Monday, October 6, 2008

And the first Chomper goes to...

If you guessed ANNA was the one getting the first chomper, YOU ARE RIGHT!  And she is not only getting one lovely tooth, but decided to be an overachiever and cut two teeth at once!  She is getting both of her bottom, middle teeth!  I only felt one last Sunday when I decided to do the poll for all of you, but by Monday night, I felt both popping through. I was hoping to have pictures or some kind of proof, but for now, you'll just have to believe me...and if you don't, then call Jeff or my mom...they have both felt and seen them too! 

Yea ANNA!!!

ps...thanks to all of you that voted! I might have to do another poll, that was fun!


SaraBelle said...

Yay Anna!!! I'm sure her sisters aren't too far behind. :-)

B & K are each cutting two teeth right now, too. Big time fun. They are SHARP and we can see them breaking through, but not enough to see in a picture (and not like they will leave their mouths open for very long, either).

I hope Anna is doing OK with it all!!

rachael said...

yay anna...2 teeth at once? she is an overachiever! heehee :)

Harris Boys said...

ya know I think I picked Anna...I can't remember :)

yay for more gummy smiles!

Annie said...

I win!!!! I voted for Anna (it's a beautiful name, my girls and I are Ana (with one n)).