Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're BA-ACK!

We survived the trip to Denver over the weekend...barely! Just kidding. 
The girls were SO great at the airports and on the flights to and from.  The trip was a bit hard since we were in a time zone 2 hours different than EST and also not able to make our own schedule since there were a lot of family functions and other events throughout the weekend in preparation for the wedding, but we wouldn't have missed it for the world. Overall, the weekend was a huge success and the girls are starting to get back to their good ole schedule back home. Which means that they are eating and sleeping again and putting smiles on their faces which in turn puts smiles on our faces! :)  I'll try to add pictures and tell more about the beautiful wedding later this week, but first I want to pass along some gratitude.....

Thanks Dad for getting us non-stop flights...it really helped! Also, for renting the big Suburban ...Jeff loved to drive it and who knows...it may be our next vehicle as the girls get bigger! Also, we want to thank our entire family for all of their help during the trip. My mom for always helping where needed...my dad for entertaining the girls during flights and when all else fails and they need a calming voice. Thanks to my sister Tammy for helping with anything we needed, especially during the reception and Bill for really helping Jeff during the wedding ceremony since I was in the wedding and also for helping during the reception. Thomas, you were so great in pushing the girls in their strollers in the airports and helping to keep them entertained! Hunter you were so great with the girls and are so calming to them and helped put them to sleep! Thanks to you all!  Thanks to Todd and Michele for allowing us to be part of their special day and for putting up with the craziness that comes when triplets visit! :)

Congratulations Todd and Michele! We are so happy for you and hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Italy! Hunter I can't wait to see all of your great pictures with the new camera! 

Love you all, we couldn't do this all without you!


Kristen Callaway said...

I was wondering when you were getting back and going to post something!! I'm glad to hear the trip was successful and can't wait to see pictures!! Especially of little Hunter which I'm sure isn't little anymore!! We need to catch up soon :)

Harris Boys said...

welcome home! glad you guys had a nice time...I admire you for flying with triplets...I'm so afraid to do so with my guys!

the schirano triplets said...

so glad the trip went well and you had a wonderful time! that was such a sweet thank you post...can't wait to hear more!