Friday, January 30, 2009

Bath Time!

Pictures from Bath time a few weeks ago. These are their new hooded flower towels that they got for Christmas from my brother and family. Thanks Todd, Michele and Hunter! The towels are so cute and the perfect size!





Rachael said...

those towels are adorable! and so are the little girls wearing them :)

SaraBelle said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the towels!!! And I can't get over how different the girls look! B & K are super excited to see them in a couple weeks (I am too)!! :)

SaraBelle said...

Ok, so I'm tired and just re-read my comment. By different I mean older (and bigger). . . not different in a bad way. :) Can you believe they are almost 11 mo??? Where has this year gone?? See you soon!!

Hilary said...

How cute are those towels!! the girles are getting so big..time is passing so fast :)