Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tummy Time!

This morning I tried to snap some pictures during their morning play time. Tummy time is not always the most fun around our house, but it's important to get the girls to strengthen their neck and gain good head control. Alexis by far is the best. As you can see in the picture, she just props herself up on her arms and looks to both sides and everywhere. Ava does pretty decent and usually flips her head from side to side a couple times. Anna does NOT like tummy time and usually cries after a few minutes or she decides to just lay her head down and go to sleep. She is getting better, but still doesn't like it.
L-R Anna, Ava, Alexis

These cool quilts were a gift to the girls from my friend April. Her mother-in-law Joyce made them. Aren't they so vibrant and fun?! Anna's has a blue-green background, Ava's has pink and Alexis' has purple! How perfect! They also have their names embroidered at the bottom. I love them and they are great for tummy time and then I also lay them over our couches so if the girls spit up it doesn't ruin the furniture. So much easier to just throw them in the wash.  Thanks April and Joyce!

The girls are wearing onesies that were made by my friend Nandee. They finally fit into them and we think they are just so cute. They each have their name across the chest, which helps in case I am extra tired! Ha! Just kidding. The girls are pretty easy to tell apart, but I love the personalized outfits and accessories! Thanks Nandee! 

And this is everyone hanging out after the tummy time session this morning. 


Harris Boys said...

Marie...they are beautiful...the quilts and your 3 precious little girls. My best friend has a little boy born 3-4-08 and everytime I see him I think about your girls. I love all the colors in the quilts...those are great gifts and something they can use forever. Hope you guys are having a great week!!!

the schirano triplets said...

all 3 of mine hated tummy time, so i feel your pain! i finally found something that worked wonders. i bought a foam wedge pillow at bed, bath and beyond and placed it in front of a mirror and they loved it!

those quilts are gorgeous and i bet the onesies are adorable too (i just can't see the names)!

and of course your girls are incredible sweet and precious :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! They are getting SOOOO big. I can't wait to eat them up! :)

-Kay (as if you didn't know who wanted to eat your kids. hahaha)

Beth & Matt said...

SO sweet!! I don't know many babies that like tummy time! I also love the quilts, they are just beautiful. I forgot to include in my card my email address- Feel free to email me anytime, even if you wanted to do that before you try to call. I check it almost every day. I'm sure your "phone time" is limited these days!! :o) Love the matching Boppy/onsie/paci pics too. So sweet!

Harris Boys said...

Hey marie!!!

Happy Mother's day!!

I made the collages (zoo and first hair cut) on shutterfly studio. if you sign into shutterfly and do a search for shutterly studio you can download the software for free. Its easy to work with and lots of fun!!!!

the schirano triplets said...

happy mother's day!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through the Schirano blog that I read. Your girls are so cute! I'd like to add you to my list and have you read mine.