Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessings in Disguise

I know I have neglected the blog lately and I'm sorry to all of my faithful readers. I don't have an excuse per se, but I do have a few reasons. I'll call them BID (Blessings in Disguise)

BID#1: Jeff is staying up past 9:30pm at night.
Jeff has a herniated disc (possibly multiple) in his back and has been off work since Nov. 17th. He has tried physical therapy, 3 shots of sterioids in his back and absolute rest. (seriously, he has pretty much laid flat on his back this entire time with the exception of taking the girls to see Santa and going with me to a car dealership...more on that later.) I thought bed rest was bad, but at least I knew it was temporary and had an end point. Since he is not getting up at 4am to go to work, he is going to bed later. This means that we have actually had a chance to talk, watch TV and just hang out together. In turn that means, that I haven't made the time for the blog or posting because I want to take advantage of spending time just with Jeff. Something we have not done for nearly a year or more. This has certainly been a BID.

BID #2: Jeff is home all day, every day.
See explanation of why he is home in BID #1. He has been able to see the girls grow, interact, play, laugh, learn to walk, wave and push a grocery cart all from the "comfort" of the couch. This is the most he has ever spent with the girls besides weekends prior to his injured back. While he is not enjoying laying flat everyday, he has certainly loved watching the girls play all day and I know they are totally going to miss him when he does return to work. As soon as he comes down the stairs in the morning, they all run (ok, so it's a fast crawl) to him and to the couch and want him to hold them. He isn't able to play with them on the floor, so I usually just hand a baby to him on the couch and they usually sit and play with him for awhile and love on their daddy. Thus another BID.

BID #3: I'm driving a Sub.
As many of you know, I have had a Nissan Pathfinder for the past 2.5 years. I love this truck and all 3 of the infant car seats fit in the 2nd row. I still had room in the back for my behemouth triplet stroller (even the triple jogger fits) and everything else we need to go places. Well, I was sure that since the infant car seats fit, so would the next size car seats. I was wrong. I left Babies R Us with tears welling in my eyes because I had no clue what we were going to do. If they didn't fit, that meant we needed a new vehicle. How were we ever going to afford a new truck? Well, BID #3 relates back to the auto industry and somehow this actually worked in our favor. We were able to buy a brand new 2008 Suburban for a crazy good deal. Ok, so not that crazy, but seriously....they made it somewhat reasonable for buying a Sub. Instead of spending time on the blog, I spent every night researching vehicles, prices and requesting internet quotes (which I totally recommend!) I love my new truck and all 3 car seats fit across. Plus my strollers fit and I could possibly even have the 3rd row seats flipped up and still fit in one of my strollers. I told you I am driving a Sub. But it's a BID since I should be able to fit the entire next 10 years in this truck. Or at least I'm going to try.

BID #4: My Grandmother passed away.
Now before you think I'm a horrible, horrible person, please read on. My Grandma lived a very full, wonderful nearly 90 years on this earth and now she is with our Lord in Heaven enjoying the greatest of the greatest. I'm so thankful that she is not uncomfortable any longer. I'm also very thankful for the wonderful visit that I and the girls had with her and my Grandfather this past September. She was so happy to see the girls and just kept telling me and Grandpa how truly blessed we were. She was so, so right. I'm so glad that she got to meet my girls and hold them and love them. And even though she is not here, she is still bringing us all together in true Grandma Hagen fashion. This past Sunday we traveled to NW Ohio for her memorial service. My Dad is the oldest of 7 children so we have quite a large family. Many of my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins who live in Montana, Nebraska and Michigan (and all over the rest of the country) have never met the girls. Everyone came into town for Grandma's service and I was finally able to introduce the girls to much of my family that has only met them through this blog. It was so nice to reunite with family and of course to see my Grandpa too and let them all spend time with the girls. Thus BID #4. I love you and miss you already Grandma.
Here is a picture from our visit this past September.

BID #5: Long time since last Blog post
Since it has been far too long between posts, I have taken a ton of pictures. We have videos of Christmas, pictures of cute babies, pictures of Christmas babies and even more pictures. So stay tuned because I think I have enough pictures to satisfy even my most loyal followers. BID #5. :)

So hang in there with me for a little while longer (I need my husband to be back up on his feet) and I promise to get back to posting regular updates and pictures of the girls. I never truly realized how important this blog has become. To me, to my extended family and hopefully one day it will be valuable to the girls as well. I've missed hearing from all of you too, so be sure to post a comment when I start posting again. I love to see who all is out there.
So Take Care of yourself and your loved ones and give them a big hug and kiss tonight.
I wish for each of you a Happy and Blessed 2009!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho!

My expectations were pretty low for the Santa visit. I thought for sure Miss Alexis would cry since she is usually the most sensitive to strangers. My girls proved me wrong, BIG time! Not only did they not cry or fuss, but they pretty much didn't mind Santa holding them (even Ava who was dangling in the middle!). I consider the girls' first visit with Santa to be a HUGE success! We may not have smiles...but at least there weren't any tears or screams!

Isn't this one cute with Anna and Alexis looking up at Santa? Aw!

Visit Santa...Now I can check that off of my list!
On to checking a few batches of Hagen Holiday mix off of the list for all of you munchers!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New blog picture!

Check out the new header! I know, it's about time I took down the fall leaves and added one for my favorite holiday ever...Christmas!

Jeff called that picture, "Waiting for Santa."  :)

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season!  

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great visits from friends!

My friend Tiffany and her sister DeeAnn stopped by the day before Thanksgiving to see me....yea, yea, yea....ok, to see the girls. Tiffany and I used to work together at Ohio State, but she has since moved too far away and is living in D.C. I miss her greatly and always welcome a fun visit when she comes back into town. It was pretty funny as Tiffany and her sister kept switching babies as the girls kept changing their minds as to who they liked best. By the end, though, the girls didn't want either of them to leave. Thanks for coming to visit ladies! 
Miss ya Tiffany!

DeeAnn holding Alexis and Tiffany holding Ava and Anna

We were lucky enough to have another lives-too-far-away friend visit last weekend too. My friend Kristen (who also worked with me at Ohio State many moons ago and really is the younger sister I never had) came to stay with us Saturday night before she headed back to Pennsylvania. She brought the girls their first Christmas gifts (read: totally spoiled them) and we caught up until the wee hours of the morning....ok, so it was only 1am, but for this tired mama, that's late!  I know, I'm old. was so great to catch up with her and the girls just LOVED all of the attention she gave them. Usually Alexis is a bit tentative with people she doesn't see often and she was practically Kristen's best friend--so cute!  We laughed hard, enjoyed catching up, and appreciated all of the thoughtful gifts. Thanks Aunt Kristen! Hopefully we'll be able to make it to western PA sometime soon! Love you! (The girls missed you Joe!)

Kristen with Anna, Ava & Alexis

side note: I just realized as I uploaded these pictures that the girls wore the same outfits on Wed. and Sun.  I should mention that these are the cute onesies that my friend Jane got for them that have their names embroidered on the front. Well, they are just about to outgrow them, so I guess I have been squeezing every last wear out of them. How funny! Just proves how much I love those shirts! heh, heh:)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9 months!

Another month has passed and these girls are so much fun! 
Here are 9 fun facts in honor of their 9 amazing months!

1. All 3 are crawling really well and can sit from the crawling position. 
2. All 3 have teeth--Anna and Alexis each have 2 and Ava is cutting her first.
3. All 3 pull themselves up to stand next to furniture. They love to stand next to their toy and book baskets. (Alexis just hasn't figured out how to sit down once she is standing, so she gets a little frustrated...thus, her expression in this picture.

4. All 3 race to "their spots" when I show them their bottles and tell them it's time for their milk.

5. All 3 get so excited when Daddy comes into the room and race to wherever he sits (currently where he lays down.) Ava usually gets there first! They are like ants at a picnic--You can't sit down without them on top of you! Here they are all "getting me".

6. They love to play together and can usually be found playing in the same area of the room. A favorite spot is looking out the back door window.

7. They get so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and get big huge smiles every time they visit.

8. Anna and Alexis can sleep pretty much anywhere if they are tired enough.

9. Ava has started to stand in the middle of the room by herself and has taken a few steps. Although she is so excited at the idea of walking that it turns into more of a run and leap towards me. So maybe we will have a walker by Christmas if we can just slow her down!!! This is her "inside" of the exersaucer. The seat was in the laundry and she thought it looked like a good place to explore and my mom caught it on camera. :) 

Happy 9 months Anna, Ava and Alexis!
You are getting so big and adventurous and we love you all so, so much!

We have our 9 month check up at the Dr. tomorrow. I'll try to update with weights and any other exciting news soon!