Friday, April 4, 2008


Looks like the girls will be college football they are practicing their best Heisman pose impressions...or maybe they are practicing their Princess/Diva poses...regardless, I thought it was funny that they all were doing it at the same time during one of their naps this week. I think Alexis has it down the best! We can't wait until they get to attend their first Ohio State football game! GO BUCKS!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff and Marie,

It is so fun to check in on the girls every few days and watch them grow and change even tho we are a few thousand miles away. They are so very sweet. Hope we get back to Ohio before they grow up. Can you believe that Kaili will be off to college next year? Uncle Bruce is in Alaska with Jim this week. Kaili has prom tomorrow and it is supposed to be snowing. Winter just won't quit. Record amount of snow at Big Mtn ski area. We still have 2 1/2 feet in our yard. Have fun with the babies! The Montana Hagens

BoufMom9 said...

They are just so precious! I remember when mine were little like that and they were always sleeping in such funny positions. LOL