexis has pictures of her cape.)

Phew! Looks like we will have "artistic" individual shots and two shots of all three. One with everyone looking but not crying or smiling and one of everyone looking at pincones....ok, that's a wrap...or a cape!  Merry Christmas 2008!

I hope you all had a very Merry, jolly, happy, festive Christmas! I know it's late, but thought you might all enjoy what it took to send you our Christmas Greetings. Always entertaining to say the least. If I have my act together next year, maybe I'll hire a real photographer for the Christmas card photo. We'll see. Can you even imagine what the girls will be doing next year? How fun!!! 


Pam (from Metamora) said...

Marie, you are so creative...and funny! Love the card!

rachael said..., so familiar! love the end result though, the card is beautiful! and those dresses with the hooded capes, too cute! i love them!

Kristen Callaway said...

So precious...I like the recap...a lot more personal and funny when you describe it in detail :) The cards turned out wonderful!

Katy said...

I loved your photo shoot commentary! I can totally relate--and I only have 1!! Your Christmas Card turned out great!