Friday, August 1, 2008

Their First Birthday Party!

No, of course it's not THEIR 1st Birthday party, but instead this weekend will be the girls' first time attending a birthday party and it's for my friend April's daughter Madison. She turned ONE this past Tuesday and her party is on Saturday!  We can't wait for so many reasons, but I will choose my top 3 reasons why we are excited about the party:
1. Maddy is seriously one of THE cutest One year olds you will ever meet. 
2. April's parties are always the best...seriously! (we wish we could start a business together with our other friend Amanda throwing parties for other people because we all love it so much.) 
3. I get to see Amanda's twins who just turned TWO on July 21st. (We were sad to miss their party because it was the day we were flying back from Denver and I haven't seen them for SO LONG! They are going to be so BIG I know it!)

and sneaking in a 4th reason to be excited: the obvious reason of course....Who doesn't love Birthday cake?!  (Amanda is making it so it is sure to be delicious!!!)

And so this post isn't just text and me being excited to see cute kids and eat are some random pics from this past week:

Alexis sitting in pink bumbo, Ava looking at me and Anna sitting in green bumbo.

Darling Anna.


Kristen Callaway said...

First of all....I can't stand how cute and big they are getting!
Secondly, have a wonderful time getting out of the house and seeing April and the bunch!! Please tell them I said hello and I follow their blog as well :) heheh :) You would think that I don't actually work!
Thirdly, I MISS YOU and can't wait to see you!! ONly about four weeks to go!!!

the schirano triplets said...

i love it...excited about seeing cute kids and eating cake. yet another way we are alike :) i agree with the pp, i cannot STAND how cute and big your girls are getting. every time you post a new picture of them my heart just melts!

oh, and ps, your girls are so, so lucky to have you as a mom :)