Friday, June 27, 2008

I love a clean house!

Wow! I just need to mention how much I love a clean house! It is certainly one of the things I have missed the most since December. My mom and sister were so helpful and came over to clean several times when I was on bed rest and my mom helped clean a few times since the girls have arrived, but it's just not the same as when I can clean it myself. Not that they didn't do a great job, but I actually LIKE to clean. I know, I know..I'm nuts, but really, I get a lot of satisfaction out of cleaning and organizing things so not being able to deep clean my house myself since December has been hard. I've cleaned it here and there, but not really up to my usual standards.  

So even though I spent nearly 13 hours today and I am still not done, my house is almost clean. At least it is getting close. My mom was nice enough to come over today to watch the girls so I could focus on cleaning. So now you are asking: "Marie, how did you spend 13 hours cleaning and you still aren't finished?"  Well, faithful blog reader of mine, here's how: I would get distracted when 2 or more were crying at the same time and wanted to help my mom, so I would stop cleaning and feed one or cuddle or just stop for some play time throughout the day. My dad brought lunch for us around 1pm, so we had to stop and eat of course and then we had our bedtime routine tonight when Jeff got home from work, so that took a little time too. (see my other post coming soon on a new breakthrough for sleeping habits).  

Now tomorrow I can pick up the cake (oh, I forgot to mention the main motivation for cleaning....the girls are getting baptized on Sunday! Yea!  So, of course I needed to clean!) So back to tomorrow...I need to pick up their cake, we're having 2 screen doors installed in the morning, I have to chop up all of the veggies and fruit, clean the kitchen and do last minute cleaning throughout the house and then set up the house for guests and label all of my dishes. (no this is not some Amelia Bedelia story....I label all of my dishes for what will be served in them at all of my big family dinners and entertaining events and also lay out where things will know, like what table will have drinks and dessert and where the main food will be etc. Jeff still makes fun of me for it, but secretly I think he digs it too, since it really makes planning a breeze and also the event day is much less hectic. Besides, my mom and sister will be helping to get out the food so I can enjoy the day with the girls, and this way they won't need to ask what to put things on/in/where/ will all be laid out for them....yes, I know I am crazy. And yes, I know you are secretly glad you aren't my mom or sister and have to put up with my craziness. I can respect that. :)  

Have a great weekend everyone....hopefully I will have some amazing baptism pictures and video to share with all of you on Monday or sometime next week! 


SaraBelle said...

I hope all goes well with the party & I can't wait to see the pictures. You are so far ahead of me . . .we're still struggling w/finding enough "qualified" godparents. :-)

Grey Family said...

Well, I really enjoyed this post because I myself LOVE to clean. I appreciate others who will help when Carson gets here, but NOBODY will clean like I do! :) Cleaning today here at the new house (it's even more fun to clean the new house than the old one!). My husband secretly hates that I have to have it this clean, but doesn't complain when he doesn't have to do it!! I am obsessed with tubs. I have bought 30 tubs to organize everything under the sun in the linen closet (I like bulk items of everything!), John's room, the computer room, the pantry and Carson's rub. It's a slight obsession. The lady who stocks the tubs knows me by name! :)

the schirano triplets said...

i hope all goes well with the party! we will be thinking of you!