Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First day back!

Yesterday was my first day back to OSU. My director has been completely accommodating to my new world of babies and has allowed me to return to work (working only one day a week). THANKS TRACY! I'm so grateful for the opportunity and also glad that my mom is able to watch the girls one day each week so we don't have to worry about daycare outside of our home or anyone else watching the babies besides us or family. That has been a HUGE relief....THANKS MOM!!!

There are certainly pros and a few drawbacks to this new situation:
--I am able to stay at home with girls for majority of time. I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom!
--My mom is able to watch the girls while I am at the office.
--I am able to stay connected to my work organization and be a part of building a new student union at Ohio State. (This will be my 3rd facility that I have been a part of opening from construction forward. This is the first that I have helped from the very beginning concepts...very exciting!)
--I will be working on many of the branding elements for the new facility and get to tell many cool stories of OSU throughout displays and other features. (I was really excited about the branding portion of my job before I left on bedrest!)
--I get to work closely with my friend/co-worker Beth...She's fantastic and so creative!
--I get out of the house at least one day a week. (Something I haven't done much of since Christmas!)
--I will still receive a paycheck every month....not the same amount by any means, but at least I can feel like I am contributing a little financially to our household. 
--I get to see my old staff at least once a week and enjoy a lunch out of the house with adults!
--I'm saving money by not eating lunch out every day as well as not driving to/from work everyday....$4/gallon gas....this is CRAZY!

--I have to leave the girls for an entire day...however I only called once yesterday at lunch to check in with my mom...of course everything was going just fine!
--I don't get to work directly with my marketing team anymore. Since I am not there full time, it is impossible for me to supervise 4 professional staff members and the numerous student interns we have in our department. This is probably one of my saddest parts about this new work arrangement. I love our team. We are a really close group and I always felt like we accomplished a lot while working together while also having fun and enjoying what we do. So I will certainly miss working so closely with all of you....(Rachel, J.Randall, Alyson, Eric L., Mary, Jodi, Katie, Andrew, Erich E. and everyone else involved with OU Marketing!)

Overall, the day went really well. When I arrived I was greeted with a big Welcome back Marie sign and my friend Rachel had brought me flowers...they are so pretty!  I cleared out my old office and went through all of my files and storage. It was kind of weird as I cleared things out. I'm excited for the next adventure, but sad to let go of some of my old tasks. But the department is in good hands. My team is fantastic and they are whipping Kurt (person who covered for me while I was out on bedrest/maternity and is now taking over my responsibilities) into shape. Good luck guys!

In baby world, things are going pretty well. The girls are on a pretty decent schedule as long as everyone is feeling good. Right now, Ava is having some major reflux issues so I called the Dr. today and am waiting on what to try next. She just really doesn't want to eat...I wouldn't either if what I ate came back up with a vengeance though my mouth and nose. :(  Hopefully we can figure out what is causing her to do this more often. Last night after eating at 8pm she lost her entire bottle this way and I ended up holding her until about 4:30 this morning. Since then, she has been on a different schedule than Anna and Alexis so I've been holding babies all morning. Needless to say, not much has gotten taken care of around the house today. Only one load of laundry and just a few dishes...everything else can wait.  Hopefully the girls will all be in good moods the rest of the week so I can take new pictures to share with all of you.


SaraBelle said...

Congrats on being back in the "adult world" -- even just one day a week. I'm sure you miss your girls and it will be a difficult transition, but I'm sure it feels good to be in a work mode again, too.

I hope Ava is feeling better soon!


Kristen Callaway said...

I'm glad to hear that you have the opportuniy to do both...although I think most of us would LOVE to only work one day a week!

the schirano triplets said...

that is so wonderful that you have the opportunity to both stay at home with the girls and work. i am still on leave but hoping that when i return i will be able to do something similar! good luck on your new adventure :)

i can't wait to see some new pictures. and i hope ava's reflux gets better soon!

Harris Boys said...

marie, what great news!! you have a very understand boss and a wonderful mom to help watch the girls for you. You are very lucky!!!

Hope Ava's reflux starts to get better, I know that can be so tough on you and her.

can't wait to see new pics!

Anonymous said...

From your dad. I got e-mail working here and I also check you blog. Everything here is fine. Jim and I went to Alamo today. Tell Jeff that we did not find any bullets. Be sure and use that Corvette and have some fun with it. See you in June. When is the baptism day? Love-Dad