Monday, November 3, 2008

8 months!

Oh my, how did that happen? The girls are 8 months old today! I know I always say this, but seriously, can you believe it? We are having so much fun with these girls so here are 8 of our favorite things:

1 . Anna scrunches up her nose and blows in and out. Sometimes when she is happy and sometimes when she is frustrated, but it is the cutest darn thing. 
2. Ava will scrunch up her nose and face too, but she pulls her shoulders up beside her cheeks at the same time. It's just so sweet.
3. Alexis has bursts of energy and excitement that just "build" up in her that she has to let out. She holds her arms straight out and almost quivers to let out a yell or scream. This is almost ALWAYS because she is so excited about things. Jeff is always telling her to just let it out. Of course she decided to do this in church yesterday morning as the girl in front of us was playing peek-a-boo with her and she got too excited. :)
4. Anna waves her arms back and forth in front of her super fast. Almost like an athlete stretching before a swim race or something, but much faster. She just waves them in excitement. Now she is getting closer to actually touching her hands together instead of passing wildly over one another so she could be close to clapping instead of just waving excitedly. :) 
5. Ava will wave to you very softly and slowly. It's usually when she is sitting on my lap and sees my hand waving then she wants to do it too. 
6. Alexis is so close to crawling, but sometimes gets stuck so instead of keeping her knees down she will extend her toes all the way out like she is doing push-ups. And she even grunts a little out of frustration, so it really sounds like she is doing push-ups. 
7. All 3 are interacting so much more these days. Playing with one another, laughing when they crawl over each other. Of course, you saw Anna giggling at Ava. That happens a lot now, that they are noticing each other and watching what everyone does. 
8. All 3 can hold their own bottle! I know I said from the beginning that this would be the greatest day...well it really is. They aren't perfect at it yet, but they certainly can all do it if they are hungry enough and interested in actually eating. I still help hold all of the bottles or prop them up a bit, but it's pretty funny to see Anna pick up an empty bottle with one hand and just bring it up to her mouth. Yea girls!

We didn't have time this weekend for pictures, so hopefully I'll get some done today or tomorrow. Happy November! Oh and be sure to vote tomorrow! 


rachael said...

happy 8 months!

love the little tidbits about what they are doing now...and i agree, that bottle holding is a fantastic moment!

Annie said...

Happy 8 Months beautiful girls. They grow so fast, God bless them.


SaraBelle said...

Happy Birthday girls!! :-)

B & K are also both doing the nose scrunching thing -- too cute! I keep trying to catch it on video, but they stop as soon as the camera comes out!

Megan said...

That's great that they are holding their bottles! I can't wait for that day! Half way there I hope!

Harris Boys said...

YAY for holding their bottles...I can rememember the day when a & e did that for the first time. I was so happy.

Happy 8 months sweet girls!!!!

marciesteeves said...

Happy 8 months, girls! It's so nice getting to see each of their personalities emerge as they turn into sweet little people.

Beth said...

Wow, Happy 8 Months!!! You girls are getting so big and mature! Love the nose scrunching! We have a picture of Averie scrunching her nose at 12 months, we called it her "cheese" face!

The Wilsons said...

Happy 8 months! I love the Halloween costumes too. I'm a little behind on my blogging...too cute!

Grey Family said...

Mommy's favorite number. ;)