Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 month pictures (Finally!)

They didn't feel like cooperating on picture day, but for documentation are the girls at 3 months!





SaraBelle said...

So cute!! And I love their little outfits!! :-) Such a sweet smile from Alexis, too!

Harris Boys said...

I love the last pic of Alexis and the one of ya'll four. Happy 3 months girls!!!!

tbonegrl said...


Katie said...

Happy 3-month birthday, baby girls!!! They are getting SO big - and precious, as always. You are surrounded by sweetness. ;) Thanks for finding my blog - I love reading yours and will check in often!

kimca01 said...

Your girls are adorable! i stumbled across your blog and am going to add it to my blog list so I can follow along!

I have a little boy that's 2.5 years and a little girl that is just 5.5 weeks so you'll have to keep me updated as to what's in store as a parent of girls!