Friday, July 25, 2008

Pictures from Denver!

After reviewing my photos from last weekend's trip to Denver, I realized that I didn't have time to take many pictures since Jeff and I were usually holding babies and trying to keep them on some sort of schedule. So unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the beautiful wedding or the fabulous bride and groom, but I do have a few pics taken in my brother's back yard during their informal rehearsal dinner/BBQ.  
My nephew Thomas (Tammy's son), my mom holding Ava, my nephew Hunter (Todd's son) and then my dad and brother Todd in the back.  Hunter is showing us his new camera that he got as a gift from Todd and Michele for being the Best Man in their wedding....Awwww...isn't he the cutest Best Man you've ever seen?!!! He did such a wonderful job hosting everyone and always checking in with me and Jeff to make sure the girls were doing well. He gave such a nice toast at the wedding and during the ceremony, stepped around my brother and looked right up at Michele and blew her a kiss....Since I was in the wedding and behind Michele, I could see the whole scene and seriously...I don't normally tear up at weddings, but seeing Hunter blow that kiss to Michele made my eyes well up faster than a leaking faucet!  He is such a sweet boy and so fun to be around. We love you Hunter...and of course Todd and Michele too! :) 

Here we are with the trio (Jeff holding Anna and I've got Alexis and Ava)
Gotta love pictures with sun hats and check out those roses!
They are wearing the outfits that my Uncle Dean and Aunt Paula sent to them. They are seriously so cute in them and I might have to find some closer up pictures to show, because the outfits are so darn pretty!  Thanks Dean and Paula!

This was the first time Mom and Dad had all of their grandchildren in one place since I added 3 to the picture.  Isn't my mom's dress so pretty?  I wish I could show you the full length view, but this is the only picture I have. She looked so nice and dad of course always looks good in a tux, as does Hunter.  Thomas got a new suit for the wedding and was so handsome. He was really, really helpful the entire time we were out there. Thanks Thomas!
It's hard having Todd, Michele and Hunter live all the way in Denver. We miss them a lot, but are so excited that they are all coming home for Christmas this year! 
Back row...Dad/Grandpa holding Alexis, Hunter, Mom/Grandma holding Ava, and Thomas in front holding Anna. 

Picture of me with my Mom and the girls! I've got Alexis (showing off her frog pose) and Ava and my mom is holding Anna. The girls are wearing the cutest little outfits that were sent to us from my Aunt Paula and Uncle Dean!  I was so excited that the girls could finally fit into them! So darn cute!  Thanks Dean and Paula for thinking of us!

I had to include a picture of my mom holding Ava. I love this picture and my mom just looked so nice holding the girls on this day because she coordinated with their cute outfits. Why didn't I think of that? :) 

Ok, well that's it for now. We'll see what other pictures I find, but I don't think I have may others from Denver. I'll have to wait to see the official wedding photos and see if I can post those or post a link to their photographer's site or something. Have a good weekend everyone!


the schirano triplets said...

ok, first of all i love that your mom coordinated her outfits to match the girls. that is so sweet! secondly, the outfits (all of them!) and the sunhats are adorable! and that picture of your parents and the grandkids is just wonderful, and your mom's dress IS gorgeous. she looked beautiful (as did the girls) and the guys looked so handsome!

Harris Boys said...

awww marie...the pics are all beautiful. your family is adorable and the girls in those sunhats...makes me want a girl even more..ahhh...stop all the cuteness!!!

and thomas, what a sweet child..he looks so handsome in his suit. looks like a wonderful time and of my fav. places to visit.

Grey Family said...

WOW girl, your family is adorable as can be (even Jeff!! LOL). I love the picture with the grandbabies. That would be wonderful blown up and big in their house to cherish. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the wedding.

Wait in line to see pics of Carson behind every other person! :) The difference is you asked and not demanded! I hope next week there will be less vistors etc. and I can take some time to get things squared away.

We took our first trip to Bucyrus. The 1 1/2 hour trip turned into 3 hours on the way home. The poop demons (the only time he cries) were in full force and we kept having to stop to punch them!

Anonymous said...

Thomas actually took some pictures during the ceremony, but unfortunately we didn't get those to you before we left for Oshkosh. So there are some more pictures to come. Mom

Kay said...

Love the pictures! The one of you and jeff makes me laugh b/c the look on your face says, "yeah...take the damn picture"! haha!

Kristen Callaway said...

What can I say?? You have such a beautiful family! I can't believe how much Hunter has grown. I know it's been over 4 years since I saw him, but goodness!!! And Thomas just looks so grown up! and please tell your mother she looked gorgeous!!! That dress is stunning!!

SaraBelle said...

Love the pictures! Everyone looked great on the "big day". So cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture with your parents with all their grandchildren. Truly that is one that will be cherished forever! Bethany

Beth said...

The pictures are wonderful and beautiful! I hope to see more! Some of the wedding would be so neat also! Everyone looked so nice in their clothes!!

We will be in your area August 10th-12th. Email me your email address and we'll make plans!