Friday, October 3, 2008

7 months!

It's official. We survived the first 6 months!  The girls turn 7 months old today! Yippee! What a fun adventure and life we lead thanks to our girls!
We love you Anna, Ava and Alexis! You brighten every day more than the previous. 
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Here's a little bit about what they are into right now. 
All 3 are sitting VERY well. They all get up on their knees and rock, but Ava is actually moving her knees and legs along with her hands so she gets places easier than the other two. She can crawl/manuver over pillows. And last night crawled at least 8 feet to me and two toys...she probably would have gone further, but I picked her up and played with her instead. Anna is really good at moving backwards and rolling everywhere she wants.  She rolls's really funny to watch because she looks like she is having fun too! Alexis is probably the smartest if you think about it....she just stays sitting and wants you to bring things to her. She still scoots on her back with her head tilted so she can see where she is scooting, but she is jsut starting to get up on her knees. She can move if you aren't paying attention to her, but otherwise, she likes you to play with her right there so she doesn't have to move. :) 

They also can all stand, even a little on their own. Yesterday, my mom and I had each of them holding onto the ottoman and playing with a toy and they all stood by themselves for quite some time. Of course, we were there ready to catch them when they started to loose their balance, but they did such a great job. It was so fun to see them all standing on their little tippie toes! 

They are all eating veggies, fruit and rice really well. They haven't flat out rejected anything yet, but I can tell that Alexis is more willing to eat orange veggies than the green ones. She'll eat peas and green beans, but not as great as carrots and sweet potatoes or squash. All 3 LOVE fruits..just like their mommy. I'm just hoping they aren't as picky as me when they get older. I really wish I liked more foods besides chicken and potatoes...ok, so I eat other things...but barely. :) 

and some fun facts about each of them separately....

aka: Anna Bear, Patty pat-a-cake, Big Bear, Chubby Bunny, Anna Banana

For some reason from the very beginning, I have called her Anna Bear. It just fits, and now it's stuck. I have other people unconsciously referring to her as Anna Bear. I guess she is just my little bear cub. You just want to squeeze and hold her tight. She is so funny right now. She pats everything. She is very deliberate with her hands and wants to pat everything down that is near. She is also really starting to react to what her sisters do. Last week at the tailgate my parents witnessed her patting her hand on one of the toys to get Ava's attention. Once Ava would look at her, Anna would start to giggle. My mom said it wasn't just a little laugh...she said it was full belly giggles. She would start patting/hitting the toy if Ava looked away and then when she looked at her, would start giggling again. She did this a couple of times until Ava got bored with the game and stopped turning to look at Anna. Then she got Alexis to look at her and she giggled at her instead. I guess she is learning how to get everyone's attention.  

aka: Ava Bird, Birdie, Bouncer, Ava Jane

Ava is on the move. Whether you hold her or she is on the floor playing, this girl doesn't want to sit still for very long. She just wants to bounce, crawl (she is so close to really breaking out the crawling) or stand and try to walk...not really walk, but she likes to move her feet in front of her. You would think she has bungee cords attached to her hips, because she is like an actress in an action film with wires attached...think Crouching Tiger-esq. She just wants you to move around EVERYWHERE! She has also started to scrunch up her nose and it is seriously one of the cutest little things I've ever seen. We call her birdie because she eats like a bird...still doesn't love taking her bottle, but does MUCH better with solid foods. She loves Peaches!  But it is also for the way she looks at you. She will tilt her head to the side like a bird and just give you this quizzical look. It's so darn cute!

aka: Peanut, Alex, Smiley, Silly Goose, Silly bird

I don't know if multiples typically show birth order characteristics, but Alexis in my mind is a natural HAM and baby of the family. She loves to entertain, smile, laugh, giggle, show off, squeal and just have fun. She is so fun to be with and really lights up the room. When Jeff comes home, she always waves her arms in delight and gives him the biggest open mouth smile you'll ever see....with her tongue sticking out of course.  Silly Goose is totally fitting because she is such a goof ball. She also loves to watch people behind her in the mirror. (I have a mirror in front of their play quilts so they can see themselves, but also see me even if I'm not right beside them.) If you catch her eye in the mirror she just gives the biggest, best smile ever. She loves peek-a-boo and I think playing in the mirror is one of her ways to play this with a twist.  

I've heard from so many people that I need to post more often, but I have to tell you that these girls keep me BUSY! Gone are the days of them taking long naps and the only thing they need from me is food and a clean diaper. No sir-ee.....They want me on the floor playing with them during all waking hours!  While I am enjoying this and am so fortunate to be able to be spending this time with them...that means, that I can't step out the room for very long to blog or add new pics. And now when I do have time in the evening, after they go to bed, I've been enjoying talking with Jeff, catching an occasional show on TIVO or actually going to bed before 11pm. (not often, but it does happen every now and then.) So I'm sorry if you are looking for a post every day, it probably isn't going to happen. But I really value my blog time and also think this will be a pretty cool "journal" for the girls to read when they get older...or at least I hope I'll really try to keep posting as often as possible and you just keep reading! You have to admit...I did pretty good this week---but my secret is: I wrote all of the posts on Monday night and scheduled them to post on different days. tee hee hee--sneaky, I know--gotta love Blogger!

I'm hoping to take their 7 month pictures today! I'll try to post real soon!


SaraBelle said...

Happy Birthday, Anna, Ava & Alexis!!! :-)

Katie said...

Adorable update!! I love your nicknames for them - so cute. So fun to hear what they are up to!

Harris Boys said...

happy 7 months sweet girls. you will love looking back on this post when they are a little older.

Annie said...

Happy 7 months Anna, Ava and Alexis.


the schirano triplets said...

happy 7 months anna, ava & alexis!

marie, i cannot believe everything they are doing - way to go!

i love that you document so much about their individual personalities. i always try to, but feel like i end up lumping everyone together :)