Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well the title implies that I am back to the blog after what I believe is my longest hiatus. What you don't realize is the title also explains why I have been away. 

A week ago Sunday, Jeff had horrible pains in his left hip and thigh. We thought he just pulled a muscle or something. By Monday morning, he could barely walk and the pain was down into his knee and shin. Now I was concerned and insisted we go to the Dr. who then sent us to the ER. They did an MRI and said he had 2 bulging discs in his back that were crushing onto nerves (but luckily...if any of this sounds lucky....not on the spinal cord).  So he was sent home with a follow up appointment last Wed. at OSU's spine center. They did a few tests of which Jeff was put through agonizing pain because he had to sit or stand for all of the tests which just put more pressure on the crushed nerves. OUCH!  They did a steroid injection into his back directly into the nerve hoping it would help. It didn't and he has been flat on his back for the last 10 days. He said if he had to rank his pain on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worse and the level of pain from his heart surgery 7 years ago....He said this ranks an 8.5!  So I believe him when he says it hurts. He never misses work or calls in sick, so this is killing him to be at home right now. I have to say's kind of killing me too! Not that I don't love having him home, but I would rather he be feeling better. Not laid up in bed or the couch and its sad because he can't even hold the girls. They miss their daddy! 

So do you want to hear a funny HAHA story?  I told Jeff last week that I thought we needed to increase his life insurance policy. And he asks, "Why, are you planning on killing me?"  I said "No! All of this just makes me realize that I can't do this alone if something should ever happen to you. I'm going to need to buy someone to live with us!"  We laughed, but I guess you need to understand our humor. 

I hope you are all well and enjoying a short work week. Have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  Hopefully I will be back to posting regularly again real soon...with pictures! 


rachael said...

oh no! i hope jeff feels better soon :(

happy thanksgiving!

SaraBelle said...

Oh my gosh! I hope Jeff is feeling better soon! Please call me or e-mail me if you guys need anything!!

Harris Boys said...

oh my...I was wondering where you had been. poor jeff...I'm really sorry. I hope he feels a little better tomorrow so he can enjoy the girls first thanksgiving!

take care

The Wilsons said...

Poor Jeff. I hope he feels better soon and that you guys have a happy Thanksgiving!

Annie said...

I hope he feel better soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!

Grey Family said...

I knew I should have picked up the phone to ensure all was well! I hope Jeff is "back" up and moving. Are you ready for your first Christmas with the girls??

Anonymous said...

I hope that Jeff is feeling better and that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Back pain is no fun at all. I had my problems when Glenn was a few months old and it killed me one night when I was in so much pain I couldn't sit normally in a chair just to feed him. Sending positive thoughts your way! Bethany