Monday, September 29, 2008

First OSU Tailgate!

Saturday was the girls' first (of many) OSU tailgate! We are lucky to be able to relax in my parents RV and hang out before the game and then while we head to the game, my parents and nephew Thomas watched the girls (and of course the game too). 

The girls did great for a new surrounding and even caught a few zzz's prior to kickoff while we took them for a tour of the RV Tailgate lots. 

Us with Thomas in front of my parent's RV.

The girls still playing hard in the RV while we packed up all of the stuff.

Looks like it was a long day for Dad and Ava. 

We had a great day and even took some pictures when we got back to my parent's house. I'll "try" to post those later this week. 
We weren't done though...when we got home, we attended a 3rd birthday party across the street. It was a long day but the Buckeyes won the Big Ten opener against Minnesota, Bryce had a nice birthday party, and the girls did a great job. Stay tuned for the next post for pictures from the birthday party and all of the neighborhood babies!


The Wilsons said...

So darn cute!!! It looks like a blast! Big game this weekend between Wisconsin and Ohio State...go Badgers!!! Just kidding!

Kristen Callaway said...

OMG!!! I ran into the other room to show Joe how cute all of the pictures were!! What great future "cheerleaders." haha!!! Absolutely adorable!! hopefully we will get to see you for another game!!

the schirano triplets said...

that picture of the girls all decked out in their gear asleep in the stroller is my favorite! it looks like they did fantastic and you all had a wonderful time!

SaraBelle said...

OH-IO!! So cute!!!! It looks like you guys had a great time. We'll have to meet up for a tailgate sometime soon . . . we almost took B & K over to a tailgate last weekend, too. Now *that* would be a scene -- I'm sure 5 babies in OSU gear wouldn't draw too big of a crowd. :-)

Katy said...

Absolutely adorable!! They are so cute in their OSU gear. Simply precious!!!