Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today is April 10, 2008.
That is pretty obvious, I know. But you might not know why this date is significant to us. Today is the girls' due date. What I mean is, today is the day that they would have been born had I gone 40 weeks. Of course carrying triplets 40 weeks is virtually unheard of, so pretty much since the time we found out about all 3, we knew their birthday would probably not be April 10th...or even in April for that matter. However, everything, every step of the way was still based on this date. Every ultrasound had this listed as the due date, every test referenced this date to see how far along I was, every nurse would ask me for the due date and this was the date, every person who asked when they were due was told this date...but then had a quick follow up of..."but 36 weeks is pretty much max for triplets so I'm shooting for March", which then this comment probably confused even more people.

Today is also important to recognize when understanding the girls' adjusted age because they are preemies. They were born at 34 and half weeks or 5.5 weeks early. They may reach developmental milestones based on their actual age (based on their they are 5.5 weeks old) or they may reach milestones a bit later because it will be based on their adjusted age (based on their due they are 0 weeks old). It's not that I think we will be saying their actual and adjusted ages every time someone asks how old they are, but instead it's helpful for us to understand that they may, for example, crawl when other babies do, but cut teeth a bit later....which that would be fine. :) I guess "they" say that most preemies catch up with full-term babies by age 2. Just thought you might be interested in case you ever heard other preemie moms mention an adjusted age.

Today was THE was the day that I had dreamed of and looked forward to so much when finding out I was pregnant. Today was THE DAY that I was so excited to reach...I guess God knew that I am a tad bit impatient so he decided to not only bless us with 3 beautiful babies, but also allowed us to meet them a little early. March 3, 2008 is now THE DAY! The day that all things Jeff and Marie changed into "+3"

I have to say...if I would have carried the girls 40 weeks, I might have been a bit uncomfortable to say the least....look at how big they are in these pictures taken this morning! Oh and fair warning: In two of the pictures, they are not in their normal order of Anna, Ava and Alexis. I had to switch it up a bit due to some slouching issues. :)


Harris Boys said...

what a sweet post Marie..the girls are beautiful and I love all the pink. I tell my husband all the time I really want a girl..I just want all the pink. I was never a girly-girl, but have always wanted a little girl. Maybe I'll just live vicariously through you and your girls :)

Happy due date Anna, Ave and Alexis!

tbonegrl said...

Those pictures are precious and too sweet! I made a post similar to this a few days ago about the "one year due date."

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie,

Just hate it when the babes slouch for their pictures. I ususally have to get the eyes open for the pics I take at the hospital. Know lots of tricks to make that happen. The girls are beautiful. Everyone at work was asking me for new pics of the crew so will print a few off. Am headed to Ohio in a few days if we don't get snowed in here tonight Get some sleep so as not to be so crazy. Was a great story

Auntie L in Nebraska

Anonymous said...

April 10th is a special day for's four 4 year mark together with Eric! :) I think those are even the outfits that I got them, HOW WEIRD!!!

The girls are just growing like great softball players!

Love ya,

saucysarie said...

I love the names! Maybe because I am partial to Anna and Ava because I have a Anna and Ayva (pronnunced the same just spelled different).

Pam said...

Happy due date to your gorgeous girls! :)

the schirano triplets said...

happy due date anna, ava & alexis! what a wonderful post...reaching the actual due date is such a weird feeling isn't it? by the way, i am in love with your girls, they are just so beautiful! and i cannot believe how quickly they are growing!

Anonymous said...

Marie, you are doing such a great job blogging - of course you have great material to work with! They are just precious. I love how you've been doing all the photos and the colors. I can't wait to meet them. AND Jeff is right, you do look awesome!
Beth Czekalski

Anonymous said...

I love the post but...........I'm a little disappointed......I don't think I had heard their due date. If you could have crossed your legs, and your eyes, and waited for it, they could have been my birthday buddies/buddettes? Oh well, we are still very excited for all of you and it is great to have the blog to keep up with them!! Can't wait to see them in the stories, sleep deprivation is SO fun!

Aunt Melissa

Anonymous said...

Marie and Jeff,
The triplets are just adorable!! Congratulations!!! Glad their healthy. The website is great. Looking forward to seeing them someday. We can relate a little bit to your situation from what Ben and Beth went through. Enjoy them.
From Keith and Carol Sonnenberg and Beth Adler Family

Megan said...

They are just precious!!

Milk Mama said...

Oh those are some of the most precious photos I've seen all day! My daughter is named Anna, too! Beautiful girls and beautiful names! :D