Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Roadtrip!

First Roadtrip.....Check!
First Sleepover @ Aunt Rhonda's......Check!
First Thornhill Family Reunion......Check!

Sunday we left on our first real roadtrip (more than 30 mins.) and headed about 2.5 hours West towards the Ohio/Indiana border.  Jeff's family reunion was Monday night so we headed over a day early to visit with his sister and family and the girls experienced their first sleepover at Aunt Rhonda's house! 
All went great, but of course we didn't make it all the way without one stop to feed some hungry babies!  After they were fed, Ava and Anna sat with me in the front passenger seat while Jeff fed Alexis....yes, we had to stop at a gas station to feed the girls while we sat in the vehicle. And, No, of course the girls didn't ride in the front seat with me. I was finished feeding them and we were just waiting on Alexis to finish before strapping them back in their seats. Ava HATES to be strapped into the car seat. Thank goodness she usually calms down and goes to sleep, but she really fights the buckles. 

Look at how happy Ava is while she is out of her seat! Little stinker. :)
I also thought this picture was funny since Anna looks awfully curious about my Propel water and chewy sprees sitting in the middle....like "Hey MOM, what other good stuff are you hiding from us?!" ha ha!

Jeff feeding Alexis...gotta love the room with the steering wheel...seriously, couldn't they wait another 45 mins...NOPE, they were all hungry at that exact moment.
Here is a cute picture of Anna with Becca, one of her cousins! Becca was VERY helpful to me at the reunion and went on a couple walks with me pushing the girls in their stroller. Thanks Becca!

Also, a big thanks to Rhonda, Cliff, Payton and Ethan for letting us stay at your house and also for all of your help at the reunion too. Sorry you didn't get to eat very much because you were holding or feeding babies!  We appreciated the help though!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for staying with us!! We really enjoyed having everyone in our home. The girls are great!!I can not wait until you come back to Rossburg again.

A. Rhonda, U. Cliff, Payton, and Ethan.

Kristen Callaway said...

Love the picture in the car!!! Anna and Ava are hysterical...those chewy sprees do look mighty good!!!

Grey Family said...

I hope the girls didn't have "gas" too bad while there. Ok, my humor is a little silly with a six day old at home and lack of sleep. :)