Monday, October 6, 2008

a visit to say a BIG thank you...x3!!!

Today I took the girls down to campus to meet up with Jeff and then walk over to OSU's hospital to visit the NICU and say thank you to all of the wonderful nurses who took such loving care of our girls during those first days. We especially wanted to see Katie who we call "Anna's nurse" because it seemed that she took care of Anna the most (nearly every shift she was there during Anna's stay, or so it seemed!). So we made sure she would be there today for our visit! It was SO nice to see their familiar friendly faces and for them to "meet" the girls now that they are 7 months old and MUCH bigger than when they all last saw them in person!  

I can't say enough about how great our experience was at OSU and how thankful we are for these great nurses!  It takes such a special person to work in a NICU and not only take care of the babies but also take care of "us" first-timers!  It goes without saying that Jeff and I appreciated all of the time that the nurses spent taking care of our babies but we also also appreciated the time they spent with us showing how to bath the girls, feed them, burp them, hold them and care for them. It's not that we didn't have any idea...ok, well maybe we didn't, but it was so reassuring when someone else tells you you're doing it right or it's ok to tap their little backs and burp them. The girls just seemed so small when they were born that I think Jeff and I both were a little scared of hurting them or how to hold them just right. But the nurses all took the time to show us techniques and gave us little tips and really just gave us encouragement and confidence in ourselves. It made the overwhelming reality of triplets seem possible. 

Here's Katie with Anna.
I do have to laugh during our visit, I told Katie that I wanted a picture of her holding all 3 and she looked at me like "how is that going to happen?" Probably the same look I gave her 7 months ago when she asked me to feed Anna for the first time. :)  But look, she did great and we got the picture! :)

I guess we all just have our comfort zone and now my comfort zone is when I'm holding all 3 of my beautiful healthy girls....thanks to nurses like Katie and all of the others at OSU's NICU. Thanks guys, we couldn't have done this without you!

Ava with Laura. 
(Small world sidebar....Laura went to school with my great friend Kristen, and saw a picture of the girls on Kristen's facebook page....and realized it was the same set of triplets the she helped care for!  How cool is that?!)

Alexis with Sue.

Katie holding Ava, Laura holding Alexis and Brenda holding Anna.

Thank you Katie, Laura, Sue and Brenda for visiting with us today and also for the AMAZING care you gave to our girls. (I also want to thank Jessica, who took care of Alexis the most often, even though we didn't get a chance to see her today. Ironically enough she's on maternity leave...congrats Jessica!) While we were fortunate that the girls only had to stay 8 days (Alexis) and 11 days (Anna & Ava) in the NICU, we know if they would have had to stay longer, that they would have been in the best possible care!  Thank you to all of the OSU NICU nurses and doctors for giving our girls the best possible care and for caring about us too. :)


Kristen Callaway said...

AAHHHH!!! I have been meaning to tell you that I knew Laura!! She freaked out one day when I posted pictures of you and the girls on my facebook page!!! It is a small world!! I couldn't believe it when I checked tonight and saw her in the pictures. We go as far back as high school and went to college together. Laura is one of the sweetest people I know and I couldn't pick a more genuine person than she to care for your little girls!!! I can't believe it's been seven months!!!

Jennifer said...

The girls are so precious!

rachael said...

how wonderful that you were able to take the girls back for a visit!

The Wilsons said...

That's really neat that you guys went there for a visit. I haven't been able to nest/bump or blog lately, but I thought for sure you'd have a BADGER/OSU was a good game. I thought we had you. That's crazy about Anna...I was just going to post the SAME post about Brody. Two teeth at once!