Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready, Set GO!

In honor of the Olympics, I thought you might enjoy the girls preparing for their own "record" breaking achievements in a few events. Let's meet the participants!

ANNA "I'll blow bubbles all day" Thornhill
weighing in at nearly 15 lbs, she's the oldest of the trio by 1 minute.Watch out for this one in the heavy duty events!

AVA "I've got my eyes on you" Thornhill
weighing in at nearly 14 pounds, she's the second oldest by only a minute. Keep your eyes on this one in the fast events!

Alexis "I've got the energy to play all day" Thornhill
weighing in somewhere between the other two, she is the youngest of the trio and full of spunk! Watch out for her in every event, she's a wildcard that could take it all!

Ava is the one you want to watch in this event. She is getting up on her knees and keeping her arms straight and then she rocking back and forth. She wants to crawl and get to new places so badly but only ends up going backwards and hasn't quite figured out how to move her legs and arms so they work together.  Here is a picture after she scooted all the way through the play mat and then even made a turn towards the Pack N'Play. If I hadn't picked her up, I think she would have nestled right underneath it! 

Alexis LOVES to stand. Every time she is on her back and you pull her up by her arms to a sitting position, she bypasses sitting and goes right into a straight leg stand. She can virtually stand as long as you allow her. I partly think it is because she is nosy and wants to see what else is going one. :)

Anna is your girl if you want a baby to get a toy placed behind them. She is really good at being on her belly and turning herself in different directions. Watch out once she figures out how to crawl and knows she can go 360!

Ava LOVES to bounce. We might as well nickname her Tigger right now. When you let her stand on your lap and lift her up and down, she will "jump" up and down, she picks up her knees after she is already in the air, like she is the one doing the jumping. It's hard to explain, but hilarious to see. I really, really need to try and get video of it and then need to figure out how to post videos. But forget this one sitting still any longer.

Anna must be looking forward to playing ring around the rosy and her favorite shape will be a circle, because once again, she is the winner in the category of twisting and turning circles. When she sits in a bumbo, you would think I put her in backwards because all she wants to do is turn around and look behind her. She plays with toys off of the back edge, listens in on conversations behind her and always has an eye on what's coming before the other two ever have a clue. 

Alexis has figured out that scooting while laying on her back actually gets her places. She lays on her back and looks up and over backwards and then starts scooting. No wonder she is still bald on the back of her head....she has rubbed all of the hair off and doesn't give it a chance to grow back. It's almost a given that I find her head up in a corner of her crib nearly every morning except now that she is rolling over to her tummy more, now she is starting to sleep that way too. 

All 3 can sit pretty well unassisted for a short time. They haven't got it down perfect just yet, but they are working on it. No clear winner, just lots of fun leaning towers at this point. Ha!

Obviously, we have a long way before competing at the Olympic level, but hey, it's a start! :)



the schirano triplets said...

what a cute post! i cannot believe how big they are getting...they are going to be into everything before you know it! it is so much fun :)

Harris Boys said...

what a fun post marie...I love your little participants! :)

thanks for the laugh to start my day off.

watch out mommy and daddy, things are about to get busy :)

Megan said...

You have beautiful girls! My husband and I just had girl triplets July 2nd, we are from Fort Wayne, Indiana. It would be nice to continue talking with you and get some advice and share stories!!! My email: My name is Megan, I hope to hear from you!

Beth said...

What a wonderful post! They all get GOLD!!! I love to see how big they are getting. :o) We hope you are all doing great!

Amy said...

I just stumbled across your blog. This is such a cute idea for a post! Very cute girls too.

Grey Family said...

I love the creative idea. It was a long post and I have many more to read...I am behind!