Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oh yea, I remember....

This afternoon, my sister and nephew Thomas stopped by to go through some things they are storing in our basement in preparation for this Spring's garage sale. They happened to arrive after an hour long display of emotion...otherwise known as "let's all scream at the top of our lungs to see if Mom can hold 3 pacifiers in at the same time". The girls and I had a terrific day up until this point but I guess the decided to end our week with a a little drama! At least we all survived my first full week of taking care of the girls all alone. I feel really good about the week and while I miss the company of my mom, I'm getting into a routine and realizing that I CAN do this. :) Well at least I thought so until 3pm today... :)

So I mention to my sister that Jeff and I were going to go to our friend Ethan's going away party tonight. She asks how we were going to do that and I tell her that I just planned on staying in the truck with the girls while Jeff went in to say hello/goodbye and then he would come out and sit with the girls while I went in. She says that is crazy (little does she know, we went "shopping" last weekend like this...him in target, me in office max, him in home depot, me in carters etc....hey at least I got out of the house. I didn't care if I had to sit in the truck like a loyal dog...I was breathing in fresh air!) So she offers to babysit the girls while we go to the party. I am hesitant since they just started being fussy, but I REALLY wanted to go and the thought of Jeff and I being able to go in together seems so nice. So she calls her husband and he comes over to help. Tammy, Bill and Thomas watched the girls while Jeff and I went out together alone for the first time since before the girls arrived. It was nice, but of course I was freaking out since I haven't left the girls yet for this amount of time. But I knew they were fine...besides, they had Thomas...he is the baby whisperer...he just loves his little cousins, especially Anna, but don't tell Ava and Alexis. :)
Thanks Tammy, Bill and Thomas for watching the girls!!!

It was great to see everyone at the party for Ethan, but very sad to see him move. We wish him all the best! Ethan, you always have a place to stay at our house...not sure if you will want to least not until the girls start sleeping through the night, but you are more than welcome anytime. :) Good luck on your new adventure!

The party was also great for me since I got to see and converse with real people, real adults, real friends. I got to catch up with my friend Shannon and it was so nice to remember who I was outside of these four walls. I love being a mom, don't get me wrong, but I am also Marie...and it was nice to remember. Shannon--Thanks for buying me my first glass of wine in over a year and also for the great conversations...miss you!

PS..My mom is feeling better, so technically she would be allowed back in the house, but she was with my Dad yesterday and today as he had to have a procedure done on his heart to get it to stop going into atrial fibrillation. Please keep my Dad in your thoughts and prayers for a quick and painfree recovery. He hates to be "out of commission" like this as he is the youngest 60 something I know and as Jeff always says...."your dad could outwork me any day!" So needless to say, we're wishing him a quick recovery so he can enjoy that "new" corvette he got last week! Get well soon Dad! Love ya!

Technically since I am posting this early, early morning of Saturday, May 3...Happy 2 months Anna, Ava and Alexis... Stay tuned for pictures...I hope to take some this weekend!


the schirano triplets said...

yay for you for making it through the week, i knew you could do it! that is so wonderful that you were able to get out of the house and socialize! it must have been heavenly to feel like marie again! i still remember the 1st time i went out after the babies were home and it was kind of surreal. lovely and exciting, but surreal. that was great that your sister and her family were able to watch the girls so you could go out with jeff alone. by the way, we run errands the same way. hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get some fresh air :)

i am sorry to hear about your dad, i will keep your dad in my prayers for a very quick and very pain free recovery.

happy 2 months baby girls!

MaryBeth said...

congratulations on making it through your first week "home alone" with the girls and for getting out with your hubbie. both big milestones!

Harris Boys said...

what a great post. so glad you and jeff were able to get out and have some adult time..that is SO important. Glad your sister and family were able to watch the girls.

Good to hear your mom is feeling better. I will keep your dad in my fun he has a corvette...sounds like my dad. He is a hard worker and young for his age too.

Happy 2 months girls!!!!!!

Grey Family said...

HEY! I finally have a blog! :) I can't wait to see 2 month pictures of these beautiful girls. Tell your dad that he is going to be in my prayers. I can't believe he is 60 years old and still doing as much as he does. Jeff's quote is perfect! He can run circles around most of us.