Friday, October 10, 2008

Kay in town!

Yea, my friend, and previous co-worker, Kay (who now lives in OK) was in town last weekend! She stopped by on Friday to see us....well, let's be's all about seeing the girls!  She was able to stop by OSU and pick up another one of my co-worker/friends, Yvonne, so they could both come up and play with the girls. We had a short, but very nice visit/playdate. (I had to provide all of the babies for the playdate, but whatever! :) It will be so weird that Kay probably won't see the girls in person again until after they turn one!!! :( I guess that is why we have we can have video chats and she can see "her" girls! :)  
Thanks for visiting us Kay and Yvonne!  

Here is Kay with all 3

and Yvonne with Alexis


rachael said...

glad you enjoyed your visit even though it was short. great pictures, it looks like they had a lot of fun with the girls!

Katy said...

Caroline has an outfit just like that one. It looks even cuter when it is on 3 at the same time! :)