Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surviving Silly!

Friday, Yesterday and Today, I have had the girls all to myself again. Last week I only did Tuesday by myself because my mom had a seminar at work all day. Friday was techincially a half day since Jeff came home early...so I can't really count that one under my belt as all my own. This week, I am all by myself because my poor mom caught a cold last Thursday so she has been banned from the house. Good thing too, since it turned into somewhat of bronchitis over the weekend. I feel horrible for her. She hates air conditioning because she always gets too cold, but Jeff and I hate to be hot, so we had turned the air on last week just a tad so we could cool down the house since we had a few really nice, but hot days last week. Well somehow from the drafts in the house or something, she got sick. I don't think it helps that she was also sleep deprived so her immune system had to work extra hard. Well since she started to feel sick (and she knows from past experience that it turns into bronchitis with her) I told her to go home. She went to the Dr. on Friday and got antibiotics, so she isn't contagious or anything now, but I still think it is important for her to get well and stay well. Needless to say...I've basically gone cold turkey (her words today) on having her here. I am doing pretty well considering. It's probably good for me too. This way I have to take care of everything and don't rely on her help and it has made me believe that I can actually take care of all 3 girls by myself. Now if I can only get Jeff to have the same level of confidence so one day I can make it to the mall or out for a pedicure without having to ask my mom or sister to come over and help him.

Sidebar: Thanks to my mom, last weekend I was able to sneak in my first pedicure since JULY with my friend April. Thanks to April for joining me last minute and knowing that I just needed to get out. We even stopped by the mall for an hour and if you know me...I hate shopping...but it was actually fun this time. And Thanks to Jeff for encouraging me to get out and not freaking out at how much I spent on the BAD pedicure and clothes purchase from the LOFT. He even knew I needed it. :)

Ok, back to topic...Here are some of the things that have happened since my mom is not here:
1. I talk out loud to myself. **technically I am also talking to the babies, but I do it even when they are sleeping. I know...I'm weird. I just can't stand absolute silence except of course when I am begging for silence from babies crying.**
2. I sing really loudly and really badly to the satellite TV 80's station. I mean really badly...I never know the right words, just ask Jeff. I make them up...and even on songs I really should know. I have no clue of any lyrics...ever. :)
3. Related to #2...I dance all around the house. I think I actually made Anna laugh when she saw me dancing...ok, not really, but she did look at me as if to say "Mom, don't quit your day job!" HA!
4. Related to #3...I turn my 'dance moves' into 'workout moves'....and pretend I'm actually getting exercise. I bet the people walking their dogs by house sure do get a laugh when they see me inside "moving".
5. When I am not singing or dancing, I turn on the TV when I am folding laundry or something...and talk to the people on TV. *I told you, I'm weird like that.* Mainly I criticize or make fun of people on home improvement shows...like "why would you pick that 'such and such' for your house, ewwww!" HA HA!
6. I don't get as much time to check email and write new posts for the blog...thus why it's been a week since my last entry....

So to all of you, my loyal blog readers and blog friends, be patient with me...soon, I will be able to take care of 3 babies, sing lyrics that I make up and have time for new posts...watch out, I might even make time for lunch. :) In the meantime, I will just keep trying to survive the silliness that has become my life. :)

Stay tuned over the next week for the girls' 2 month old pictures (I plan to take them this weekend) and also an update after we go to the pediatrician for their 2 month check up....shots and all. :(


SaraBelle said...

I am cracking up -- and can totally relate! Tim thinks I have officially gone nuts . . . I make up songs to Bennett & Kendyll (or change the words of songs -- because I don't really know them -- to make the song about B & K). For example, I call K "Kendyll Bananas" and I have this whole song about it -- don't ask where this came from or why . . . I'm weird, too!

And Congrats on surviving on your own! It is a scary & liberating feeling. :-) I hope your mom feels better soon!!

Harris Boys said...

Marie...you are so funny and sound just like me. I do all of the above when I'm at home with the boys. THey love to watch me dnace and sing...its great!!! I check your blog every day just to see if you have posted. DOn't worry about not posting too much...I'm still a loyal fan :) I won't be blogging much either since I start my new job tomorrow. Can't wait to see some new pics of the girls...2 months...WOW!! Have a great day

tbonegrl said...

LOL! I do the same thing too! I dance like a crazy person!

Can I tell you my first time getting my hair done since before I was PG and went in the hospital was today?!?!?

I hope she feels better!

Kristen Callaway said...

Marie...you crack me up!! Don't worry...those of us that are loyal will still continue to check everyday. It keeps me on my toes and makes me feel a little closer :) Tell your Mother I said Hello and I hope she feels better! Now, if you could only post pictures of you dancing around the house.....hahah!!!

tbonegrl said...


they MESSED my hair up! That's the worst part about it! *sob*

They even refunded my $!!

You should join the c-bus loacl nest board. They made a spinoff board it is very nice.

If you are in columbus I will take pics of your little 3 for free. I can't guarantee anything...I'm not a professional, but I'd love to try!

Beth & Matt said...

You are getting comfortable in your role as SAHM! I frequently stay in my pj's til the kids are down for their naps (130), they are usually dressed by 9, I (I like to think the kids do too) dance and sing to everything, TV, commercials, my new favorite cd is by the Doodlebops. I know every lyric to both cds and some nights I can't get them out of my head. I dance when there is no music playing and I'm making lunch, we sing songs while walking to the bathroom for Averie! I am glad I'm not the only one who does this! :o) But I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Good job diving right in and caring for the girls yourself! It has to be hard work! That's what I felt like after having Baylor; Averie was 19 months (the same age Baylor is now!!) and it was just time to send my mom back to work, home etc. So, I just dove right in (I however, will not and cannot compare that to triplets...all the same age...with the same needs...probably at all the exact same times!! WOW!! You are amazing!!). Ok, I am done with my super long post! I will be in touch...I'm sending you some pics and my information via snail mail.. :o) ~ Beth

the schirano triplets said...

so happy to hear that you got out for a pedi and some shopping, must have felt wonderful! i just got my hair cut a few weeks ago for the first time since aug 07 so i know how it feels to get a much needed treat! great job of taking care of everything solo, i know somedays things can get kind of rough but you are doing such a wonderful job. i hope your mom feels better soon, i know i couldn't make it without mine around to help! by the way, i am pretty much nuts too since i do many of the things you do while home alone. or not alone. i call myself a 3 ring circus! lol!