Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baptism pictures...FINALLY, I know!

So I finally have pictures with the girls in their baptismal dresses!  
My mom made their dresses so they are extra special to us. Aren't they just beautiful?! Maybe one day their children will be able to be baptized in them too, well if any of them have girls that is. :) 

Jeff and Marie +3 by the trees!
These were taken in our back yard in front of the "woods"....ok, tree line, but I like to pretend it's wooded and no one lives on the other side! 

Flying solo and her pretty as a princess pose!

Getting a smooch from mom and trying to sit still for her princess pose!

Flying like a little angel and then her princess pose!

Our photo shoots are pretty funny and this one didn't's quite a task to get all 3 babies ready for pictures and then if we want to do individual shots....well, we need a handler so here is my mom in the "staging area" holding Anna and Ava while my dad took pictures of us with Alexis! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming over and helping us with the photo shoot! We couldn't do ANY of this without you! 


Kristen Callaway said...

Oh my gosh!! Their dresses are beautiful!! Your mother did a wonderful job!! The family pictures are just adorable! Can't wait to see you guys in a month!!!

Harris Boys said...

they are precious marie and may I add you look wonderful, very pretty :)

what an adorable family. I feel like I know you guys and I'm just so proud of you!! the girls look sooo cute in their gowns, something they will treasure forever!!!!!

and your mom, how cute!! she looks so proud too...awesome job on the gowns!

Liz said...

gorgeous gowns! I can only image how hard it is to do a photo shoot with 3! Yikes!!

Chris Lukezic said...

Grandma did a great job on the dresses. The girls are so lucky to have her she is a very special person!

SaraBelle said...

So pretty! The girls look beautiful and their dresses are so special! And I LOVE the pictures of them flying . . . so neat. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Oh, Marie - that is so heartwarming and beautiful!! The girls are unbelievably gorgeous, and those dresses are stunning - what beautiful keepsakes to have for the rest of their lives! Some day they'll baptize their own children in those dresses. You guys make for such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos.

Grey Family said...

Your family is just as precious as can be. I think it's neat that they will be able to have keepsakes of their dresses made by grandma! The wooded area makes for a great photo shoot!