Saturday, April 12, 2008

"...a pen attached to your spoon"

Sleep Deprivation...part deux!

Friday afternoon, Jeff and I were actually out of the house for a quick errand together while my parents watched the girls. On our way back I was really wanting some ice we drove through DQ. Jeff ordered a blizzard and I wanted a strawberry sundae.
Being our typical selves...we didn't have any cash on us so of course Jeff just paid with our debit card. Easy right?!
Well we pull up to the window to pay and get our treats and the DQ employee hands Jeff 3 things:
1. My sundae, which he hands over to me
2. Receipts (1 copy for them and 1 for us)
3. and a red spoon with a pen taped to the handle

Most people would understand that since they had just paid for their treats with a credit card, they now had to sign a receipt and give it back to the restaurant. Well Jeff just hands me my sundae and then sets the receipts and the rigged up spoon down in the middle of the truck. I told him he needed to sign the receipt and he says: "Ohhhh....I was wondering why a pen was attached to your spoon." I just bursted into laughter. He says that he would have done that regardless and it wasn't sleep deprivation that made him miss an obvious thing like a pen taped to a spoon is not to help you eat and jot down your thoughts while enjoying your treat!...but I don't think that is any better. If I were him, I would be claiming lack of sleep... :)

This might not be as crazy as thinking there are babies in the bed, but it gave me quite a chuckle!


the schirano triplets said...

i love it! keep the sleep deprivation stories coming, i can always use a good laugh!

Harris Boys said...

I think that's great...haha. Keep em keep making me laugh!!

Anonymous said...

I think this was is even better than the babies in bed. :) I literally laughed out loud!

tbonegrl said...

that is fabulous!