Saturday, November 1, 2008

drum roll please....

For those of you that voted for 3 peas in a pod...YOU WIN....not that there is any other prize than deep down satisfaction, but you can still brag that you guessed correctly. For everyone else, thanks for playing along with me and voting!  
Thanks to my mom for making some of the cutest costumes I've ever seen. It doesn't hurt that they were worn by my adorable little sweeties, but seriously, I loved their pea outfits! Thanks Mom!

We took the girls out in a wagon and Ava wanted NOTHING to do with sitting in the wagon so she had to be carried by daddy. So instead of 3 peas in a pod, we had 2 peas in a pod and a "Pea-Daddy" combo...get it, like P-Diddy? Ok, so enough of my humor...let's get to the pictures and video. 

2 of our peas in their "pod"
Alexis and Anna (who kind of looks like a chef with her hat tilted. he he!)

Here is a picture of Alexis from the final fitting the other night.

Our 3 little sweet peas!
L-R Ava, Alexis, Anna

I need to do some explaining  for the rest of the pictures though. Really, I need to explain myself in these pictures. After taking the girls around for a bit, we had to rush off to a surprise 30th birthday party for my best friend April! (Happy Early-30th Birthday April, We love you!) Luckily, April's husband Matt was throwing the party at his Aunt & Uncle's house which happens to be in my parent's neighborhood. So we took the girls around in the wagon for about 5 houses (maybe even less), my dad brought us the golf cart, we loaded the wagon in the back with 2 peas, I held the 3rd and Jeff drove us to the other side of the subdivision so we could be there in time to yell SURPRISE! Then we hightailed it back to my parents house, dropped off the girls so they could have their bedtime bottle and hit the sack. Thanks to my parents and Tammy and Thomas for helping get the girls ready for bed and then watching them while we headed back to the party.

Birthday Girl April (Robinhood) holding Ava!

3 peas and a darling pumpkin named Maddy (April's daughter!)

Anna and Amanda in a Banana (say that fast 3 times! whew!)
Since it was a combo Birthday/Halloween party, Jeff and I needed to attend in costume. Since I don't get out much and had no creativity left in me to make something fun, I decided to"get a little physical" and combine everything I could think of from the 80's. I call it my 
Debbie Gibson/Olivia Newton-John/Cyndi Lauper outfit. 
Or maybe it's just me being a crazy mom of triplets that "just wanted to have fun"!  Ok, enough with the puns, I promise. 

Pay no attention to the crazy mom with pink hair. Instead check out my husband who went as himself (or bouncer GATOR) from about 15 years ago. Complete with Def Leppard back stage pass and everything. He even tucked his jeans into his boots like he used to when he worked. Yea, he really did that. ha!  So while our costumes weren't the most original, I figured halloween was all about making people laugh...even if it is at yourself. I figure I need to get used to dress up and costumes...I am the mom of 3 little girls!

Ok, so enough of my rambling. Enjoy the video (in the next post) of us getting the girls into their costumes, their pod-wagon and trying to get a few family photos. Happy Halloween!


Jeannie said...

those are the cutest stinkin' costumes EVER!!! (i actually think cuter than pirates!) :)

Megan said...

Very Cute!

Harris Boys said...

OMG marie...I was wrong with my pick..but goodness they are adorable and may I add you look awesome!!! your mom is a GREAT job with the costumes...she is so talented!!!

SaraBelle said...

The girls looked so cute (and you mom is so talented!!). And I LOVE the costumes you & Jeff wore as well. :-)

rachael said...

i love their costumes, your mom did a fantastic job with them! the girls looked adorable!

ps-i changed the commenting format back, so hopefully it works now :)