Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 Months Old!

I just can't believe it has been 5 months already, can you?
I have so much to write about each of our lovely little ladies, but I will try to keep it contained to 5 things in honor of their 5 months. 

We love the way you snuggle up close.
We love your cubby little thighs.
We love the way you have to "talk" to us when you smile.
We love how big your eyes get when we toss you up and how big the smile is when you come down.
We love the way you watch your sisters and always seem to have a grasp on one of them when playing close.
We love you Anna!

Her professional model pose.

Anna always talks or says "huh" while she smiles...thus creating this laugh/talking smile. :)

Here is another version of the Anna smile. 

We love your sweet smile.
We love your soft voice and little coos.
We love how you bat those gorgeous eyelashes at us and make us melt.
We love how you snuggle up close to your stuffed frog like a best friend.
We love how you always want to make others smile by smiling at them first.  
We love you Ava!

Those gorgeous eyelashes.

About to give that big smile.


We love your excitement for everything.
We love how you start to giggle and wiggle when we come to get you.
We love how you blow bubbles and raspberries with your lips.
We love how you wrestle the Alligator.
We love how you squeal with delight and have so much fun.
We love you Alexis!

Look how big those eyes get when she starts to get excited.

Squealing with delight.

About to blow raspberries.

To answer my friend Rachael's question: Overall, they are all VERY happy and easy going little girls, but there are times that they can be little rascals too. My always seems to be during pictures! ha! 
Can't you just picture our future family vacations? 
"Stop that!"--"Don't touch me!"-- "Mom!" 


SaraBelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE LADIES!! Love the new pictures -- so cute! :-)

Harris Boys said...

happy 5 months BEAUTIFUL girls :)

marie, I just love this post. I love how you listed just 5 things about each girl and hahahaha about "future vacations"

ps. I can't believe they are 5 months old either! just crazy!!

have a great week

Kristen Callaway said...

Marie and Jeff....I can't believe it's been five months. I was just updating Joe yesterday with pictures of the girls and we both were commenting on how big they were getting. And to think by the time we see them at the end of the will almost be another month :(

Miss you all!

the schirano triplets said...

happy 5 months girls!

i loved this post...5 things in honor of 5 months. you should keep it up every month it is such a great idea! in fact, i may borrow it for our 13 month post :)

marie, they are so beautiful and getting so big!

tbonegrl said...

Happy 5 months!! Where has time gone? They are PRECIOUS!!!

Grey Family said...

Cara and I were talking about your girls the other day and discussing how awesome you are doing staying at home with three girls, and managing to feed all of them! That's my favorite pictures. You are wonderful! Before you know it, you will be planning for your one year party and putting all of them on the softball field!