Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watch out for the Cosmetic Lady!

So I promised I would share stories about our public outings with the girls. (there have only been 3 so far.) Let me just mention, that if these events had not happened to me personally, I would have probably thought you were joking...but all of what I will share really did happen.

The first outing was with Jeff and we took the girls to the mall. I wasn't expecting to be such a spectacle, but it seems triplets are more intriguing than I had ever imagined. It was very odd for us to walk through the mall pushing the "train" (3 seats in a row stroller) with everyone pointing and staring and making bizarre comments. I thought I was used to the crazy questions from when I was pregnant and people would ask about the triplets, but I was no where near prepared for this kind of attention. 

While many funny things happened during this first trip out, the one that takes the cake involves a little boy (maybe 9 or 10) who was shopping with his mother.  Jeff had gone on down the way to Starbucks to get a much need coffee so he didn't get to see this one. I was just browsing quietly in Banana Republic (as quietly as one can with a 6 ft long train in front of her) when all of a sudden the little boy who was following behind his mother noticed the triplets. You could clearly tell he wished he was anywhere but shopping so the triplets were a much needed distraction for him. Maybe too much so, because the next thing I know, he walked square into the end of a metal clothing rack and fell down!  I'm not talking just a minor bump. I mean it was something out of a cartoon. His head was turned sideways towards me, but his entire body ran right into this rack and he literally hit the floor. Of course I don't want to see a child hurt in any way, but I couldn't help but snicker a bit to myself. I guess this is why parents try to teach their children not to stare. :)

The second outing was also to the mall, this time with my mom. I tried to prepare her for the extra attention and endless questions, but she really just had to experience it for herself to understand the craziness. We were walking into Macy's and you know how at the front you walk into the perfume/cosmetics area? Well, the "perfume lady" asked if they were triplets and I replied yes and politely kept walking. My motto is "keep moving-less questions"...but I was wrong. She proceeds to yell (or shout loudly if you think I am being dramatic) OH MY GOSH TRIPLETS!  So I kind of pick up my pace as this made me uncomfortable. Well, now we are past the front entrance, but walking parallel to the cosmetic area and then here comes the "perfume lady" followed by two "cosmetic ladies" RUNNING towards us. I kid you not....they ran from across the store through the cosmetic section to get to us. Well of course this draws even more attention so now other shoppers are staring. The 3 store ladies were coming at us with such determination, I felt the need to put my hand out and say "Don't Touch!"  It probably came off rude, but they looked like they were going to reach right in and pick them up. It was so obnoxious. So needless to say, I answered their questions and tried to keep moving and then I was ready to go. 

This kind of thing just is so new to me and I don't know if I will ever get used to it. I mean, I am excited to "show off" the girls and want to be proud of them, but geesh...I also want to be able to leisurely walk around the mall and actually accomplish what I am there for. I don't go to the mall just for show and tell. 

It was the same way when were walked around my parent's neighborhood last weekend going to garage sales. I am obviously trying to look at the sales. I don't want to feel like I need to "guard" the stroller because some crazy person thinks it's ok to pick the girls up.  Once again, I am not exaggerating. Alexis was just a bit fussy because we had stopped at a sale and the stroller wasn't moving anymore...well she wasn't even crying..just fussing....the lady who lived at that house (who I don't know personally), walks right up to the stroller, bends down and says, "oh I'll just pick her up" and me being the crazy germ-a-phobe mom practically drops what I was looking at and snaps "No, don't!"  I just got behind the stroller and left. I know I probably embarassed Jeff because I made us leave like that, but come on.  

So until I listen to my husband and just "get used to all of this attention" I guess I will be running through malls and steering clear of the cosmetic ladies. 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Smiles and more!!

Here area  few pics from this week!
L-R Anna, Ava, Alexis

Anna has been super sweet this week, smiling and cooing! Here she just looked so sweet and snuggly.

Ava is really smiling A LOT right's so fun! I swear she wants to laugh...but I haven't heard it yet. 

Alexis continues to do the best during tummy time. Look how strong she is...or maybe she is just nosy. :) She is also starting to smile more, but I haven't caught it on camera yet. 

Monday, May 19, 2008

Peas and Hoodies!

One of the mats we have for tummy time reminds me of a big pea pod....especially when the all 3 are laying on here are my 3 peas in a pod! 

And I keep meaning to post a picture of the girls in their little hoodies that Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Emily got for them. I think they are just sooooo darn cute in these!  Of course, It's interesting going anywhere with them in their hoodies because someone always asks whether we have 2 girls and a boy since one of the hoodies is blue....IT HAS RUFFLES ON THE FRONT and Ava was even wearing an outfit underneath that was pink and blue....but people still thought she was a's so ridiculous. I know it's hard to tell babies' genders at a glance when they are so young, but instead I wish people would just not guess at all.  This is one of my pet peeves it seems. I have a  lot more to say regarding taking the girls out in public, but I will have to save that for it's own post entirely. 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Happy Couple!

I want to congratulate our dear friends Tommy and Michelle who were married last evening in one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever attended. They were married along the river with the Columbus skyline in the background. Even though the morning started out dreary and gray, it was picture perfect by evening and they couldn't have asked for a better setting and weather. Simply beautiful.  

Here are a few pictures from the occasion: 

The skyline almost looks fake in this picture with the perfect blue sky!

Isn't she such a beautiful bride?!

It was nice to be out with adults for an evening! Here we are!

Tommy is from Ireland, so it was cool that they had a bagpiper included in the ceremony. Very cool, so of course I had to have my picture with him too! :)

And finally, here is the skyline after dark...I'm kind of impressed with my camera and also how nice Columbus looks at night!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I can't believe that so many of you continue to read our blog! I just logged in and it said I was visitor 10,800!  That is so crazy! I'm always amazed by how many of you find our life with triplets interesting enough to keep coming back. I always wonder what is most interesting to you. I think most of you like to see pictures of the that is why I try to include them often. Or maybe it's to make you feel better about your nice-normal-completely sane-get plenty of sleep life. I can understand that we look pretty entertaining in that respect. For us, this is our life and we are loving it. As much as they wear me out at times, I can't imagine not holding each one of them every day and thanking God for blessing us x 3!  So I invite you to continue to watch the girls grow and join us on this amazing adventure! Keep reading, laughing, crying and commenting...I love to hear about all of you too!

First day back!

Yesterday was my first day back to OSU. My director has been completely accommodating to my new world of babies and has allowed me to return to work (working only one day a week). THANKS TRACY! I'm so grateful for the opportunity and also glad that my mom is able to watch the girls one day each week so we don't have to worry about daycare outside of our home or anyone else watching the babies besides us or family. That has been a HUGE relief....THANKS MOM!!!

There are certainly pros and a few drawbacks to this new situation:
--I am able to stay at home with girls for majority of time. I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom!
--My mom is able to watch the girls while I am at the office.
--I am able to stay connected to my work organization and be a part of building a new student union at Ohio State. (This will be my 3rd facility that I have been a part of opening from construction forward. This is the first that I have helped from the very beginning concepts...very exciting!)
--I will be working on many of the branding elements for the new facility and get to tell many cool stories of OSU throughout displays and other features. (I was really excited about the branding portion of my job before I left on bedrest!)
--I get to work closely with my friend/co-worker Beth...She's fantastic and so creative!
--I get out of the house at least one day a week. (Something I haven't done much of since Christmas!)
--I will still receive a paycheck every month....not the same amount by any means, but at least I can feel like I am contributing a little financially to our household. 
--I get to see my old staff at least once a week and enjoy a lunch out of the house with adults!
--I'm saving money by not eating lunch out every day as well as not driving to/from work everyday....$4/gallon gas....this is CRAZY!

--I have to leave the girls for an entire day...however I only called once yesterday at lunch to check in with my mom...of course everything was going just fine!
--I don't get to work directly with my marketing team anymore. Since I am not there full time, it is impossible for me to supervise 4 professional staff members and the numerous student interns we have in our department. This is probably one of my saddest parts about this new work arrangement. I love our team. We are a really close group and I always felt like we accomplished a lot while working together while also having fun and enjoying what we do. So I will certainly miss working so closely with all of you....(Rachel, J.Randall, Alyson, Eric L., Mary, Jodi, Katie, Andrew, Erich E. and everyone else involved with OU Marketing!)

Overall, the day went really well. When I arrived I was greeted with a big Welcome back Marie sign and my friend Rachel had brought me flowers...they are so pretty!  I cleared out my old office and went through all of my files and storage. It was kind of weird as I cleared things out. I'm excited for the next adventure, but sad to let go of some of my old tasks. But the department is in good hands. My team is fantastic and they are whipping Kurt (person who covered for me while I was out on bedrest/maternity and is now taking over my responsibilities) into shape. Good luck guys!

In baby world, things are going pretty well. The girls are on a pretty decent schedule as long as everyone is feeling good. Right now, Ava is having some major reflux issues so I called the Dr. today and am waiting on what to try next. She just really doesn't want to eat...I wouldn't either if what I ate came back up with a vengeance though my mouth and nose. :(  Hopefully we can figure out what is causing her to do this more often. Last night after eating at 8pm she lost her entire bottle this way and I ended up holding her until about 4:30 this morning. Since then, she has been on a different schedule than Anna and Alexis so I've been holding babies all morning. Needless to say, not much has gotten taken care of around the house today. Only one load of laundry and just a few dishes...everything else can wait.  Hopefully the girls will all be in good moods the rest of the week so I can take new pictures to share with all of you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tummy Time!

This morning I tried to snap some pictures during their morning play time. Tummy time is not always the most fun around our house, but it's important to get the girls to strengthen their neck and gain good head control. Alexis by far is the best. As you can see in the picture, she just props herself up on her arms and looks to both sides and everywhere. Ava does pretty decent and usually flips her head from side to side a couple times. Anna does NOT like tummy time and usually cries after a few minutes or she decides to just lay her head down and go to sleep. She is getting better, but still doesn't like it.
L-R Anna, Ava, Alexis

These cool quilts were a gift to the girls from my friend April. Her mother-in-law Joyce made them. Aren't they so vibrant and fun?! Anna's has a blue-green background, Ava's has pink and Alexis' has purple! How perfect! They also have their names embroidered at the bottom. I love them and they are great for tummy time and then I also lay them over our couches so if the girls spit up it doesn't ruin the furniture. So much easier to just throw them in the wash.  Thanks April and Joyce!

The girls are wearing onesies that were made by my friend Nandee. They finally fit into them and we think they are just so cute. They each have their name across the chest, which helps in case I am extra tired! Ha! Just kidding. The girls are pretty easy to tell apart, but I love the personalized outfits and accessories! Thanks Nandee! 

And this is everyone hanging out after the tummy time session this morning. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dr. Appt. Updates!

Here are the details from the girls' 2 month check up at the pediatrician today:
20.25 inches tall
8lbs 15 oz

20.5 inches tall
8lbs 14.5 oz

20.25 inches tall
8lbs 9oz

They all received their first round of vaccinations today, one shot in each leg.  They all SCREAMED at the moment of impact, but it only lasted until I picked them up and told them it was Daddy's fault and then they stopped crying. :)
She said that they are all doing amazing and right now they are doing everything they should be doing. YEA girls!

I asked her about visitors because I know all of you will be asking here's the deal.
You CAN now visit the girls IF you meet these guidelines:
--You or your family members haven't been sick within 10 days prior to visiting.
--You don't have young children (4 or under).
--You don't have children that attend daycare.
--You agree to wash your hands before holding the girls. (duh, I know...but I had to include it.) 
--You call us ahead of time so we can discuss when would be a good time to come over. 
(Ok, so the last one is my rule, but really can you blame me? We have a good schedule going on right now and it would just be easier if we are able to keep somewhat of a routine with the girls so they don't get too cranky.)

Unfortunately, if you have been sick you'll have to wait at least 10 days or if you have children that are under 4 or attend daycare the Dr. wants us to wait at least one more month before introducing you to the girls. We know many of you are probably thinking we are being overly protective, but we are trying to go by what the Dr. wants us to do so we can continue to keep the girls healthy and growing strong.  And it's our job as parents to be protective, so that's the deal. We appreciate your patience and believe me when I say, I can't wait for you to meet them...when the time is right. :)

Here are a few pictures from today...check out their pink camo band-aids on their thighs! Of course I took pictures of their first band-aids. :) 
It almost looks like Ava and Alexis were playing Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil...if only Anna would have covered her eyes. :) 

This next picture just goes to show that Alexis is not the only one who cries during it was Anna and Ava's turn to make picture time difficult. 
But then they all settled and here are my sweet girls. 

Also, I wanted to add that my Dad came home from the hospital today and is doing great! He feels good and is still moving forward with his plans to work his next project in San Antonio...I think him and my Uncle Jim are planning on leaving this weekend. So really, my Dad is right back up and at there was ever any doubt?!!  

Sunday, May 4, 2008

2 Months Old!

aka: The oldest, The hungry one, CMC President (more on that later), The billy goat, Thomas' favorite, The calm one or The screamer!
All about Anna: She is sweet and likes to sit up and see the action but also likes to cuddle and lay on our chest. She is always ready to eat on time and usually before. When she eats, she sometimes sounds like a little billy's almost like she is laughing. She is usually calm, but if she is hungry, watch out and she can belt out some pretty good screams. I am just waiting for the day she does this in the grocery store and drops to the floor. (one of Jeff's worst nightmares is a kid that is having a fit and then just goes limp making it impossible for the parent to pick them up. LOL) Anna is pretty laid back most of the time and has been the first one to smile at me. :) Just so precious!

aka:The middle child, Houdini, CMC Vice President, The possum, Snuggle Bunny. 
All about Ava: She is very strong...physically and mentally strong willed. She does what she wants most of the time and if she isn't, she'll let you know about it. :) She wiggles out of most anything if she is not comfortable...swaddle blankets, boppy pillows etc. She likes to play possum...she will cry and when you get to her, she closes her eyes really quick and acts like it wasn't her..then when you walk away she'll cry again....but turning around, she'll close her's actually pretty funny. It might just be a coincidence, but it happens quite a bit...just happened tonight while we were eating dinner. :)  She is probably the best snuggler of the 3 and likes to get all the way up under your chin when laying on our chests. She reacts the best when Daddy rubs his goatee on her cheek too...she thinks it's funny and is really close to breaking out a big smile for us. She is truly adorable!

(note...I will be taking more pics of her this week because I couldn't catch her very happ yesterday during the photo session. She was just really hungry and didn't want to bother with poses I was trying to put her in. Stay tuned for Happy Alexis) 
aka: The baby or The Youngest, Pistol, One Eyed Pete, Peanut, Alex, Little Lexis or Little Lexie (even though Jeff doesn't love the nickname Lexie yet....), Stinker, Nosy one, The Champ and root hog/piglet. 
All about Alexis: She is probably the most active and that's why I think she is still the smallest...she burns TONS of calories a day just being active and awake...and by awake and mean sometimes screaming. :) She likes to peek at us during naps and sometimes does it with just one eye, very cute. When she eats, she sounds like a rooting hog or piglet trying to find food...she acts like we have never fed her before. So funny to hear! She can sometimes be a bit challenging, but can be even sweeter too. She will lay on Jeff and just snuggle and never want to leave him. She is certainly our baby of the family and likes to get lots of attention right now. She doesn't want to just hang out in swings or lay down and take naps. She likes to be walked around the house to see new things. She is the best during Tummy time and has the strongest control over holding her head up and moving side to side. She does it with ease. Once again...probably because she is nosy and doesn't want to miss anything. She is really quite funny and has the best expressions. Just so darn cute! 

aka: Pretty girls, CMC members, Snugglers, Petunias, Stinkers, Silly girls, Movers and Shakers, Hungry Monkeys(...see CMC definition), Headbangers(...they already like 80's Rock!!!), Our girls.  
All about the girls: They are just fantastic little girls and I can't wait for them to start to communicate more and show off their unique personalities. I've decided that they are all members of The Chunky Monkey Club aka CMC!! They have all grown so much and are really getting heavy. I love their chubby little cheeks and thighs. I'll have updated weights this week after we go for their 2 month check up. They are definitely waking each other up by screaming, so we are quicker with pacifiers and whisking the screamers out of rooms in order to keep other babies sleeping. LOL! They are really strong and can grunt themselves out of any swaddled blanket...Houdini is just the fastest. They are doing great at Tummy time and sometimes like it so much that they just want to lay down and fall asleep. They make us laugh every day and sometimes make us want to cry...both for good reasons and also because it's been one of those days. :) We love them so much!

CMC = Chunky Monkey Club
President: Anna Caroline Thornhill
Vice President: Ava Jane Thornhill
New Member: Alexis Marie Thornhill

Mission: To be the cutest, fun active little monkeys with chubby cheeks and thighs.
Member requirements: must be over 8 lbs, cute and funny like a monkey.
note: member requirements will continue to change in order to challenge members and keep this an elite club. HA HA!! I love my little chunky monkeys!!!  And no, I'm not going to give them some sort of complex about their weight. Even my mom has now come around to realizing that this is a funny nickname meant with all my love. :)

Hanging out!
(Anna on green pillow, Ava on pink and Alexis on Blue)

Sweet Sisters
Left to Right: Anna, Ava, Alexis

Daddy and his Girls!
He was great at trying to get them all where I wanted them...a BIG challenge. And I love seeing him hold all 3...They love their daddy and I love my family. Jeff's favorite saying over the weekend: We'll need a table for 5, minimum 45 min wait."  No longer are we the easy table for 2 or sit at the bar/counter type people when we eventually make it out to a restaurant. We come with a crew and what a blessing it is!

Me and my girls! By this point you can see my photo back drop coming down and Jeff hands me Alexis and of course she is screaming so we have officially reached the end of this session...and then of course when I get silly with Alexis and turn her on her side and upside down practically to try to get her to stop crying, she decides that is when she will smile for the camera and show just how sweet she really is. :) But of course this is when Anna and Ava have had enough...look at Ava with her hand on her head saying...seriously, how long is mom going to make us hold this pose?" HA HA! My cute sweet babies!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oh yea, I remember....

This afternoon, my sister and nephew Thomas stopped by to go through some things they are storing in our basement in preparation for this Spring's garage sale. They happened to arrive after an hour long display of emotion...otherwise known as "let's all scream at the top of our lungs to see if Mom can hold 3 pacifiers in at the same time". The girls and I had a terrific day up until this point but I guess the decided to end our week with a a little drama! At least we all survived my first full week of taking care of the girls all alone. I feel really good about the week and while I miss the company of my mom, I'm getting into a routine and realizing that I CAN do this. :) Well at least I thought so until 3pm today... :)

So I mention to my sister that Jeff and I were going to go to our friend Ethan's going away party tonight. She asks how we were going to do that and I tell her that I just planned on staying in the truck with the girls while Jeff went in to say hello/goodbye and then he would come out and sit with the girls while I went in. She says that is crazy (little does she know, we went "shopping" last weekend like this...him in target, me in office max, him in home depot, me in carters etc....hey at least I got out of the house. I didn't care if I had to sit in the truck like a loyal dog...I was breathing in fresh air!) So she offers to babysit the girls while we go to the party. I am hesitant since they just started being fussy, but I REALLY wanted to go and the thought of Jeff and I being able to go in together seems so nice. So she calls her husband and he comes over to help. Tammy, Bill and Thomas watched the girls while Jeff and I went out together alone for the first time since before the girls arrived. It was nice, but of course I was freaking out since I haven't left the girls yet for this amount of time. But I knew they were fine...besides, they had Thomas...he is the baby whisperer...he just loves his little cousins, especially Anna, but don't tell Ava and Alexis. :)
Thanks Tammy, Bill and Thomas for watching the girls!!!

It was great to see everyone at the party for Ethan, but very sad to see him move. We wish him all the best! Ethan, you always have a place to stay at our house...not sure if you will want to least not until the girls start sleeping through the night, but you are more than welcome anytime. :) Good luck on your new adventure!

The party was also great for me since I got to see and converse with real people, real adults, real friends. I got to catch up with my friend Shannon and it was so nice to remember who I was outside of these four walls. I love being a mom, don't get me wrong, but I am also Marie...and it was nice to remember. Shannon--Thanks for buying me my first glass of wine in over a year and also for the great conversations...miss you!

PS..My mom is feeling better, so technically she would be allowed back in the house, but she was with my Dad yesterday and today as he had to have a procedure done on his heart to get it to stop going into atrial fibrillation. Please keep my Dad in your thoughts and prayers for a quick and painfree recovery. He hates to be "out of commission" like this as he is the youngest 60 something I know and as Jeff always says...."your dad could outwork me any day!" So needless to say, we're wishing him a quick recovery so he can enjoy that "new" corvette he got last week! Get well soon Dad! Love ya!

Technically since I am posting this early, early morning of Saturday, May 3...Happy 2 months Anna, Ava and Alexis... Stay tuned for pictures...I hope to take some this weekend!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Waiting for bedtime

After their 8pm bottle they techinically go to sleep for the night, but we don't move them to their cribs until after their 11pm bottle. I guess it is just easier right now to keep an eye on them if they are with us instead of running upstairs...of course we could turn on the Triplet TV stations and the remote dimmer light, but I don't like to turn on the light too much at night because it is hard enough to get these 3 to sleep soundly in their cribs. So, we keep them downstairs in the pack n' play between the 8pm and 11pm bottles. Well this picture was taken after the 11pm round last night....After her bottle, Alexis has been getting into a routine of snuggling close with Jeff. This is especially sweet since Alexis can be...shall we say...challenging at times. :)

Daddy and Alexis

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bath Time!

These were taken last week. The girls don't love their baths yet, but they are starting not to hate them completely either. Well, Alexis still hates them.