Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready, Set GO!

In honor of the Olympics, I thought you might enjoy the girls preparing for their own "record" breaking achievements in a few events. Let's meet the participants!

ANNA "I'll blow bubbles all day" Thornhill
weighing in at nearly 15 lbs, she's the oldest of the trio by 1 minute.Watch out for this one in the heavy duty events!

AVA "I've got my eyes on you" Thornhill
weighing in at nearly 14 pounds, she's the second oldest by only a minute. Keep your eyes on this one in the fast events!

Alexis "I've got the energy to play all day" Thornhill
weighing in somewhere between the other two, she is the youngest of the trio and full of spunk! Watch out for her in every event, she's a wildcard that could take it all!

Ava is the one you want to watch in this event. She is getting up on her knees and keeping her arms straight and then she rocking back and forth. She wants to crawl and get to new places so badly but only ends up going backwards and hasn't quite figured out how to move her legs and arms so they work together.  Here is a picture after she scooted all the way through the play mat and then even made a turn towards the Pack N'Play. If I hadn't picked her up, I think she would have nestled right underneath it! 

Alexis LOVES to stand. Every time she is on her back and you pull her up by her arms to a sitting position, she bypasses sitting and goes right into a straight leg stand. She can virtually stand as long as you allow her. I partly think it is because she is nosy and wants to see what else is going one. :)

Anna is your girl if you want a baby to get a toy placed behind them. She is really good at being on her belly and turning herself in different directions. Watch out once she figures out how to crawl and knows she can go 360!

Ava LOVES to bounce. We might as well nickname her Tigger right now. When you let her stand on your lap and lift her up and down, she will "jump" up and down, she picks up her knees after she is already in the air, like she is the one doing the jumping. It's hard to explain, but hilarious to see. I really, really need to try and get video of it and then need to figure out how to post videos. But forget this one sitting still any longer.

Anna must be looking forward to playing ring around the rosy and her favorite shape will be a circle, because once again, she is the winner in the category of twisting and turning circles. When she sits in a bumbo, you would think I put her in backwards because all she wants to do is turn around and look behind her. She plays with toys off of the back edge, listens in on conversations behind her and always has an eye on what's coming before the other two ever have a clue. 

Alexis has figured out that scooting while laying on her back actually gets her places. She lays on her back and looks up and over backwards and then starts scooting. No wonder she is still bald on the back of her head....she has rubbed all of the hair off and doesn't give it a chance to grow back. It's almost a given that I find her head up in a corner of her crib nearly every morning except now that she is rolling over to her tummy more, now she is starting to sleep that way too. 

All 3 can sit pretty well unassisted for a short time. They haven't got it down perfect just yet, but they are working on it. No clear winner, just lots of fun leaning towers at this point. Ha!

Obviously, we have a long way before competing at the Olympic level, but hey, it's a start! :)


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a few favorites!

While I was going through pictures this week, I chose a few of my recent favorites. 

This is the part where you hold my hand.

This is going to be long, but this is our story.

One year ago today we went to the Dr. for our first ultrasound. I was 8 weeks pregnant and we had just returned from an 11 day vacation out "West" with my parents where we drove over 5,000 miles in an RV and actually returned with all of us remaining friends. :) Unfortunately, I wasn't much fun on vacation since I had "morning sickness" the entire trip.(which ended up being "all-day sickness from 6 weeks-30 weeks!) My mom and I joked that maybe it was twins since I was so sick. I had always said I thought it would be so much fun to have twins. (yes, I was one of those that was niave about how much work it would be and how much extra risk there is to the pregnancy.) Jeff told me to quit saying the "t" word but my mom and I still joked about it and I secretly wished. Little did I know that another "t" word was in my future! 

When we went to the Dr. for that first ultrasound I was so excited that I had been feeling sick because it made me believe that this pregnancy was healthy. Since I had experienced 2 miscarriages over the previous 2 years, I was just so happy to be pregnant, but I was so anxious to hear a heartbeat so when the Dr. was taking extra time and wasn't saying a word, I finally spoke up.

Me: Is everything ok?
Dr: Yes, I'm just looking all around.
Me: Do you see a healthy heartbeat?
Dr: Well...*long pause*...I actually see 3 healthy heartbeats.
Me: uh hum, what?
Dr. I see 3. 
*long pause*
Me: Jeff?
Jeff (from where he is sitting behind me): Yes? (said in the deepest, most serious voice ever)
Me: Are you still with me? 
Jeff: Yes.
Me: Then this is the part where you hold my hand.

So Jeff came up beside the table and held my hand the rest of the appointment. Tears of joy and absolute shock were now falling down my face. I just couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to think. Jeff didn't really even speak. He didn't know what to think and honestly I think he was scared. After the appointment, we barely said much to each other in the parking lot before getting in separate vehicles and both driving to work. We were ecstatic, shocked and mostly unsure.

It took us about 5 days before we told anyone else the news. Everyone had the same reaction.....TRIPLETS?!!!  Oh my gosh, but everyone was excited for us. They knew how badly we wanted a family. 

Immediately I started reading an online message board called the "nest" which has a multiples board where MOM's (Moms of Multiples) and MOM's-to-be can chat about all topics relating to their high-risk pregnancies, preemies, challenges of raising twins or more and everything in between....and I mean EVERYTHING in between. :)  I'm not quite sure what I would have done without that message board and the wonderful mom's I have met on there. I truly consider some of them to be close friends and I haven't even met them in person. But the bond we share as moms of multiple babies is amazing.  I follow many of them through their blogs and I know some of you have started reading their blogs as well. 

Once I read every article and book I could find on triplet pregnancies I was ready for my first high-risk OB appointment. I met my Dr. at 12 weeks and pretty much saw him every 2-3 weeks until I reached 20 weeks and after that I saw him weekly. I felt pretty darn good throughout my pregnancy except of course for the "all day" sickness, but honestly, I was so excited that it was a healthy pregnancy that I was actually glad I was sick. Not every moment, but you know what I mean. 

Around 18 weeks, the ultrasound tech guessed it to be all 3 girls even though I would have sworn I was having 2 boys and 1 girl. I think because I always envisioned myself to being a mom of boys. Not sure why I thought that. The tech was pretty sure, but we decided to wait until the 20 week ultrasound to see again before we shared the news. Sure enough...3 GIRLS! 

A few days after Christmas at one of my regular appointments, the Dr. decided to send me over to the hospital to test for pre-term labor based on some of his measurements. I was so scared! I didn't want these babies to come that early. I wasn't ready and was so worried about their health. I had to stay overnight for some tests and started the series of my now-favorite FFN test which basically tests to see if the babies are likely to be born within the 2 weeks following the test. Luckily it came back negative, but from that moment, I was placed on bedrest at home to make sure these babies kept growing as long as possible. I was so relieved that the girls were ok, but I was also so disappointed that I was on bedrest. I'm usually a go-go-go type person so for me to stay in one house, let alone, on one couch all day, every was a bit daunting, but I knew it was for the health of the girls so that is all it took for me to do it. 

I literally just sat around and waited for my wonderful baby girls to grow. I still felt great and really it wasn't until about 33 weeks or so that I really started to feel the heaviness of my belly and started to get uncomfortable. My goal the entire time was to make it to the Dr's recommended "full term for triplets"-- 36 weeks. I was uncomfortable, but if it was for the health of the girls, then bring it on!  Over the weekend I noticed that my ankles were really swollen and my feet were super puffy. Since this was new for me, I decided to call the Dr. just to let them know. He had me come in to the hospital for some testing and sure enough, I was starting to develop the symptoms of pre-eclampsia. At 4:06pm, the Dr. said I was going to have the girls that night....say around 7:30pm?  WHAT?!  Did he just say tonight?  I wasn't ready, I still had 9 more days until 36 weeks!  I felt was just swelling. Well, what did I know. I wasn't a Dr. so no argument....just sit back and get ready. My mom rushed home for my bag (packed and ready...but at home) and also our camera!

She made it back in time with the camera and Jeff got suited up. So at 34.5 weeks I had a c-section that went very smoothly. I remember seeing the girls for the first time and looking at Jeff for the reassurance, that they were all healthy and doing ok. I could see it in his eyes...we were truly blessed. Anna Caroline was born first at 7:19pm weighing 4 lbs 7 oz,  Ava Jane was born next at 7:20pm weighing 5 lb 3oz, and Alexis Marie was born third at 7:22pm weighing 4 lbs 2.5 oz. They were absolutely perfect and we were now a family of 5. 

The girls did great and just needed to gain a bit of weight and maintain temperatures before coming home at 8 days old (Alexis) and 11 days old (Anna & Ava). 

I didn't have a clue how the news we learned a year ago would change our life forever, but I feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate that this is my life. I get to wake up each and every morning next to a wonderful husband whom I love more now than ever and spend my day hugging, kissing, and loving 3 beautiful little ladies. The girls are nearly 6 months old and doing fantastic. Being a stay at home mom is one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but it is also THE MOST REWARDING. What more could I ask for?

Monday, August 25, 2008

The best audience EVER!

This isn't going to start the way the title implies, so don't think I am headed for the gutter.....

Most days, my shower is not the relaxing 20-30 minutes it used to be. It's now: rush, rush, wash, rinse, condition, rinse, rush, rush, wash, rinse, repeat as many times as allowed. Usually it is cut short by the sound of one or all of the girls waking from a nap much earlier than I expected. Naps are the only times I can really get a shower so it's hard to predict when all 3 will be staying asleep for 10-15 mins all at once With this being said, many times, I am lucky to even get a shower before Jeff comes home. I have come to appreciate the fact that a shower is a shower and no matter what time of day it may occur, it is not only necessary for obvious cleanliness reasons, but also for ones own sanity. I cherish my shower!  

On the lucky day that I do get a shower prior to 8pm, I don't always get my hair dried before the girls wake from their nap, so one, or all 3, are brought down to my room to watch me dry my hair. It's kind of crazy but they can be crying up a storm, and the minute that hair dryer turns on, it's all eyes on me and they act as content as can be. I have the best audience in the world....check them out!  
L-R Ava, Anna, Alexis

They aren't an audience that can give standing ovations just yet, but they make up for it by being so darn cute!  I just love watching them take in the world and learning every minute. Isn't it cool?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Great Darke County Fair!

We took the girls to their first county fair. And this isn't just any, it's the GREAT Darke County Fair. It is the fair for the county in which Jeff was raised and where his sister and brother and their families still live. Now you may think I am being sarcastic when I am calling it the "Great" fair, but really, that's its name and honestly it is one of, if not the, best county fair I have ever attended. 
Jeff has taken me to "his" fair every year since we have been together, (9 years!) with only one or 2 exceptions. I also grew up in a small rural area, so I really enjoy county fairs for so many reasons but's all about the cotton candy for me! Really, I don't even care about the food, just give me cotton candy and I am happier than a kid at Christmas. And don't ask me to share more than a few small pieces. Ask Jeff. He barely sees any of it before I have woofed it down. Yes, I really am that obessesed with cotton candy. You could also ask Jeff's sister Rhonda for one of my first Darke County Fair experiences and the cotton candy, let's just call it "incident". Rhonda, feel free to leave out some of the details. :)  It was funny, on our way out this year, I almost forgot to get my cotton candy. So right before we leave, I remember and run back to the closest concession stand. Jeff waited for me near a picnic area and when I got back to him, he was talking to some people about the girls...of course. So as we are walking away, I can hear the couple he was talking to, chatting with some other folks and then they say...."Oh my gosh, LOOK!, she's got 4 bags of cotton candy! Well, she probably needs it to keep up with those 3!"  I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even turn around and laugh with them. It was true though... I bought 4 MONSTER bags of cotton candy and half of the first bag was gone before we even got back to Rhonda's house. I REALLY LOVE COTTON CANDY!

So we took our nephews Payton and Ethan with us and had a great day. The boys were a lot of fun and I think they had a good time too. They even rode a ride with Uncle Jeff!
Rhonda joined us a bit later and then we also were able to meet up with Jeff's friend from high school and his wife as well as a bunch of other friends. I got to walk in and out of over 20 camper trailers which always makes me excited for the day when we get to take the girls camping!  Our friend Denise took our picture but it was late so the girls were already asleep, but I at least had to have proof that they were there! 

We knew going into this day that we were going to "stand out" from the crowd, but I didn't think I would be one of the attractions!  One of the guys at the ticket booth selling tickets for rides told us we should start charging admission for the number of people that had stopped us just while he was watching. It was a bit ridiculous. I am getting more used to it, and I can't expect to be incognito when I am following behind this monstrous stroller, but I am so glad we took the jogger instead of our inline train since it was easier to go over cables and hoses and gravel etc. Overall, people were just intrigued by the girls and "had never seen triplets before." So I tried to keep a smile and answer all of their questions and respond politely to their comments. the end of the day I started to get a little tired of all of the attention and didn't have much politeness left in me. So I was a bit perturbed after the following 2 incidents:

#1: Guy walking towards me with his wife and 2 children. I am walking with the stroller and my friend and Jeff and his friend are a few steps behind us but not within earshot. As the guy walks pass me he says to his wife: 
Guy: "Wow, did you see that? TRIPLETS!--I would Kill myself!"
Me: *turning around so I can say it directly to him* 
"Wow! that is a really rude thing to say!  

His wife opened her mouth as if to apologize for her husband, but I didn't give them a chance. I just turned around and kept walking. I mean, come on....come up with something better. You'd be overwhelmed or crazy or TIRED....but kill yourself? just made your kids feel real good about being your children. Now they know how much their dad loves being a dad. Nice. 
I'm used to this comment now, but it still irks me. 

#2: As much as I get the next comment/question over and over, I am still not used to it nor do I think I ever will be.  

**Lady stopping directly in front of the stroller making me stop or else I would be running her over.(looking back, I should have run her over. :)**
Lady: Are those triplets?
Me: Yes, all girls! (said with a smile, but I'm so tired of people guessing genders, that now I just say it up front.)
Lady: Wow!
Me: pausing, waiting for her to get out of my way.
Lady: So, um, were they normal?
Me: Um, they look pretty normal to me!
Lady: Oh, I just mean, did you have to do a bunch of drugs and stuff to get them?
Me: Uh, that's a really personal question! and then I just moved my stroller forward a bit so she would get the clue that our conversation was now over and to MOVE! *Meanwhile, I am thinking: "Yea, lady, if you do drugs and then BAM! go to the store and just put in your order, you too can have triplets! Seriously....where do these people come from?*

Getting up on my soapbox.....
Comments, like the one above, make me really think about our life. Does it really matter how we were blessed with 3 babies at once? Does it make a difference whether we had a little, a lot or no help at all to conceive these 3 beautiful, healthy babies? Why do people feel it's ok to ask? I know they are curious, but really...really, is it any of their business?  I think all children are blessings from God and I don't understand why some people seem to"devalue" children that are conceived with a little extra help. I believe that this extra help is also from God, so really it's not an issue. I know this is a hotter topic for myself because we did need a little help to have children. I'm one of the lucky ones though. I was blessed after one round of medicine and the rest au natural...that's it, so I can't even imagine the trials of going through an IUI or IVF. My heart goes out to the couples who have to go through all of the next steps. I know we would have continued down that same hard path if we wouldn't have been successful at first. I also know that I would have felt blessed with one child after our years of being unsuccessful, but somehow, I hit the jackpot! God chose me and God chose Jeff to be blessed with 3 healthy, beautiful, happy little girls. I'm so lucky to be their mom. Does it really matter how?

Jeff says I should have just answered like this:

Lady: So, um were they normal?
Me: Well, after you share with me your name, age and weight, I will be happy to consider sharing such personal information with you!

or I think I could have just asked her if she had children and if so, how they were conceived....seems like the same question to me.  ;)

I'm still here...I think!

Wow! It's been a LONG time since my last post. Sorry about that. I've just been busy and we were gone last weekend and then last week flew by. Geesh!  Time flies when you're singing, dancing, rocking, feeding, changing, talking, giggling, smiling, reading and laughing with 3 little girls and fitting in time to see a hardworking husband/dad. I promise to have posts and pictures this week!  And stay's football season, so you know I'm getting ready for some cute pics of the girls in their OSU outfits. They have several!   Have a good week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

5 Month Stats!

Today was the girls' 5 month check up at the pediatrician.  The Dr. said all looked great and are super healthy. We are so grateful that we have only had to visit the Dr. for well visits and not for sick visits. :) 

They got their other half of their 4 month shots today, so the girls are a bit cranky, but they will be fine by tomorrow, I'm sure. My nephew Thomas was with me today and was very helpful at the Dr. office, holding babies and soothing them after their shots. In his words " Woah, that got pretty loud at the end!"  Yea, the girls definitely have a set of lungs on them. 

This wasn't an official checkup, just really there for shots, so here are their weights as of today:

14 lbs 2.5 oz

12 lbs 11 oz

13 lbs 7 oz

So it seems they are all about 12 oz apart in weight with Anna holding down the lead pretty easily. :)  They are my little chunkers...gotta love chubby baby thighs! HA!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A busy week!

This week has been extremely busy and packed full of fun! 
I worked both Tuesday and Wednesday since I didn't work last week when my mom and dad were on vacation and mom couldn't watch the girls. (it's so nice having the flexibility to make up work days from one week to the next since I only work one day a week.)
Then on Wednesday night I attended my first Triplets Group Dinner at Claddagh. It was so great because I was able to leave after the girls were already in bed for the night. (bedtime is between 7:30 and 8pm...usually all are asleep by 8pm for sure.) Jeff really encouraged me to go and I'm glad he did. It was just really nice connecting with other moms of triplets in my area. Of course I have connected with other moms of twins and triplets mostly online and I treasure those friendships, but I am also looking forward to being a part of this group since I get to meet the other moms in person.  I can't wait until the next outing!
Today I had a Dr. appt. and my mom watched the girls for me and then this evening my very good friend Karen came by to meet the girls for the first time and get caught up on all things Thornhill. It was so nice to see her as we don't get nearly enough time together anymore. (we used to work together over 6 years ago and I miss seeing her regularly now.) It was such a nice relaxing evening and Jeff and I really enjoyed catching up with her. 
Tomorrow night we are headed out (just Jeff and I) to a concert and party for one of our dear friends, Pete, who is giving up the entertainment business for good, or so he says. (that's what they all say Pete!) I don't believe any of you, but we'll still come to your going away party!  Just kidding of course, we wish you the very best!
Saturday I need to somehow make it to the grocery and also clean my house. Why you may ask...well, I am finally having our "dinner club" friends over FINALLY after a long hiatus and can't wait because the weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!  
Sunday is a catch up day and then Monday is going to be SO EXCITING! I get to see my "oldest friend" Beth, but that doesn't mean she is old. It means that I met her when I was 5 and she was 3!  We were best friends from the day we met until I moved away when I was sad!  But we always stayed in touch and I haven't seen her in about 4 years or so (I think since my wedding!) and she is coming down with her two kids and husband and I'm so excited for her to meet the girls. I seriously can't wait!  

So I should have lots to talk about next week! I hope you all have a great weekend!
Here area  few random pics from this past week/weekend! 

Ava loves to talk to herself in the mirror and now she is starting to reach out to the "other" baby in the mirror. So cute!

Anna and Ava were having a conference meeting without Alexis one day. (I think she was taking a longer nap or something.) I caught this picture first with Ava smiling at Anna--look in the mirror. 

Then when they noticed me behind them, they both turned right around the same way and stopped talking like I was interrupting them. So funny! 

And so I don't leave Alexis out of the pictures, I had to share her serious pose:

And her silly raspberry pose:
She cracks me up every day! 
God I love these girls!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 Months Old!

I just can't believe it has been 5 months already, can you?
I have so much to write about each of our lovely little ladies, but I will try to keep it contained to 5 things in honor of their 5 months. 

We love the way you snuggle up close.
We love your cubby little thighs.
We love the way you have to "talk" to us when you smile.
We love how big your eyes get when we toss you up and how big the smile is when you come down.
We love the way you watch your sisters and always seem to have a grasp on one of them when playing close.
We love you Anna!

Her professional model pose.

Anna always talks or says "huh" while she smiles...thus creating this laugh/talking smile. :)

Here is another version of the Anna smile. 

We love your sweet smile.
We love your soft voice and little coos.
We love how you bat those gorgeous eyelashes at us and make us melt.
We love how you snuggle up close to your stuffed frog like a best friend.
We love how you always want to make others smile by smiling at them first.  
We love you Ava!

Those gorgeous eyelashes.

About to give that big smile.


We love your excitement for everything.
We love how you start to giggle and wiggle when we come to get you.
We love how you blow bubbles and raspberries with your lips.
We love how you wrestle the Alligator.
We love how you squeal with delight and have so much fun.
We love you Alexis!

Look how big those eyes get when she starts to get excited.

Squealing with delight.

About to blow raspberries.

To answer my friend Rachael's question: Overall, they are all VERY happy and easy going little girls, but there are times that they can be little rascals too. My always seems to be during pictures! ha! 
Can't you just picture our future family vacations? 
"Stop that!"--"Don't touch me!"-- "Mom!" 

Saturday, August 2, 2008


As I posted my last post, I looked down at the counter and realized that I was hit # 20,000 EXACTLY! How cool is that? I also think it's pretty cool that all of YOU have continued to visit our blog and read about our sweet little girls. Whether you have been with us from the start or you have just found our blog recently, we thank you and are glad you are joining us for this awesome ride we call parenthood. 
We can't talk about the girls without mentioning how truly blessed we are and we thank God every day for Anna, Ava and Alexis. I can't imagine my world without them. That world might have a bit more sleep and more trips to restaurants and malls, but really, it couldn't possibly have as much love and excitement as I get everyday waking up knowing I am the mother of three healthy, beautiful, wonderful little girls. Wow, I love watching them grow and learn each day. They are AMAZING and I'm so LUCKY to be their mom. 

Party, Party, Party!

Party, Party, Party! Ok, so it was only 2 parties, but I feel the need to throw in that 3rd Party! Whew!  Today was all about parties!  We took the girls to their first birthday celebration in honor of their friend Maddy's 1st Birthday (daughter of my friends April and Matt). 

Happy Birthday Maddy!
Isn't she so cute?!!! This was her opening presents outfit made by my friend Nandee. If you need any cute personalized kids clothing, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Maddy's other party outfit. A cute little skirt and top....super cute too! 

The girls got to meet a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun being outside (in the shade of course). They were pretty good for most of the party, but about half way through, Alexis got a little scared and didn't know where she was or who was holding her so she needed to have a little quiet time with Daddy out on the front porch. That seemed to settle her right down and after that she was in pretty good shape. Anna decided it would be a good time to get a little sleepy and Ava just enjoyed meeting all of her new friends.  

Amanda's mom is a prof. photographer and she snapped this picture of us, with my camera. How did she get all 3 girls to look at her? I can NEVER get this to happen, but I think I might try the fun noises she made to see if it works for me. I can't wait to see some of the pictures she took too!  Thanks Marnie!

We tried to get a picture of the girls with Maddy (Check out her blog: The Peanut Gallery) and also Amanda and Michael's kids, Brooklyn and Levi who just turned 2 on July 21st. Happy Belated birthday Brooklyn and Levi!!!  But getting three 5-month olds, one 1 year old and two 2 year olds is quite a task. But we'll keep trying. It will be so fun to watch these kids all grow up together. I love having my best friends so close and also having our kids so close in age.  I get to learn from April and Amanda and they give me all of the cool tips on the best (and worst) products!  I'm so lucky to have them! Thanks for everything April and Amanda, you guys are the best!
L-R back: Levi, Brooklyn, Maddy
L-R front: Alexis, Ava, Anna

After leaving Maddy's party, we drove straight over to our friend Luis and Jen's house. It was a nice summer BBQ with all of Jeff's buddies, but the funny thing is it now includes wives and kids and is so different from their gatherings "back-in-the-day" I'm sure. My, how things change. Especially when Gator (aka: Jeff for those of you that don't know him as Gator) walks in with 3 car seats and 3 daughters. That brings up an interesting point. It seems that if you worked at the Newport Music Hall and were any part of this group of friends, you are destined to have girls for children. I can only think of one of the friends that had a boy (he had a girl first though). It just makes me smile and think that all of these rough and tough guys all are wrapped around the tiny, cute, little, princess pinkies of their daughters. So sweet. They are all great dads and you can see how protective already they all are. No one will want to be these girls' first boyfriends with this group of dads. :)

Below is Luis and Jen's adorable daughter Isabella holding Ava. She was so sweet and wanted to hold the babies.  Her pretty party attire was so cute, including heels and tiara, and I need to add that with all of the style and poise, she changed into at least one other outfit during the party complete with a new tiara and heels. Gotta love 5 year old girls and dress up accessories and dresses. It's going to be so much fun at our house! 

Well, we were hoping to be able to stay a little longer at this party, but it was approaching bedtime and the girls were starting to get a bit ancy. We made the decision to try and feed them there and then we would lay them down and see if they could sleep a bit before heading home. Yea, that didn't work out so well. We took the girls to a quiet room in the house and our friend Stacy tried to help us feed the girls, but I think the girls had just had too many new faces throughout the entire day that they couldn't settle down for anyone except us and even that was not really the case. So we packed up our stuff, said a quick goodbye and headed home. Good thing we only live 5 mins. away. 

Here is a picture I snapped of Stacy holding Anna prior to the attempt at feeding. She was obviously happy and calm at this point. :) 

And here's Jeff and Alexis. She was definitely Daddy's girl today. So sweet, I love it!

Knowing me, you know I had to have a game plan for when we got home. I knew the girls would be crying even though they had settled in the car. I knew they were hungry and tired and needed  a bottle and to go to bed, so I asked Jeff to help carry the girls in, but then if he could make the new bottles then I would do the assembly line of diaper changes and pajamas. (good thing I gave them baths this morning!)  We got done around the same time, sat down with the girls, and they all ate and settled right down. Actually, they all settled down as soon as we set foot in the house. I didn't realize how calming it was to them to be in their own surroundings. It really did make a difference. So they finished their bottles, fell asleep during the last bits and then went to sleep as soon as their heads touched their sheets. So sweet. Now let's hope they sleep until 8am...ok, I'll take 6am. 

Sorry we kept you out past your bedtime girls. Goodnight sweet babies, we love you! 

Stay tuned for 5 month pictures coming soon! I still need to take them so it may be next week sometime. 

Friday, August 1, 2008


Don't ask me how or why or even how it is possible, but the girls' light in their room came on BY ITSELF in the middle of the night, which started a chain of events that brings me to one very tired morning!  

A bit of explanation:
We have the light on a dimmer switch but also have it hooked up to a remote so we can turn it on from downstairs when it's just a bit too dark to see the girls on Triplet TV. I've been using Triplet TV during the day for naps, but really haven't used it at night forever and so we haven't had to use that remote for the light for that purpose, but it is still hooked up that way. Somehow, the light came on by itself (it's done this before but I haven't noticed it since the girls were about a month old and we were upstairs all night anyway feeding constantly so it didn't really matter if it came on by itself. I still don't know why it does this, but my dad seems to think someone else in the area has a remote light on the same frequency or something. But who else is up in the middle of the night? 
Anyway....I hear Alexis fussing at about 1:45am today and went upstairs to see what was going on....and the light was ON!  No wonder she is fussing. Well, her fussing leads to the other two waking up....oh one of the joys of having 3 in the same room! Well, Alexis went back to sleep, but Ava didn't go to sleep until about 3:45am. And that was after I took her and put her in the pack n' play downstairs and slept the rest of the night on the couch. Then Alexis decided she wanted up at 4:30am and woke everyone up again. Needless to say, their first bottle was at 5am today and I'm TIRED!  Poor Jeff had to go to work so I know he is going to have a rough day too. Hopefully he got a bit more sleep than I did, but he was still up with us for most of it. What a trooper. 

The girls are pretty good today so that helps this tired mom, but boy, I hope that light doesn't turn itself on again tonight. Why can't it do that during the day?  Oh well, I guess I just need to chalk it all up to I got bonus snuggle time with all 3...even if it was in the middle of the night. :)

Hope you all are having a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend too!

Their First Birthday Party!

No, of course it's not THEIR 1st Birthday party, but instead this weekend will be the girls' first time attending a birthday party and it's for my friend April's daughter Madison. She turned ONE this past Tuesday and her party is on Saturday!  We can't wait for so many reasons, but I will choose my top 3 reasons why we are excited about the party:
1. Maddy is seriously one of THE cutest One year olds you will ever meet. 
2. April's parties are always the best...seriously! (we wish we could start a business together with our other friend Amanda throwing parties for other people because we all love it so much.) 
3. I get to see Amanda's twins who just turned TWO on July 21st. (We were sad to miss their party because it was the day we were flying back from Denver and I haven't seen them for SO LONG! They are going to be so BIG I know it!)

and sneaking in a 4th reason to be excited: the obvious reason of course....Who doesn't love Birthday cake?!  (Amanda is making it so it is sure to be delicious!!!)

And so this post isn't just text and me being excited to see cute kids and eat are some random pics from this past week:

Alexis sitting in pink bumbo, Ava looking at me and Anna sitting in green bumbo.

Darling Anna.