Thursday, August 7, 2008

A busy week!

This week has been extremely busy and packed full of fun! 
I worked both Tuesday and Wednesday since I didn't work last week when my mom and dad were on vacation and mom couldn't watch the girls. (it's so nice having the flexibility to make up work days from one week to the next since I only work one day a week.)
Then on Wednesday night I attended my first Triplets Group Dinner at Claddagh. It was so great because I was able to leave after the girls were already in bed for the night. (bedtime is between 7:30 and 8pm...usually all are asleep by 8pm for sure.) Jeff really encouraged me to go and I'm glad he did. It was just really nice connecting with other moms of triplets in my area. Of course I have connected with other moms of twins and triplets mostly online and I treasure those friendships, but I am also looking forward to being a part of this group since I get to meet the other moms in person.  I can't wait until the next outing!
Today I had a Dr. appt. and my mom watched the girls for me and then this evening my very good friend Karen came by to meet the girls for the first time and get caught up on all things Thornhill. It was so nice to see her as we don't get nearly enough time together anymore. (we used to work together over 6 years ago and I miss seeing her regularly now.) It was such a nice relaxing evening and Jeff and I really enjoyed catching up with her. 
Tomorrow night we are headed out (just Jeff and I) to a concert and party for one of our dear friends, Pete, who is giving up the entertainment business for good, or so he says. (that's what they all say Pete!) I don't believe any of you, but we'll still come to your going away party!  Just kidding of course, we wish you the very best!
Saturday I need to somehow make it to the grocery and also clean my house. Why you may ask...well, I am finally having our "dinner club" friends over FINALLY after a long hiatus and can't wait because the weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!  
Sunday is a catch up day and then Monday is going to be SO EXCITING! I get to see my "oldest friend" Beth, but that doesn't mean she is old. It means that I met her when I was 5 and she was 3!  We were best friends from the day we met until I moved away when I was sad!  But we always stayed in touch and I haven't seen her in about 4 years or so (I think since my wedding!) and she is coming down with her two kids and husband and I'm so excited for her to meet the girls. I seriously can't wait!  

So I should have lots to talk about next week! I hope you all have a great weekend!
Here area  few random pics from this past week/weekend! 

Ava loves to talk to herself in the mirror and now she is starting to reach out to the "other" baby in the mirror. So cute!

Anna and Ava were having a conference meeting without Alexis one day. (I think she was taking a longer nap or something.) I caught this picture first with Ava smiling at Anna--look in the mirror. 

Then when they noticed me behind them, they both turned right around the same way and stopped talking like I was interrupting them. So funny! 

And so I don't leave Alexis out of the pictures, I had to share her serious pose:

And her silly raspberry pose:
She cracks me up every day! 
God I love these girls!


Harris Boys said...

wow, busy had a crazy week like me. glad you got connected with the triplets group, I think you'll love it!!!

have fun with your friend coming into town. I have one gf from my childhood that I still speak too, I love it :)

have a great friday and weekend!!!!!

tbonegrl said...

Hope your weekend was fabulous and I love your new blog design at the top!