Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9 months!

Another month has passed and these girls are so much fun! 
Here are 9 fun facts in honor of their 9 amazing months!

1. All 3 are crawling really well and can sit from the crawling position. 
2. All 3 have teeth--Anna and Alexis each have 2 and Ava is cutting her first.
3. All 3 pull themselves up to stand next to furniture. They love to stand next to their toy and book baskets. (Alexis just hasn't figured out how to sit down once she is standing, so she gets a little frustrated...thus, her expression in this picture.

4. All 3 race to "their spots" when I show them their bottles and tell them it's time for their milk.

5. All 3 get so excited when Daddy comes into the room and race to wherever he sits (currently where he lays down.) Ava usually gets there first! They are like ants at a picnic--You can't sit down without them on top of you! Here they are all "getting me".

6. They love to play together and can usually be found playing in the same area of the room. A favorite spot is looking out the back door window.

7. They get so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and get big huge smiles every time they visit.

8. Anna and Alexis can sleep pretty much anywhere if they are tired enough.

9. Ava has started to stand in the middle of the room by herself and has taken a few steps. Although she is so excited at the idea of walking that it turns into more of a run and leap towards me. So maybe we will have a walker by Christmas if we can just slow her down!!! This is her "inside" of the exersaucer. The seat was in the laundry and she thought it looked like a good place to explore and my mom caught it on camera. :) 

Happy 9 months Anna, Ava and Alexis!
You are getting so big and adventurous and we love you all so, so much!

We have our 9 month check up at the Dr. tomorrow. I'll try to update with weights and any other exciting news soon!


Grey Family said...

Yeah for updates of the beautiful girl!!

SaraBelle said...

Happy Birthday girls!! You are getting so big (and you need to get together with B&K -- you can teach them a thing or two for sure!). :-)

Kristen Callaway said...

9 months already!!! I have received so many comments from the girls pictures on facebook from this weekend! They are just too darn cute!! My mom is waiting to our picture on your blog! hahahaha!!

rachael said...

happy 9 months!

Harris Boys said...

happy 9 months girls...where has the time gone. before you know it, they'll be one.

love how they can fall asleep anywhere...too cute!!!