Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great visits from friends!

My friend Tiffany and her sister DeeAnn stopped by the day before Thanksgiving to see me....yea, yea, yea....ok, to see the girls. Tiffany and I used to work together at Ohio State, but she has since moved too far away and is living in D.C. I miss her greatly and always welcome a fun visit when she comes back into town. It was pretty funny as Tiffany and her sister kept switching babies as the girls kept changing their minds as to who they liked best. By the end, though, the girls didn't want either of them to leave. Thanks for coming to visit ladies! 
Miss ya Tiffany!

DeeAnn holding Alexis and Tiffany holding Ava and Anna

We were lucky enough to have another lives-too-far-away friend visit last weekend too. My friend Kristen (who also worked with me at Ohio State many moons ago and really is the younger sister I never had) came to stay with us Saturday night before she headed back to Pennsylvania. She brought the girls their first Christmas gifts (read: totally spoiled them) and we caught up until the wee hours of the morning....ok, so it was only 1am, but for this tired mama, that's late!  I know, I'm old. was so great to catch up with her and the girls just LOVED all of the attention she gave them. Usually Alexis is a bit tentative with people she doesn't see often and she was practically Kristen's best friend--so cute!  We laughed hard, enjoyed catching up, and appreciated all of the thoughtful gifts. Thanks Aunt Kristen! Hopefully we'll be able to make it to western PA sometime soon! Love you! (The girls missed you Joe!)

Kristen with Anna, Ava & Alexis

side note: I just realized as I uploaded these pictures that the girls wore the same outfits on Wed. and Sun.  I should mention that these are the cute onesies that my friend Jane got for them that have their names embroidered on the front. Well, they are just about to outgrow them, so I guess I have been squeezing every last wear out of them. How funny! Just proves how much I love those shirts! heh, heh:)

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Kristen Callaway said...

You have to laugh, because the girls are probably always wondering why, when people come over, why do we all have to sit, have our pictures taken, while mommy makes crazy faces at us?? I wonder if they are getting used to it yet? You have to wonder what's going through their little minds!!!