Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watch out for the Cosmetic Lady!

So I promised I would share stories about our public outings with the girls. (there have only been 3 so far.) Let me just mention, that if these events had not happened to me personally, I would have probably thought you were joking...but all of what I will share really did happen.

The first outing was with Jeff and we took the girls to the mall. I wasn't expecting to be such a spectacle, but it seems triplets are more intriguing than I had ever imagined. It was very odd for us to walk through the mall pushing the "train" (3 seats in a row stroller) with everyone pointing and staring and making bizarre comments. I thought I was used to the crazy questions from when I was pregnant and people would ask about the triplets, but I was no where near prepared for this kind of attention. 

While many funny things happened during this first trip out, the one that takes the cake involves a little boy (maybe 9 or 10) who was shopping with his mother.  Jeff had gone on down the way to Starbucks to get a much need coffee so he didn't get to see this one. I was just browsing quietly in Banana Republic (as quietly as one can with a 6 ft long train in front of her) when all of a sudden the little boy who was following behind his mother noticed the triplets. You could clearly tell he wished he was anywhere but shopping so the triplets were a much needed distraction for him. Maybe too much so, because the next thing I know, he walked square into the end of a metal clothing rack and fell down!  I'm not talking just a minor bump. I mean it was something out of a cartoon. His head was turned sideways towards me, but his entire body ran right into this rack and he literally hit the floor. Of course I don't want to see a child hurt in any way, but I couldn't help but snicker a bit to myself. I guess this is why parents try to teach their children not to stare. :)

The second outing was also to the mall, this time with my mom. I tried to prepare her for the extra attention and endless questions, but she really just had to experience it for herself to understand the craziness. We were walking into Macy's and you know how at the front you walk into the perfume/cosmetics area? Well, the "perfume lady" asked if they were triplets and I replied yes and politely kept walking. My motto is "keep moving-less questions"...but I was wrong. She proceeds to yell (or shout loudly if you think I am being dramatic) OH MY GOSH TRIPLETS!  So I kind of pick up my pace as this made me uncomfortable. Well, now we are past the front entrance, but walking parallel to the cosmetic area and then here comes the "perfume lady" followed by two "cosmetic ladies" RUNNING towards us. I kid you not....they ran from across the store through the cosmetic section to get to us. Well of course this draws even more attention so now other shoppers are staring. The 3 store ladies were coming at us with such determination, I felt the need to put my hand out and say "Don't Touch!"  It probably came off rude, but they looked like they were going to reach right in and pick them up. It was so obnoxious. So needless to say, I answered their questions and tried to keep moving and then I was ready to go. 

This kind of thing just is so new to me and I don't know if I will ever get used to it. I mean, I am excited to "show off" the girls and want to be proud of them, but geesh...I also want to be able to leisurely walk around the mall and actually accomplish what I am there for. I don't go to the mall just for show and tell. 

It was the same way when were walked around my parent's neighborhood last weekend going to garage sales. I am obviously trying to look at the sales. I don't want to feel like I need to "guard" the stroller because some crazy person thinks it's ok to pick the girls up.  Once again, I am not exaggerating. Alexis was just a bit fussy because we had stopped at a sale and the stroller wasn't moving anymore...well she wasn't even crying..just fussing....the lady who lived at that house (who I don't know personally), walks right up to the stroller, bends down and says, "oh I'll just pick her up" and me being the crazy germ-a-phobe mom practically drops what I was looking at and snaps "No, don't!"  I just got behind the stroller and left. I know I probably embarassed Jeff because I made us leave like that, but come on.  

So until I listen to my husband and just "get used to all of this attention" I guess I will be running through malls and steering clear of the cosmetic ladies. 


the schirano triplets said...

oh i have a million stories about gawking and attention, but most are actually not bad. it is the comments people make that drive me batty. you will get used to it though and figure out quickly who to steer clear of. my motto is no eye contact, keep moving. lydia and i were at the store one day with one, yes just one, of the babies and an older woman came up to us and chatted about how cute and sweet she was. i was ok with it and we exchanged pleasantries and moved on as any normal person would do. but she proceeded to follow us. for a good 2-3 aisles. can you imagine what would have happened if i had all 3?!?!? she probably would have tried to come home with us!

Beth said...

I freak out when people think it is okay to touch (let alone pick up someone else's child!!! EEK!!!) one of my single children. It is so bizarre that people think they are like little dolls!!! I hope you have better luck with that soon... maybe once they are a little older you can tell everyone they have stranger anxiety or something, that might keep people at a safe distance!! Thank you for sharing your experiences, I must say, I was very entertained! I also get comments when I am out with my friends boy (I have been babysitting him the last two weeks). We were out today and at least 2 people asked if they were twins (Baylor and Jett are 2 months apart). I have people asking if Averie and Baylor are twins... multiples are just so fascinating I guess! Ok - sorry for babbling! We love the updates/pictures and the girls smiling! So sweet!!

Harris Boys said...

Hey Marie!! Love the new pics of the girls, they are just precious!!!! Like Rachael I have SO many stories of people making weird comments and asking crazy q's. I try to not let them bother me and I always tell the people how blessed we are to have these boys. I wish I could say it gets better, but as they get older the q's just keep coming!! :)

Christie said...

Oh my gosh...My triplets are 21 months and the comments are still coming. Definitely get used it, but you'll learn how to deal with it. I ignore most people. I will answer a brief yes/no question but without eye contact, unless I'm in the mood or have the time to chat, which I usually don't. :) I am continually amazed at hoe many strangers try to kiss my babies' faces. I would NEVER kiss a random baby's face. Why is that okay? I've started taking offense at some questions and have developed some smart-ass answers. I feel horrible sometimes, becasue I know it is their curiosity, but really, some things are just a bit personal...Are they natural/real? Did you do IVF/drugs? Which one is the oldest? They look healthy, any health problems?
Anyway, you've inspired me to do a post about these questions. I'm getting mad just writing this! :)


aubrey said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I live in Northern California now but I'm originally from Ohio. I went to OU but I'm an OSU fan like everyone else in the state. I also have twin girls that are almost 8 months old and an almost 3 year old boy. One of my best friends had triplets almost a year ago so I kinda know what your life is like. We have some things in common so I thought I would say hi. Congrats on your girls!

Christie said...

Thanks for your comment and feel free to link my blog. We really get some bizarre questions out in the world, don't we?

Anonymous said...

Marie- you protect those baby girls! I can't believe how weird people are..I mean, who touches a stranger's kid, much less picks them up or KISSES them! That is inappopriate- I won't even kiss a baby I know b/c their skin is so sensitive. You do what you need to do momma! :) -kay