Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two babies in the bed?!

Last week the sleep deprivation reached a high the following and you decide!
We had to wake up to get the girls ready for an early morning appt. at the pediatrician. This conversation was after getting about an hour of sleep since the last feeding, so I "might" have been a bit groggy! :)

**Beep, Beep, Beep** (Jeff's Alarm sounding)
Jeff: Are you going to get up?
Marie: Yes, just give me a minute.
*Beep, Beep, Beep**
Jeff: Marie--are you getting up and taking a shower or do you want me to take one first?
Marie: I'm going, but there are 2 babies in the bed so don't roll over!
Jeff: WHAT?! Why are there 2 babies in the bed?
Marie: Don't worry about it...just don't roll over!
I went and took my shower and when I came out to wake Jeff so he could take his, this was the next conversation:
Marie: Jeff, you need to get up and take a shower.
Jeff: ok, just give me a minute!
Marie: Jeff, get up and take a shower we need to get going.
Jeff: Why would you put 2 babies in the bed?
Marie: WHAT?!!! Why are there 2 babies in the bed?
Jeff: I don't know, you are the one that put them there!
Marie: I didn't put babies in the bed.
Jeff: That's what you told me before you went to take a shower. That's why I am all the way on the I didn't roll over on them. I haven't slept for the last 20 mins. because you had me so worried about rolling onto the babies!
Marie: There aren't any babies in the bed...just go take your shower.

Needless to say...I guess hearing that monitor all night long combined with lack of sleep, can make one think that there are actual babies in the bed. OOPS! :) Crazy part was that I didn't even remember telling Jeff about the babies in the first place, so when he asked why they were in the bed, I freaked out because I thought he put them there....Crazy what lack of sleep can do!


Kristen Callaway said...

Ok, so you actually had me laughing out loud at my kitchen table while reading this! Absolutely sad, but hysterical!! Wish you could get some more sleep :)

Harris Boys said...

OMG that is comical...its really funny, I'm sure not too funny at the moment, but def. things ya'll can look back on later and laugh. I don't think I ever did anything like

let me look at that scrapblog page again about the printing..I know you can and then I'll tell you how :)

SaraBelle said...

I am laughing so hard -- and can totally relate . . . it is crazy what 2 - 3 hours of sleep a night(if we're lucky) can do to you!! :-) Hang in there!!!
Sara W.

Pam said...

oh yeah, i can relate! almost every night i'm convinced there are babies in the bed, and we NEVER bring them to bed at night. ahhh, sleep deprivation is fun, eh? :D

the schirano triplets said...

i love the sleep deprivation stories, they always make me laugh. yours was no exception! mine aren't as funny time i totally flipped out and yelled at a guy behind me in the atm line who was impatient. i kept telling him that if he wanted me to i would be happy to take even longer!

Harris Boys said...

ok..I emailed scrapblog and they said you have to export the page out..under file then export as JPEG and then you can save the page to your desktop or where ever and then print huh. let me know if that works. I wish we had a color printer :(

Liz said...

That is funny, but I really had those same moments too. i kept dreaming that someone handed me a baby while I was in bed. Then I would wake up in a panic and there would be n baby there! Definitely sleep-deprivation!!

Anonymous said...

I love this story. A good one to keep for babies' books.

Good night!
Denise Mayo

Trina said...

That is a riot. I can totally relate. I had one baby in the bed with me and got up (with the baby) to tend to the crying baby in the other room...and there were two babies in the crib!! I *only* have twins and for a second seriously thought there were 3 babies in the house. Then, I realizes I was holding a pillow, not an infant. Oh sweet, sweet sleep:)