Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bath Time!

These were taken last week. The girls don't love their baths yet, but they are starting not to hate them completely either. Well, Alexis still hates them.




MaryBeth said...

Oh, they are so cute. I remember those days. In no time at all they'll be running, splashing, and squealing with delight over bath time... at least that's how mine act!

Harris Boys said...

awww they look great!! alexis does not seem to like her bath one bit. the boys didn't like bath time either at first, now I can't pull them out :)

Pam said...

tee hee! so cute! i love alexis's face. sweet girls!

Kristen Callaway said...

The pictures are starting to show how different each of them look. The bath picures are darling....all though it really shows that Alexix does not like her baths one bit!! I'm sure things will change..especially when she gets to take bath's with her sisters and have some fun :)