Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4 months and 4th of July!

The girls were 4 months old yesterday. Can you believe it? The first 3 months seem like a bit of a blur, and this last month went really quick too! They are just changing so quickly right before my eyes. It's so fun to see what they are up to now and how far they have come from being my tiny little babies back in March. They went for their check up at the Dr. yesterday and here is how they stacked up:

11 lbs 13 oz

11 lbs 3oz

11 lbs 7 oz

Ava is still the smallest as of this appointment due to her reflux, but she has been eating really well lately so maybe she will catch back up at the next appointment. The girls also got vaccines yesterday so they have been a little crabby as I'm sure their little thighs hurt. I'm hopefully going to snap a few pictures in honor of their 4 months and also for the 4th of July! Happy Independence Day everyone. I hope you had a great holiday! 

We were invited to a few parties and were able to stop by one of Jeff's fraternity brothers' houses today as well as one of my friends, Sara, I met first at our Marvelous Multiples class when I was pregnant. Sara and I reconnected when we were both placed on bedrest. She delivered her twins (Bennett and Kendyll---too cute, go visit their blog!) about 2.5 weeks before the girls were born so it's cool that our kids are so close in age. We've been sharing stories over these past 4 months about parenthood as well as giving each other good tips on surviving multiples. Even though we hadn't seen each other since we were both pregnant (and we didn't know one another back then), it's been really fun knowing that we were both here in town and one day we planned on meeting again. Well today was the day and it was so fun! Sara and her husband Tim invited us to their 4th of July celebration. We took the girls of course and they got to meet their new friends Bennett and Kendyll, an adorable little 8 month old girl named Avery, as well as another set of twins Sam and Will who are about a month older than the girls.  (Sam and Will's parents, Alicia and Brian, were also in our multiples class!) So it was quite entertaining to see other people arrive at the party and marvel at the number of babies that were there (all around the same age). It was great to finally "meet" Sara and Tim again as well as Alicia and Brian and of course all of the babies!

Thanks Sara and Tim for the invitation and a great party! Tim, I'll be a taste tester for your grillin' anytime! :) haha!  We can't wait to get together again!

Happy Independence Day everyone!



Harris Boys said...

happy 4 months anna, ava, and alexis!!! sounds like you guys had a great 4th. lots to celebrate :)

tbonegrl said...

happy four months...I know Alicia and her boys well! What a small small world! We ought to all try to get together sometime!!!

SaraBelle said...

It was so nice to meet the girls (and you & Jeff again)!! Thanks so much for coming over! We will have to get together again soon!

PS -- those are GREAT weights for the girls! The more I thought about it, B & K went in for their 4 mo several days after their b-day and they were just over 12 lbs. You are doing a GREAT job!!

Grey Family said...

HEY! I have a new blog. ;) I can't wait to see the fourth of July pictures of the girls!