Monday, July 7, 2008


Alexis @ 4 months:

Energetic, Excitable & Entertaining. 
She is  pretty funny when she is laying on her back and wants to talk to us. She squeals in delight and has the cutest darn smile. She likes to hang out on her tummy and pretty much will just tuck her elbows down and sit and watch. She loves to see what is going on...which sometimes means walking around the house...but she likes trying to take it all in. She bats at all of the hanging toys on the play gym really well and also LOVES to sit or lay in front of the mirror. She is also so funny and happy when she gets her diaper changed. I think she knows that food comes next! So fun!

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Harris Boys said...

look at the chunk...they are getting so big. I love just diaper shots too :)