Friday, June 20, 2008

New things!

Speaking of new things....we bought a video camera last weekend so I can start posting some videos of the girls too. I am hopeful that I have a couple of minutes to learn all of the gadgets on it and how to edit video on the Mac this weekend. But Jeff has a full list of things we need to accomplish this weekend, so I might not get the chance.....who does he think he is.....ME????  I'm usually the one with the list of tasks. :)  Boys and their toys.   Hey, I figure if we can keep Daddy happy, then the rest is easy!  So if that means I am cleaning a motorcycle this weekend so he can finally sell it, then by all means, the house can wait and bring on the chrome!  I actually like to help detail it. I know, I'm nuts. 

So look for videos in the near future! I already have one of Ava trying to "crawl" after Bailey the cat! Very cute of Ava....not so much for Bailey. 

And it wouldn't be right if I didn't thank our friend Keith for politely chewing my butt out for not having a camera yet...he's right...we don't want to miss this stuff. So thanks Keith!
Also, my mom and dad were very encouraging of getting one and helped pick it out. Thanks guys!


Harris Boys said...

you'll love having a video camera..I'll watch some of ours from when the boys were real little, its so sweet to watch. Have fun with it!!!

the schirano triplets said...

yay! i am so glad you got a video camera, you will love having one. i usually pull it out and tape random baby stunts a few times a week. though i am awful about posting videos :( i love going back and watching the early stuff to see how much they have changed and grown!