Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Watch out Denver, here we come!

You won't hear much from me for the next week or so. We are FLYING to Denver on Thursday for a long weekend. My brother is getting married and the wedding is this Saturday! YEA Todd and Michele!

So wish us luck, say a few prayers for us and think kind thoughts for all of the lovely people that get to be on our flights! :) 

I'm sure I'll have some great stories and tons of pictures when we get back!

Have a good week!


Harris Boys said...

have a GREAT time...I know the girls will do great. I'll be thinking about jeff, you and the girls.

SaraBelle said...

Good luck, Marie! Can't wait to hear all about the trip. I'll say a little prayer for ya. :-)

Grey Family said...

Wow! You just never end with your amazing blogs, stories, adventures, "new" items going on etc. I LOVE reading and HOW do you think we are going to survive without your blog?????????????????

With that said, enjoy and best of luck. I am sure the girls will be great.

Are your parents on the same flight? Sister?