Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something is in the water around here!

We are so fortunate to live in a nice neighborhood where we really like our neighbors. There are several other young couples that we are friends with. Some have children, some are planning on children soon and others are still enjoying those single days! :)   What's even better?  The kids are all pretty close in age. By pretty close, I'm even talking 10 days younger and 16 days younger than our girls!!!!  How cool is that? Within about 2 or 3 houses in either direction we have the following ages:
Boys: Aiden-3.5 years old, Bryce-3 years old, Brendan-2 years old, Benjamin-6.5 months (10 days younger than our girls), Benjamin-3 months
Girls: Julia-3.5 years old, Anna, Ava, Alexis-almost 7 months, Teagan-6 months (16 days younger than our girls)

Here are pictures from Bryce's 3rd birthday party this last weekend where we finally got a picture of at least 5 of the babies and of course the birthday boy! Happy Birthday Bryce!

The ladies 
L-R Anna, Alexis, Ava and Tegan (Bryce's sister)
Adding Benjamin (The lucky boy surrounded by all of these girls!) 
All of them are 6 months give or take a few weeks. 
Bryce is in the OSU jersey along with 2 of his party guests, but I'm not sure of their names.
Can we say instant bus stop? :) 

Monday, September 29, 2008

First OSU Tailgate!

Saturday was the girls' first (of many) OSU tailgate! We are lucky to be able to relax in my parents RV and hang out before the game and then while we head to the game, my parents and nephew Thomas watched the girls (and of course the game too). 

The girls did great for a new surrounding and even caught a few zzz's prior to kickoff while we took them for a tour of the RV Tailgate lots. 

Us with Thomas in front of my parent's RV.

The girls still playing hard in the RV while we packed up all of the stuff.

Looks like it was a long day for Dad and Ava. 

We had a great day and even took some pictures when we got back to my parent's house. I'll "try" to post those later this week. 
We weren't done though...when we got home, we attended a 3rd birthday party across the street. It was a long day but the Buckeyes won the Big Ten opener against Minnesota, Bryce had a nice birthday party, and the girls did a great job. Stay tuned for the next post for pictures from the birthday party and all of the neighborhood babies!

Check out my poll!

I just posted a poll on the right side of the screen. Be sure to vote and see the results, literally I hope, next week!  Yea, for the first tooth. Maybe Katie was right....the runny noses could be tied to teeth!

Friday, September 26, 2008


So I've been MIA this week. It's been pretty crazy at my house and since there is really nothing besides our every day life to blame, I'm blaming it on the girls' first colds. Yup, you read correctly. The girls are sick for the very first time. I don't know if they caught something from someone when I took them to campus last week to visit Jeff at work or say hi to my co-workers or if Jeff brought something home, but mysteriously, doesn't get it himself. Regardless, it happened.  I'm proud to say that we lasted nearly 7 months before they got sick, but I wish I could have prolonged it about another 18 years!  Poor things. Anna had it first, or I noticed her runny nose first. So I quarantined her from playing with all things fun and she had to sit on her own little quilt and play with just a few little toys that I could wash. Unfortunately, by the time she showed symptoms, all 3 had already been infected because by the next day, all 3 had runny noses. They aren't running fevers and really don't seem to mind the endless snot running down their face, except for when I wipe it away. They scream worse than when they get shots. They seriously HATE getting their noses wiped. So of course now I am sick. How do you take care of 3 babies and not get what they have?  But, this too shall pass. Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit more next week. We are getting dangerously close to 7 months...can you believe it? 

Another GREAT visit!

Last Sunday, we took the girls up to Toledo to visit my grandparents. My Grandma is now in a nursing home since she has taken quite a few falls lately at home and my Grandpa is able to stay in the same facility on a different floor in the assisted living area. I should mention that my Grandpa is 93 and my Grandma is 87. So they are doing amazing! We were fortunate to be able to make the trip up to see both of them and allow them to see the girls again.   The girls LOVED the visit. They were happy sitting with both of them, even Alexis who usually gets a little scared sometimes when she isn't with Jeff or I. 

Great Grandpa holding all of the girls!
My Grandpa was so funny. I took the girls in their umbrella strollers, I had 2 and my mom pushed one. My dad was pushing him in a wheelchair and he kept telling nurses and other residents that they should watch out because there were more coming. Or he would say, I told you I had triplets in the family. He is such a joker and so fun! We also met a set of triplets that were visiting someone at the facility...I am guessing about 55-65 years old, so that is the oldest set I have met so far. There was 2 girls and a boy and I'm guessing the girls were identical. It was pretty neat for them to see the girls and for us to meet them too. 

My grandma just kept kissing the girls and telling me to take good care of them. She is just so happy that we are all doing so well and the girls are so healthy. We truly are blessed, she says. I agree.  

I'm glad the girls did so well in the van on the way up and also were so happy during the visit. It made for a great time and hopefully we can do it again soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

dun, dun, dunnnnnnn...the Grocery store.

I decided to venture out to the grocery by myself today...it was my first time taking all 3 alone. When Jeff and I go together, usually all 3 fall asleep or are happily entertained by isles of stuff that it really isn't that big of deal. So I decided I could do it by myself today. I am typing this at home, so you do know that we all made it home safely, but let's just say...it was an experience!

I don't know if the people were more shocked to see triplets or that I was alone at the grocery with triplets! I just was pretty nonchalent about it, because the way I look at it...I am with them alone all day at home, what would be the difference at the store besides I have 2 carts (push one, pull one) 3 babies and 10,000 gawkers! :)  I am still a little amazed by how bold some people are with questions and also why they still stand in front of my cart making it impossible to move and ask 10 more questions even after stating "I'm sure it's hard to get through the grocery because so many people stop you."  Uh, yea, it kind of is....but I was in a really good mood today and felt like I was accomplishing something, so I answered questions and didn't ram anyone with my carts. Of course, instead of sleeping, all 3 stayed awake and Alexis even had a little "big girl" time in the cart!  (no I don't have one of those nifty cart covers yet....next on the list....but I did wipe it done obsessively...not good enough I'm sure, but I could hold her, and push and pull 2 carts, so she had to sit in the seat.)

I did run over my own heel with the cart I was pulling and feel like I have arthritis in my right hand since I had to steer it with only one hand, but we survived, I have dinner planned for the next 4-5 nights and actually have all of the ingredients on hand now. (ok, one of those nights will probably be carryout pizza, but hey, who doesn't love pizza?)

So I will leave you with this....next time you are in the grocery and you see a mom of multiples or even a mom with more than one child, please keep your questions to 5 or less....she is probably just trying to survive those next 45 mins and still make it home before the frozen stuff starts to thaw. :)  Happy almost Friday!  

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9 years today!

9 years ago Jeff and I went on our first date. Say it with me....Awwwww!

I love you Jeff and am so happy to be your wife and the girls are so lucky to have YOU as their daddy!  Happy 9 years...here's to many, many more!

This is us in Kennebunkport, Maine about 6 years ago. It's one of our favorite places to vacation and we can't wait until we can take the girls!

Today, I took the girls down to OSU to meet Jeff for lunch. We had a great time walking through campus on the way to lunch and my how times have changed. Instead of walking with a backpack on my back rushing between classes, I'm pushing a triplet stroller!  It was fun though!  When we left Jeff at his office, I walked the girls over to the stadium where my office is (while our new Ohio Union building is under construction) and chatted with a few of my co-workers for a few minutes.  We came home and took a walk around the neighbor hood and just got home. I think I got my walking in today! :)  

Bumbo's at Grandma's

Last Saturday we watched the OSU game (which we aren't talking about) at my parent's house. Instead of lugging 3 highchairs, we took the girls' bumbos and trays. It worked out great!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Check out this hawk!

I mean MOHAWK!  I couldn't resist spiking Ava's hair after one of her baths. It seems to grow longer right down the middle. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go BUCKS beat USC!

Pictures taken from last week's home game vs Ohio University. The Bucks won, but it wasn't pretty. Let's hope tonight's game vs. USC is much better!

We took Jeff's brother Scott and our nephew Quinn to the game (It was our birthday present to Quinn who turned 9 in August!) Then we met up with my sister-in-law Julia and our niece, Sofia for dinner along with some friends. 

Scott with Ava
Quinn, Julia & Alexis

Sofia wanted to hold all 3 the night before in the restaurant, but I told her she had to wait until we were at home and had more room. :) 
Anna, Ava, Sofia & Alexis

100th Post!

Wow! Another blog milestone! This is my 100th post. Thanks for reading and staying in touch with us!

a little orange

The girls decided they were tired of always wearing pink and purple and would try a little orange....what do you think?


Friday, September 5, 2008


College Football season is officially underway and the Buckeyes beat Youngstown State 43-0 last Saturday! This picture shows the girls' first Ohio State Football Saturday....they stayed at home with my parents while we went to the game. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the girls and letting us get to the games this year!  

yes....their shirts say Poop on Michigan....it doesn't matter if we are playing them that week or not....it's always on our minds! GO BUCKEYES!

Morning Conference

I love their morning conference meetings. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For you Jules!

This is a response to a request from my friend Julie. She recently had a baby boy, Carson, and she is having a hard time letting go of keeping her house spic and span perfect. So I told her that even I had let go of keeping things perfect and my living room was taken over by baby stuff. I don't think she believed that I leave all of this stuff out, so I took pictures to show her (and all of you) what our upstairs living room looks like on a daily basis. Yes, I pick up toys daily and wash the quilts on the floor daily or every other day, but for the most part, all of these items are left out. Jules, check out the far end table....yup, that's a stack of blankets. I told you everything wasn't perfect and put away. But let's not get crazy...we all still know me and know that I have to at least have things picked up and organized....so yes, the blankets are stacked according to size and type. I already know I'm crazy and OC so no need to comment. :) 

So Julie...forget about keeping that "perfect" house and just enjoy your time with Carson. I promise, it gets much easier to let it all go. :)

6 Months!

I always told Jeff that if we could just survive the first 6 months we would be all set. In some ways that is true and in other ways, boy was I wrong!  Yes, the girls are all sleeping pretty good at night and they all are great babies. We have a pretty good schedule going too. But the fun is only starting. It was so much easier when they were smaller. Now they are into everything so entertaining them all day wears me out some days. I feel like I am either singing, dancing or playing for about 12 hours straight during the day. (sometimes doing all 3 in front of all 3 at the same time) The girls don't really nap for very long at the same times and it seems like once I get all 3 down, the first one I laid down is ready to get up.  I haven't quite figured out how to get the girls to take 2 really good naps (1 morning and 1 afternoon) yet. If anyone has any tips, I'm all ears!  And while my days are a bit more busy than they were before, I wouldn't trade it for the world. They are so much fun to interact with and you can see their little personalities really shining through. We have so much fun and to see the girls grow and learn each day is amazing. We are truly blessed. 

All 3 are sitting up by themselves now. They can sit for quite a while unassisted and sometimes tip over, but they are really doing great and even playing with toys while sitting. 
It's hard to get all 3 to look at me though without falling over, so you'll just have to look at Anna's face in the mirror. 

We will be going for their 6 month check up next Tuesday so stay tuned for weights and heights. Happy 6 Months Anna, Ava and Alexis! 

Here are 6 things we love about each of you:

(her shirt says It's all about the dress and Happily Ever After)

We love:
1. How you nestle under our chin when we are rocking with you.
2. Your beautiful blond hair and blue eyes.
3. How your lower lip quivers a little when you get scared, but stops when we pick you up.
4. How calm you are most of the time and how you seem to calm your sisters too.
5. How you bat at things with your arms and how strong you are. (technically it's hitting, but for now it's still cute.)
6. The way you listen to books so intently!

(her shirt says princess in training)

We love:
1. Your little frog legs and how you always want to jump!
2. Your baby talk voice.
3. How you hold your sisters' hands when sitting next to them.
4. Your crazy hair and how the long wispy pieces over your ears curl up.
5. How quickly you flip over from your back to your tummy. (except when trying to change your diaper)
6. How you love story time and really look at the pictures. 

(her shirt says Bald is Beautiful)...while not completely true for Alexis anymore, I thought it was cute and it's why I bought the pack of Disney shirts for the girls. It just made me laugh and I thought it could be a mini tribute to their daddy. Ok, now I'm stretching. Really, they were on sale at Target for about $1 each. Who can pass that up? 

We love:
1. Your endless energy.
2. Your spunky little smile.
3. Your big, bright blue eyes.
4. How observant you are.
5. When you yawn and make a cute little sound at the same time. 
6. How you settle down immediately for story time and like for us to read to you.

Happy 6 months Anna, Ava and Alexis! We can't wait to see what all you do next!