Friday, July 11, 2008

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin!

We put all 3 girls to bed last night without swaddles because Anna and Alexis have started to wake up more or earlier since they are fighting to get their arms they joined Ava in the swaddle free sleeping zone! 

Of course without swaddles that means they have the tendency to wake up a few times in the middle of the night as they get used to being "free".  So as I was soothing Alexis at 3:30am, Anna started to make some noise, so I went over to check on her.....I couldn't find her mouth to replace her pacifier BECAUSE SHE HAD ROLLED OVER TO HER BELLY!!!!  Of course I placed her on her back when I laid them down, but in her sleep she had rolled to her belly! (I guess it is so easy to her that she can "do it in her sleep"  ha ha!!!

I thought she was close to being able to do this because yesterday during the day, she was rolling from her tummy to back almost every time I placed her down. At least 10 she was in a rolling mood and she is always reaching to her side when she is one her back too. So I knew it would be soon, I just didn't expect it last night!  

Way to go Anna!  I think your sisters are close behind you!


Beth said...

That is so funny! Both Averie and Baylor were swaddled til 3 months when they started to be so restless while sleeping because of coming loose. I think getting them used to sleeping without swaddles was harder than getting them to sleep through the night all together! I totally remember that! It definitely gets better though...a few nights of restlessness while they figure out what to do with those arms and hands! :o) Ahhh the memories!

We got your message last night (we were delivering Daddy a strawberry milk shake-he's worked a lot this week). We are so sad it won't work out this weekend, but it is supposed to be a rainy, stormy day anyways...a good day for inside projects!! We hope that you will make it up here eventually, our doors are more than open and we can't wait!

The girls are so cute and are looking so different from each other! They are all so beautiful and I love the new pictures from all the different angles. Precious. OK...better go...the kids are climbing the walls!! :o)

PS-We will be coming down your way August 10th-ish. We would love to stop by to say hi...if you're up for it. Let me know what you think.

Beth said...

Oh yea- and both Averie and Baylor were rolling and sleeping on their bellies at 4 months. I was in panic mode for a few days-checking them like 10 times a night...but there was nothing I could do...they figured it out and there was no going "back" (I just put them to bed on their backs...and let them do what they wanted to do). They grow up so fast.

Harris Boys said...

I've got that song in my head..."rollin, rollin, rollin" its an oldies

YAY anna...rolling in her sleep...that is how my boys started. I freaked one morning when I came in and they were both on their bellies...from then on out that is how they slept :)