Thursday, October 16, 2008

Groceries, stories and baby legs...OH MY!

It could be that I got a shower before 10am yesterday and today.
It could be that the girls seemed to be in such good moods.

...but you can call me crazy because yesterday and today I ventured out with the girls---alone.

Adventure #1---the grocery store
Yesterday I went to the grocery store and instead of leaving them in their car seats, I decided to let them all sit in one cart!  I just took a large blanket and draped all of the sides of the cart so they sat inside and gave them a few toys and since they are all sitting so well, they all just sat and behaved and enjoyed looking at all of the shelves as we passed. I still pulled another cart behind so I could put my groceries in that one, but it was so much easier than having 3 car seats and the girls fidgeting. Plus I had plenty of room for groceries since I didn't have a car seat taking up half the space. YEA for grocery shopping. Now, I do see this posing a problem when they aren't so content to just sit and play...but for now, it works!

Adventure #2--story time at the library
Last week, my mom and I took the girls to story time at the library for the first time. They all loved it and just sat on the blanket so nicely. They watched the storyteller and loved all of the music. Well, my mom had to work today, but I decided that the girls were so good last week, that I could try it myself today. Not as easy, but we still survived. :)  Today, I took two umbrella strollers and hooked them together and then carried one baby. (I can't hook all 3 together because we wouldn't fit through any doors...and I didn't feel like lugging out "the train" so I tried something new.) Anyway, we got there early so I parked in the children's section and read them about 3 books before heading to the story time area. I laid out the same blanket we used last week and sat each of the girls down and all was well. They did great. Ava decided that she had seen this all last week so this week, she wanted to explore instead. She just wanted to crawl the entire time, but for the most part, all 3 LOVED the books and especially the songs. Alexis is probably the one that loves it the most. She really gets into the music. Anna is so intrigued by the songs and books and is such a good little listener. And Ava loves it too, but now that she can crawl...she wants to see things up closer. She didn't cry at all, but I just had to keep holding her a bit more than last week. 

Oh and one other cool thing....another library branch close to us is having a "Read to your baby Festival" in November where they are having several characters from books come (like a caterpillar from the Hungry Caterpillar) as well as a book signing and story time with the author of the Duck & Goose books. My girls (and I) love those books so I can't wait to go and actually meet the author and have him read the books to my girls. Should be a good time and I love that they promote reading to kids and even babies!  Yea!

Last week at story time! Aren't they such good listeners?
(thanks to Kristen for their "CUTIE" outfits!)

This week at story time!
I snapped these before all of the other kids showed up.

(look at their adorable little "baby legs"--ie. baby leg warmers-- that my friend Beth got for them!  I love them and definitely need to get more!  They are so perfect because they protect their little knees while they are crawling and keep them warm, but you don't have to take them off to change diapers....SO EASY! The girls are also wearing the onesies that my friend Jane had embroidered with their names! Thanks Beth and Jane for making my girls so cute today!) 


Katie said...

Girl, you are my hero!! I don't know how you do it! I sweat bullets when I take my girls in public by myself, so I have no idea how you do it with THREE. I've given up on grocery shopping with my girls because it's turned into a big nightmare, and I also gave up on library storytime when they started walking.

The girls look absolutely precious, as always - LOVE the baby legs on them! So cute! You must draw a crowd of admirers when you go out in public - how could people not stop and stare at your beauties?
hope all is well!

Harris Boys said...

wow you are pretty adventurous...I have a hard time taking 2 to the grogery store...I can't imagine 3..but good for you :)

love their baby legs..I've always adored those..they are TOO cute!

SaraBelle said...

Oh my gosh -- where to begin?? First of all -- yay to you for being so "brave" and getting out of the house!!! So cool! And I LOVE story time! I wish I was at home during the day so I could go, too. The caterpillar book was my FAVORITE growing up and B & K love it, too. That would be so cool to see the character! :-)

And I just discovered babylegs, too -- LOVE them!! They have them at Target (look online to see if they carry them in your store) -- their circo brand has some, too, but they are boring colors (but MUCH cheaper than the real thing). The onsies are so cute, too!

Grey Family said...

Interesting post! I live in my own little world with one, and your adventures are powerful! Cara was just telling me today how her daughter loves story time as well. I appreciate your love of reading being passed down to your girls! I am sure you have a million books, but half priced books is the best place to get them. If you ever can get out with Jeff having the girls and want to meet up (or take them with us) let me know because I can get my teacher discount!

Taylor and Tyler's Mom said...

I love these pictures! They're so precious and do they know what a brave mommy they have? (and creative I may add) I don't want to take my two to the store and I've got an 8 and 2 year old! Great job and the girls look like they really enjoyed it.

rachael said...

i love babylegs :) and the girls look so adorable in theirs!

i have been thinking about taking the peaches to storytime lately, but i am just not sure they would actually sit there. in fact, i know they wouldn't :)

Beth said...

The babylegs look great! Glad you love them! FYI, you can get good deals on babylegs at ;o) Glad to see you enjoy being out and about! We went to story time this week also (for the 2nd time...but it's been months). Averie and Baylor were a little shy so it makes me want to take them back again soon!! So much fun. Glad to see you are all doing so great. We'll have to plan something together soon (before the Holiday's get here)!!

Kristen Callaway said...

I love Alexis' smile in the first picture!! She looks like she just loves Story Time!! I have never heard of baby legs, but they look pretty cool!! I'm glad to see all of you enjoying your time out and about!! Wish we could see you soon!