Friday, June 6, 2008

Our big girls!

Yesterday I took the girls to the Dr. for another round of vaccines. (Instead of getting them all at 2 months and 4 months, we decided to spread them out a bit so they don't get so many shots all at once. I still think it is a lot all at once--3 shots yesterday, one in each leg and one in the arm--but I know in the long run, it is for their protection.)  The girls did NOT like their shots this time. Last time they all screamed for about 30 seconds max and this time it took quite awhile to calm Anna down. The other two cried more than last time, but not nearly as bad as Anna. She bled so bad in her legs that the nurse had blood all over her scrubs and it got on Anna's outfit. Poor baby....but she was a champ and felt better after I held her for awhile. Ava went right back to sleep after her shots and Alexis cried, but I think it was only because Anna was crying so much. It was kinda sweet actually that she was feeling bad for her sister. Not so sweet when they do that in the middle of the night, but it was sweet at the Dr's. office. :)  

The Dr. said they all looked great and are right where they need to be. Here are their updated weights:

10 lbs 9.5 oz

10 lbs 3.5 oz

10 lbs 4 oz

That's right, you read it correctly....Alexis has passed Ava this month!  She is no longer the smallest, even though she will always be my little baby!  I was expecting this since we could really notice Alexis packing on the weight and really guzzling down her bottles.  Also, since Ava struggled this past month with reflux and didn't want to eat as much, I knew she was probably not gaining like the other two. She is now feeling much better and has really picked up her eating since we got her medicine. Regardless, the Dr. said all are gaining appropriately and doing fine. So yea for 3 healthy girls!!!


the schirano triplets said...

yay girls, way to grow! i hate shots...necessary evil.

tbonegrl said...

WOW! Great growin' I hate shots too!

SaraBelle said...

Shots stink . . . B & K are in for their 4 mo check-up in a week and I'm already dreading it. I can't believe how the girls are growing . . . that is GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

ok, now anna looks like jeff to me...still has your mouth, though:)

SaraBelle said...

Hi Marie! I'm cautiously keeping my fingers crossed for you on the sleep thing . . . if it gives you hope, B & K slept from 9p - 7:30a this morning. YIKES, indeed!!