Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I can't believe that so many of you continue to read our blog! I just logged in and it said I was visitor 10,800!  That is so crazy! I'm always amazed by how many of you find our life with triplets interesting enough to keep coming back. I always wonder what is most interesting to you. I think most of you like to see pictures of the that is why I try to include them often. Or maybe it's to make you feel better about your nice-normal-completely sane-get plenty of sleep life. I can understand that we look pretty entertaining in that respect. For us, this is our life and we are loving it. As much as they wear me out at times, I can't imagine not holding each one of them every day and thanking God for blessing us x 3!  So I invite you to continue to watch the girls grow and join us on this amazing adventure! Keep reading, laughing, crying and commenting...I love to hear about all of you too!


Kristen Callaway said...

You raise an interesting point. I sat here wondering why I read your blog everyday, and I'm sure I can speak for a lot of us. We read because we love you and your family. You and Jeff somehow play an integral part in our lives and we want to share in the joy, laughter, hard times and exciting times with you. I think for those that don't know you, find it interesting to see how one deals with and is blessed with 3 beautiful angels at one time. You are an inspiration to many. I know that I probably would not be able to do what you do! Keep doing what you are doing; writing, posting pictures and keeping us posted on your unique life!

Pam said...


I have been checking your blog almost daily since discovering it! I still remember the little Marie that wore thick heavy knee socks, even in the hot summer! You and Beth were such good friends growing up together in Metamora. You and Tammy and Todd and your parents were almost like extended family back then. Miss you all! Your babies are so adorable, hope to meet them someday!

Love, Pam

Harris Boys said...

hey marie!!! I miss seeing pics of the girls. I'm so busy now, I don't have much time to blog or have much to blog about. I'm a loyal fan and will remain that way!!