Thursday, July 31, 2008

We may need to discuss this...

The girls during one of their morning conference meetings earlier this week...
Anna in flowers, Ava in pink and Alexis in white
Anna says: "Hey Alexis, How do you like the new exersaucer? I can't wait for my next turn!"

The girls hanging out with Bailey...or maybe it's the other way around. Either way...Ava always likes to watch Bailey even if he is just laying there. I'm sure once she becomes mobile, he will be in BIG Bailey RUN!!

The Greatest gift!

I'm a huge fan of books. I love to read. I haven't had time to read anything for myself lately...well except other blogs of course. :) I can't wait until I make time to read a good novel or mystery. In the meantime my reading has consisted of children's literature. This is fine by me since my love of reading was inspired at an early age and I hope to do the same for my girls. I love children's books and have acquired quite a few over the past few years at yard sales and stores in hopes that I would be able to share them with my own children one day.  I can remember my mom taking us to the library so we could stock up on books to read while we were on vacation. I used to get practically every Beverly Cleary or Judy Blume book I could find. I have to thank my mom for instilling such an overwhelming love for reading as she always encouraged me and included me in so many activities at the library. It didn't hurt that she was also a children's librarian when I was in elementary school, so I was involved in every summer reading program. LOVED IT!  I also am lucky that I inherited my dad's fast reading ability. I can finish a book in no time if it is interesting to me. Now a history book on the other hand could take me weeks to finish. Kind of ironic that I married a guy that has an entire bookshelf filled with American and world history.  Looks like he gets to help the girls with History in school, I'll tackle all other long as he takes history. :)

Ok, with all of that said...Now on to the reason I started this post...I received one of the greatest gifts EVER from my friends last week at our book club. Look at what they got me...well, what they got for the girls:

They overwhelmed me by buying us a huge assortment of some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE children's books. Come on, who doesn't LOVE Amelia Bedelia? Or how about everyone's favorite elephant BABAR?!!!  And you can't read to children without reading the great Dr. Suess, Courdoroy and Curious George or classics like the Hungry Caterpillar, Winnie the Pooh and Where the Wilds Things Are!  It totally takes me back to my childhood! Those were all of my favorites! I was so amazed by their generosity. They have really been so supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and of course now that the girls are here. They are the ones that already bought us our triple stroller for one of my showers and now, they have given my girls one of the greatest gifts....books and the gift of reading. Thank you K.D., Aylish, Derrill, Celeste, Cait, Adriana, and Karen! You guys are simply fabulous, way too generous and certainly some of the coolest chics I know!  Thank you! 

Aylish: Per your request, here is a picture of me feeding all 3 at once. There are better ways, but this is how I was doing it when I remembered to ask Jeff to take a picture. It all depends on who is doing what and how much they are all squirming. :) 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ava's Hairdo

Ava has the most hair of the 3 girls and it's also the longest right now. This gives her the opportunity to have bad hair days....I don't think they are bad really, just kinda crazy and awfully cute! These were taken today after getting her out of her crib. Looks like she might have slept pretty hard on one side to get it to stand up straight!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pictures from Denver!

After reviewing my photos from last weekend's trip to Denver, I realized that I didn't have time to take many pictures since Jeff and I were usually holding babies and trying to keep them on some sort of schedule. So unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the beautiful wedding or the fabulous bride and groom, but I do have a few pics taken in my brother's back yard during their informal rehearsal dinner/BBQ.  
My nephew Thomas (Tammy's son), my mom holding Ava, my nephew Hunter (Todd's son) and then my dad and brother Todd in the back.  Hunter is showing us his new camera that he got as a gift from Todd and Michele for being the Best Man in their wedding....Awwww...isn't he the cutest Best Man you've ever seen?!!! He did such a wonderful job hosting everyone and always checking in with me and Jeff to make sure the girls were doing well. He gave such a nice toast at the wedding and during the ceremony, stepped around my brother and looked right up at Michele and blew her a kiss....Since I was in the wedding and behind Michele, I could see the whole scene and seriously...I don't normally tear up at weddings, but seeing Hunter blow that kiss to Michele made my eyes well up faster than a leaking faucet!  He is such a sweet boy and so fun to be around. We love you Hunter...and of course Todd and Michele too! :) 

Here we are with the trio (Jeff holding Anna and I've got Alexis and Ava)
Gotta love pictures with sun hats and check out those roses!
They are wearing the outfits that my Uncle Dean and Aunt Paula sent to them. They are seriously so cute in them and I might have to find some closer up pictures to show, because the outfits are so darn pretty!  Thanks Dean and Paula!

This was the first time Mom and Dad had all of their grandchildren in one place since I added 3 to the picture.  Isn't my mom's dress so pretty?  I wish I could show you the full length view, but this is the only picture I have. She looked so nice and dad of course always looks good in a tux, as does Hunter.  Thomas got a new suit for the wedding and was so handsome. He was really, really helpful the entire time we were out there. Thanks Thomas!
It's hard having Todd, Michele and Hunter live all the way in Denver. We miss them a lot, but are so excited that they are all coming home for Christmas this year! 
Back row...Dad/Grandpa holding Alexis, Hunter, Mom/Grandma holding Ava, and Thomas in front holding Anna. 

Picture of me with my Mom and the girls! I've got Alexis (showing off her frog pose) and Ava and my mom is holding Anna. The girls are wearing the cutest little outfits that were sent to us from my Aunt Paula and Uncle Dean!  I was so excited that the girls could finally fit into them! So darn cute!  Thanks Dean and Paula for thinking of us!

I had to include a picture of my mom holding Ava. I love this picture and my mom just looked so nice holding the girls on this day because she coordinated with their cute outfits. Why didn't I think of that? :) 

Ok, well that's it for now. We'll see what other pictures I find, but I don't think I have may others from Denver. I'll have to wait to see the official wedding photos and see if I can post those or post a link to their photographer's site or something. Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're BA-ACK!

We survived the trip to Denver over the weekend...barely! Just kidding. 
The girls were SO great at the airports and on the flights to and from.  The trip was a bit hard since we were in a time zone 2 hours different than EST and also not able to make our own schedule since there were a lot of family functions and other events throughout the weekend in preparation for the wedding, but we wouldn't have missed it for the world. Overall, the weekend was a huge success and the girls are starting to get back to their good ole schedule back home. Which means that they are eating and sleeping again and putting smiles on their faces which in turn puts smiles on our faces! :)  I'll try to add pictures and tell more about the beautiful wedding later this week, but first I want to pass along some gratitude.....

Thanks Dad for getting us non-stop really helped! Also, for renting the big Suburban ...Jeff loved to drive it and who may be our next vehicle as the girls get bigger! Also, we want to thank our entire family for all of their help during the trip. My mom for always helping where dad for entertaining the girls during flights and when all else fails and they need a calming voice. Thanks to my sister Tammy for helping with anything we needed, especially during the reception and Bill for really helping Jeff during the wedding ceremony since I was in the wedding and also for helping during the reception. Thomas, you were so great in pushing the girls in their strollers in the airports and helping to keep them entertained! Hunter you were so great with the girls and are so calming to them and helped put them to sleep! Thanks to you all!  Thanks to Todd and Michele for allowing us to be part of their special day and for putting up with the craziness that comes when triplets visit! :)

Congratulations Todd and Michele! We are so happy for you and hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Italy! Hunter I can't wait to see all of your great pictures with the new camera! 

Love you all, we couldn't do this all without you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Watch out Denver, here we come!

You won't hear much from me for the next week or so. We are FLYING to Denver on Thursday for a long weekend. My brother is getting married and the wedding is this Saturday! YEA Todd and Michele!

So wish us luck, say a few prayers for us and think kind thoughts for all of the lovely people that get to be on our flights! :) 

I'm sure I'll have some great stories and tons of pictures when we get back!

Have a good week!

First Roadtrip!

First Roadtrip.....Check!
First Sleepover @ Aunt Rhonda's......Check!
First Thornhill Family Reunion......Check!

Sunday we left on our first real roadtrip (more than 30 mins.) and headed about 2.5 hours West towards the Ohio/Indiana border.  Jeff's family reunion was Monday night so we headed over a day early to visit with his sister and family and the girls experienced their first sleepover at Aunt Rhonda's house! 
All went great, but of course we didn't make it all the way without one stop to feed some hungry babies!  After they were fed, Ava and Anna sat with me in the front passenger seat while Jeff fed Alexis....yes, we had to stop at a gas station to feed the girls while we sat in the vehicle. And, No, of course the girls didn't ride in the front seat with me. I was finished feeding them and we were just waiting on Alexis to finish before strapping them back in their seats. Ava HATES to be strapped into the car seat. Thank goodness she usually calms down and goes to sleep, but she really fights the buckles. 

Look at how happy Ava is while she is out of her seat! Little stinker. :)
I also thought this picture was funny since Anna looks awfully curious about my Propel water and chewy sprees sitting in the "Hey MOM, what other good stuff are you hiding from us?!" ha ha!

Jeff feeding Alexis...gotta love the room with the steering wheel...seriously, couldn't they wait another 45 mins...NOPE, they were all hungry at that exact moment.
Here is a cute picture of Anna with Becca, one of her cousins! Becca was VERY helpful to me at the reunion and went on a couple walks with me pushing the girls in their stroller. Thanks Becca!

Also, a big thanks to Rhonda, Cliff, Payton and Ethan for letting us stay at your house and also for all of your help at the reunion too. Sorry you didn't get to eat very much because you were holding or feeding babies!  We appreciated the help though!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baptism pictures...FINALLY, I know!

So I finally have pictures with the girls in their baptismal dresses!  
My mom made their dresses so they are extra special to us. Aren't they just beautiful?! Maybe one day their children will be able to be baptized in them too, well if any of them have girls that is. :) 

Jeff and Marie +3 by the trees!
These were taken in our back yard in front of the "woods"....ok, tree line, but I like to pretend it's wooded and no one lives on the other side! 

Flying solo and her pretty as a princess pose!

Getting a smooch from mom and trying to sit still for her princess pose!

Flying like a little angel and then her princess pose!

Our photo shoots are pretty funny and this one didn't's quite a task to get all 3 babies ready for pictures and then if we want to do individual shots....well, we need a handler so here is my mom in the "staging area" holding Anna and Ava while my dad took pictures of us with Alexis! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming over and helping us with the photo shoot! We couldn't do ANY of this without you! 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin!

We put all 3 girls to bed last night without swaddles because Anna and Alexis have started to wake up more or earlier since they are fighting to get their arms they joined Ava in the swaddle free sleeping zone! 

Of course without swaddles that means they have the tendency to wake up a few times in the middle of the night as they get used to being "free".  So as I was soothing Alexis at 3:30am, Anna started to make some noise, so I went over to check on her.....I couldn't find her mouth to replace her pacifier BECAUSE SHE HAD ROLLED OVER TO HER BELLY!!!!  Of course I placed her on her back when I laid them down, but in her sleep she had rolled to her belly! (I guess it is so easy to her that she can "do it in her sleep"  ha ha!!!

I thought she was close to being able to do this because yesterday during the day, she was rolling from her tummy to back almost every time I placed her down. At least 10 she was in a rolling mood and she is always reaching to her side when she is one her back too. So I knew it would be soon, I just didn't expect it last night!  

Way to go Anna!  I think your sisters are close behind you!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I tawt I saw a puddy tat!

Did you see that?

I think I did.

I did, I did! I did see a puddy tat!


Alexis @ 4 months:

Energetic, Excitable & Entertaining. 
She is  pretty funny when she is laying on her back and wants to talk to us. She squeals in delight and has the cutest darn smile. She likes to hang out on her tummy and pretty much will just tuck her elbows down and sit and watch. She loves to see what is going on...which sometimes means walking around the house...but she likes trying to take it all in. She bats at all of the hanging toys on the play gym really well and also LOVES to sit or lay in front of the mirror. She is also so funny and happy when she gets her diaper changed. I think she knows that food comes next! So fun!


Ava @ 4 months:
Sweet, Shy & Snuggly.
She's the smallest of the trio for now, but she is also one of the strongest. 
She always wants to move and I swear she will be the first to crawl. She loves to be on her tummy and already moves her legs and arms like she is trying to get somewhere. She also will "step" all over you when you hold her up and she is standing. She seriously has somewhere she needs to be...and now! :) She is very sweet and has soft conversations with us while flashing the cutest little smile in between.


Anna @4 months:
Calm, cool, & collected....unless of course she is hungry.
Playful and fun. She does a good job on her tummy now and is starting to get less frustrated with tummy time. One of her favorites is laying under the play gym and batting at the fun flowers and rattles. She also loves to play with the stuffed Gator toy and is starting to anticipate when we play with her. She either smiles really big right before you "get her" or she even covers her mouth like she is blocking cute! 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Picture Day!

4 months old! (well technically 4 months and 3 days)

"Hey Anna, didn't you get the memo...we're looking over that way!"

"Look at Daddy, he has a Gator in his hand!"

The staging area during the photo shoot...

Until someone starts to have a breakdown and flips over...Ava doesn't like to sit still, Anna is just checking out her big buddha and Alexis was super happy during pictures today!

Stay tuned: I'm hoping to post more individual pictures of the girls from the photo shoot! They just don't want to load right now. Have a good week!