Sunday, May 4, 2008

2 Months Old!

aka: The oldest, The hungry one, CMC President (more on that later), The billy goat, Thomas' favorite, The calm one or The screamer!
All about Anna: She is sweet and likes to sit up and see the action but also likes to cuddle and lay on our chest. She is always ready to eat on time and usually before. When she eats, she sometimes sounds like a little billy's almost like she is laughing. She is usually calm, but if she is hungry, watch out and she can belt out some pretty good screams. I am just waiting for the day she does this in the grocery store and drops to the floor. (one of Jeff's worst nightmares is a kid that is having a fit and then just goes limp making it impossible for the parent to pick them up. LOL) Anna is pretty laid back most of the time and has been the first one to smile at me. :) Just so precious!

aka:The middle child, Houdini, CMC Vice President, The possum, Snuggle Bunny. 
All about Ava: She is very strong...physically and mentally strong willed. She does what she wants most of the time and if she isn't, she'll let you know about it. :) She wiggles out of most anything if she is not comfortable...swaddle blankets, boppy pillows etc. She likes to play possum...she will cry and when you get to her, she closes her eyes really quick and acts like it wasn't her..then when you walk away she'll cry again....but turning around, she'll close her's actually pretty funny. It might just be a coincidence, but it happens quite a bit...just happened tonight while we were eating dinner. :)  She is probably the best snuggler of the 3 and likes to get all the way up under your chin when laying on our chests. She reacts the best when Daddy rubs his goatee on her cheek too...she thinks it's funny and is really close to breaking out a big smile for us. She is truly adorable!

(note...I will be taking more pics of her this week because I couldn't catch her very happ yesterday during the photo session. She was just really hungry and didn't want to bother with poses I was trying to put her in. Stay tuned for Happy Alexis) 
aka: The baby or The Youngest, Pistol, One Eyed Pete, Peanut, Alex, Little Lexis or Little Lexie (even though Jeff doesn't love the nickname Lexie yet....), Stinker, Nosy one, The Champ and root hog/piglet. 
All about Alexis: She is probably the most active and that's why I think she is still the smallest...she burns TONS of calories a day just being active and awake...and by awake and mean sometimes screaming. :) She likes to peek at us during naps and sometimes does it with just one eye, very cute. When she eats, she sounds like a rooting hog or piglet trying to find food...she acts like we have never fed her before. So funny to hear! She can sometimes be a bit challenging, but can be even sweeter too. She will lay on Jeff and just snuggle and never want to leave him. She is certainly our baby of the family and likes to get lots of attention right now. She doesn't want to just hang out in swings or lay down and take naps. She likes to be walked around the house to see new things. She is the best during Tummy time and has the strongest control over holding her head up and moving side to side. She does it with ease. Once again...probably because she is nosy and doesn't want to miss anything. She is really quite funny and has the best expressions. Just so darn cute! 

aka: Pretty girls, CMC members, Snugglers, Petunias, Stinkers, Silly girls, Movers and Shakers, Hungry Monkeys(...see CMC definition), Headbangers(...they already like 80's Rock!!!), Our girls.  
All about the girls: They are just fantastic little girls and I can't wait for them to start to communicate more and show off their unique personalities. I've decided that they are all members of The Chunky Monkey Club aka CMC!! They have all grown so much and are really getting heavy. I love their chubby little cheeks and thighs. I'll have updated weights this week after we go for their 2 month check up. They are definitely waking each other up by screaming, so we are quicker with pacifiers and whisking the screamers out of rooms in order to keep other babies sleeping. LOL! They are really strong and can grunt themselves out of any swaddled blanket...Houdini is just the fastest. They are doing great at Tummy time and sometimes like it so much that they just want to lay down and fall asleep. They make us laugh every day and sometimes make us want to cry...both for good reasons and also because it's been one of those days. :) We love them so much!

CMC = Chunky Monkey Club
President: Anna Caroline Thornhill
Vice President: Ava Jane Thornhill
New Member: Alexis Marie Thornhill

Mission: To be the cutest, fun active little monkeys with chubby cheeks and thighs.
Member requirements: must be over 8 lbs, cute and funny like a monkey.
note: member requirements will continue to change in order to challenge members and keep this an elite club. HA HA!! I love my little chunky monkeys!!!  And no, I'm not going to give them some sort of complex about their weight. Even my mom has now come around to realizing that this is a funny nickname meant with all my love. :)

Hanging out!
(Anna on green pillow, Ava on pink and Alexis on Blue)

Sweet Sisters
Left to Right: Anna, Ava, Alexis

Daddy and his Girls!
He was great at trying to get them all where I wanted them...a BIG challenge. And I love seeing him hold all 3...They love their daddy and I love my family. Jeff's favorite saying over the weekend: We'll need a table for 5, minimum 45 min wait."  No longer are we the easy table for 2 or sit at the bar/counter type people when we eventually make it out to a restaurant. We come with a crew and what a blessing it is!

Me and my girls! By this point you can see my photo back drop coming down and Jeff hands me Alexis and of course she is screaming so we have officially reached the end of this session...and then of course when I get silly with Alexis and turn her on her side and upside down practically to try to get her to stop crying, she decides that is when she will smile for the camera and show just how sweet she really is. :) But of course this is when Anna and Ava have had enough...look at Ava with her hand on her head saying...seriously, how long is mom going to make us hold this pose?" HA HA! My cute sweet babies!


Kristen Callaway said...

I absolutely can't wait to meet them! My heart was so full reading this one! My how they have grown and begun to show their each unique characteristics. and Jeff look like you were born to do this! THe sweetest family I have ever seen...

the schirano triplets said...

oh marie, i loved getting to know them through this post. they are each so unique and just so beautiful! happy 2 months anna, ava and alexis!!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics!! So good to see them continuing to do so well and GROW!! Hope to meet them before they are too big to snuggle!
That was always my favorite time :)I am proud of your determination and upbeat demeanor even after a week "alone"! Great to have a supportive hubby........that can give you the encouragement and well timed laugh you need some days! Treasure the time as much as possible as it seems only a blink until they are driving or going to dances! Trust me! All our love...Melissa

Harris Boys said...

Happy 2 months pretty girls...what a great post...LOVE the CMC...too funny...made me laugh as I sit here at work :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THESE! I can't believe how big they are getting and I especially love the pics of Jeff with the girls and you with the girls. What an awesome blessing. I am literally tearing up right now remembering everything you went through to get to this point, but wow- was it worth it or what? I couldn't imagine anything else but you and Jeff with these sweet girls. "God Bless the Broken Road!"- that should be your family theme song!


Anonymous said...

I love the CMC club. Too cute. I should have Glenn stop by and do his Monkey Dance for you. It's too funny. Glad to see you are all well. Bethany