Saturday, January 3, 2009

10 Months!

Oh my goodness, this milestone really crept up on me. I know I say it every month, but really, I can't believe they are 10 months old today. Only 2 more months until they turn ONE!  How exciting.  I even have the theme for their first Birthday party selected, but I'm not telling you yet. No way...and ruin the surprise?!  Oh, but did I mention, how cute and fun it is going to be?  hehe!!!

I didn't even get the chance to take any official pictures today. I'll try tomorrow.
In the meantime, here's what the trio is up to:

-SCRUNCHES her nose and does a bull-dog impression. Now she does it whenever Jeff does it first. So funny. It's like she is trying to get you to laugh at her. It works!
-WAVES, but is still perfecting the new skill. 
- SQUINTS at you and gives you this sweet little smile. Pretty cute, but I'm also on the lookout in case she is squinting to see better. Right now, I think it's just her being cute.
-SINGS at the top of her lungs. She loves music, and when she hears songs (especially people singing, like in church (or at my Grandma's funeral) she likes to sing along. Let's just say, her singing is like LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAA, LAAAAAA, LA LAAAA, LAA, La.  Funny I'm sure to everyone around us, but hard to keep quiet in church. Although, I don't really want to tell her to stop singing. I think that's against the rules. 

-WALKS!  Yup, she's been walking since 9.5 months and now she is getting pretty good where she can actually squat down pick up a toy and stand back up. Watch out world, here she comes!
-WAVES really well. It's so cute and perfect. The way she cups her hand and almost squeezes the air right out of her palm. And other times, she does this little flick of her wrist and waves like she is practicing to be a princess. She loves to wave at her daddy and Grandma most.
-HATES to put on clothes or her coat. Something about putting her arms in sleeves. I don't know, but she seriously can twist into what looks like a pretzel to avoid sleeves. 
-PUSHES her shopping cart they got for Christmas. So funny to see this little itty bitty pushing a cart. It's laugh out loud funny!

-DANCES if you hold both of her hands, she bounces up and down and does this little shimmy with her behind. She first danced with Grandpa and hasn't stopped since.
-LOVES Grandpa. He is totally her buddy and she loves for him to hold her. She's a little bummed right now because he has a cold and she doesn't know why he won't hold her. 
-TILTS her head to the side and gives you a great-big-sweetest-smile-ever-look. Seriously, just melts your heart it's so cute!
-STANDS on her own for a few seconds and even will take a few steps towards someone if you help her. She's getting closer to walking. 

Oh and something they all are doing: Giving each other kisses. It's seriously the cutest, sweetest thing EVER! They lean in (or on top of one another) and touch each others cheeks or noses and just giggle. Ava does it the most, but the other two just laugh and giggle when she leans it. Her hair must tickle them or something. It's really funny! 

Happy 10 months girls! We have been so blessed and thank God every day for each of you! Love you Anna, Ava and Alexis! Mom and Dad

Here are a few pictures I took in Dec. of the girls in their "Baby's 1st Christmas" outfits given to us by my friends April and Amanda. I swear, when I first saw these outfits last Jan. at one of my baby showers, I thought no way that they would be big enough to wear them by Christmas. Boy, was I wrong! They are already too big for them! Check out the little Santas on their feet. SO CUTE!


Rachael said...

happy 10 months girls! i am amazed at all they are doing marie...walking? that is insanely awesome! i walked when i was 9 months old too :) can't wait to hear and see the theme!!!

Grey Family said...

Watch out world, one down and two to go in the walking world! Mommy is going to be having these girls cleaning the house by 11 months! :-) I love your details about the girls, it sounds like they have their own agendas. I will check back for pictures and hope they turn out just as cute as the Christmas card.

Kristen Callaway said...

You have to wonder what it's like to be a triplet....most babies grow up with just themselves, and they get to share the world with each other and experience everything together. How wonderful! I can't believe Ava is walking! How wonderful...I'm sure the other two will follow close behind! Can't wait to see pictures!!