Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Great Darke County Fair!

We took the girls to their first county fair. And this isn't just any, it's the GREAT Darke County Fair. It is the fair for the county in which Jeff was raised and where his sister and brother and their families still live. Now you may think I am being sarcastic when I am calling it the "Great" fair, but really, that's its name and honestly it is one of, if not the, best county fair I have ever attended. 
Jeff has taken me to "his" fair every year since we have been together, (9 years!) with only one or 2 exceptions. I also grew up in a small rural area, so I really enjoy county fairs for so many reasons but's all about the cotton candy for me! Really, I don't even care about the food, just give me cotton candy and I am happier than a kid at Christmas. And don't ask me to share more than a few small pieces. Ask Jeff. He barely sees any of it before I have woofed it down. Yes, I really am that obessesed with cotton candy. You could also ask Jeff's sister Rhonda for one of my first Darke County Fair experiences and the cotton candy, let's just call it "incident". Rhonda, feel free to leave out some of the details. :)  It was funny, on our way out this year, I almost forgot to get my cotton candy. So right before we leave, I remember and run back to the closest concession stand. Jeff waited for me near a picnic area and when I got back to him, he was talking to some people about the girls...of course. So as we are walking away, I can hear the couple he was talking to, chatting with some other folks and then they say...."Oh my gosh, LOOK!, she's got 4 bags of cotton candy! Well, she probably needs it to keep up with those 3!"  I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even turn around and laugh with them. It was true though... I bought 4 MONSTER bags of cotton candy and half of the first bag was gone before we even got back to Rhonda's house. I REALLY LOVE COTTON CANDY!

So we took our nephews Payton and Ethan with us and had a great day. The boys were a lot of fun and I think they had a good time too. They even rode a ride with Uncle Jeff!
Rhonda joined us a bit later and then we also were able to meet up with Jeff's friend from high school and his wife as well as a bunch of other friends. I got to walk in and out of over 20 camper trailers which always makes me excited for the day when we get to take the girls camping!  Our friend Denise took our picture but it was late so the girls were already asleep, but I at least had to have proof that they were there! 

We knew going into this day that we were going to "stand out" from the crowd, but I didn't think I would be one of the attractions!  One of the guys at the ticket booth selling tickets for rides told us we should start charging admission for the number of people that had stopped us just while he was watching. It was a bit ridiculous. I am getting more used to it, and I can't expect to be incognito when I am following behind this monstrous stroller, but I am so glad we took the jogger instead of our inline train since it was easier to go over cables and hoses and gravel etc. Overall, people were just intrigued by the girls and "had never seen triplets before." So I tried to keep a smile and answer all of their questions and respond politely to their comments. the end of the day I started to get a little tired of all of the attention and didn't have much politeness left in me. So I was a bit perturbed after the following 2 incidents:

#1: Guy walking towards me with his wife and 2 children. I am walking with the stroller and my friend and Jeff and his friend are a few steps behind us but not within earshot. As the guy walks pass me he says to his wife: 
Guy: "Wow, did you see that? TRIPLETS!--I would Kill myself!"
Me: *turning around so I can say it directly to him* 
"Wow! that is a really rude thing to say!  

His wife opened her mouth as if to apologize for her husband, but I didn't give them a chance. I just turned around and kept walking. I mean, come on....come up with something better. You'd be overwhelmed or crazy or TIRED....but kill yourself? just made your kids feel real good about being your children. Now they know how much their dad loves being a dad. Nice. 
I'm used to this comment now, but it still irks me. 

#2: As much as I get the next comment/question over and over, I am still not used to it nor do I think I ever will be.  

**Lady stopping directly in front of the stroller making me stop or else I would be running her over.(looking back, I should have run her over. :)**
Lady: Are those triplets?
Me: Yes, all girls! (said with a smile, but I'm so tired of people guessing genders, that now I just say it up front.)
Lady: Wow!
Me: pausing, waiting for her to get out of my way.
Lady: So, um, were they normal?
Me: Um, they look pretty normal to me!
Lady: Oh, I just mean, did you have to do a bunch of drugs and stuff to get them?
Me: Uh, that's a really personal question! and then I just moved my stroller forward a bit so she would get the clue that our conversation was now over and to MOVE! *Meanwhile, I am thinking: "Yea, lady, if you do drugs and then BAM! go to the store and just put in your order, you too can have triplets! Seriously....where do these people come from?*

Getting up on my soapbox.....
Comments, like the one above, make me really think about our life. Does it really matter how we were blessed with 3 babies at once? Does it make a difference whether we had a little, a lot or no help at all to conceive these 3 beautiful, healthy babies? Why do people feel it's ok to ask? I know they are curious, but really...really, is it any of their business?  I think all children are blessings from God and I don't understand why some people seem to"devalue" children that are conceived with a little extra help. I believe that this extra help is also from God, so really it's not an issue. I know this is a hotter topic for myself because we did need a little help to have children. I'm one of the lucky ones though. I was blessed after one round of medicine and the rest au natural...that's it, so I can't even imagine the trials of going through an IUI or IVF. My heart goes out to the couples who have to go through all of the next steps. I know we would have continued down that same hard path if we wouldn't have been successful at first. I also know that I would have felt blessed with one child after our years of being unsuccessful, but somehow, I hit the jackpot! God chose me and God chose Jeff to be blessed with 3 healthy, beautiful, happy little girls. I'm so lucky to be their mom. Does it really matter how?

Jeff says I should have just answered like this:

Lady: So, um were they normal?
Me: Well, after you share with me your name, age and weight, I will be happy to consider sharing such personal information with you!

or I think I could have just asked her if she had children and if so, how they were conceived....seems like the same question to me.  ;)


Harris Boys said...

Hey marie...I think I have found the one other person in this world that loves cotton candy as much as its so darn good :)

the fair looked like a lot of fun. I'm sure the girls will love that as they get older.

I'm right there with you on stupid comments. we were in a resturant the other day and the boys were dresssed the same and some lady asked if they were drives me nuts, but I usually just shake my head and say yes and move on. now if someone had the nerve to ask me if my boys were "normal" I would have to speak up and say something. sorry sweetie, just remember your not alone!

the schirano triplets said...

oh the comments...gotta love them. read my blog later today for my favorite one yet! i heard the kill myself one too, just on saturday! anyway, i am glad you guys had fun at the fair - i adore cotton candy too!!!

Katie said...

Can you even believe what comes out of people's mouths??? Even with twins, I still get the, "oh my gosh, I'd shoot myself if I had twins!" My husband says that next time I get that, I should respond with, "Go right ahead - wouldn't be much of a loss!" Okay, so it's a little harsh - but maybe it would make people think of how rude their comments are. Your little girls are SUCH blessings - I know that your life must be extremely hectic, but I know I'm not alone in saying that I'm extremely jealous. Now that I see how good of buddies my girls are, I'd love to add a 3rd to the mix. What a true blessing to have 3, wonderful, healthy beautiful girls!

Jennifer said...

Hey, Marie, I always love the cute pics of your girls! They're precious! I just wanted to say that we get our fair share of rude/uneducated comments with Aidan, and I always think of my comeback 5 minutes too late. Well, by the time your girls are 3 years old like Aidan is you'll probably get used to it and have a whole line up of comebacks in your head ready to go! Having 2 kids is exhausting, so I'm sure 3 is also, but it's worth it!!